Thursday, June 28, 2001 at midnight (Broadway Time)

Men Who Are Out of It: Physically, Mentally, Socially

I thought this was a comment on my love life, but it's really a book review. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I am not "older than I ever expected to be" but getting there slowly.

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God Bless Richard Kollmar! by Peter Filichia

Is anyone else as annoyed with Broadway Online as I am right now? Talk about a pain in the neck! I can live with an ad popping up the first time I click on their site, but to have a new window with an ad pop up EVERY time I click on something? That is extremely annoying and a waste of my time. The only reason I posted a link to them right now, is because I think Peter is a good guy and I enjoy reading his column. It's all I have time for during my lunch break, sorry Broadway Online.

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ABBA-cadabra: $10 Million-Plus

"Mamma Mia!", with a score of pop oldies by the Swedish group ABBA, is on track to open in October with the largest advance sale in Broadway history. According to production sources, the mu…

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A Defense of John Adams, Maligned for 2 Centuries by Dinitia Smith

Musical theatre, at least, will always remember John Adams and his contributions to the United States.

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Jack Lemmon, Academy Award Winning Actor, Dies at 76

His first Broadway play, a revival of "Room Service," lasted only two weeks but provided a ticket to Hollywood. Lemmon returned to Broadway in 1985 for a well-received revival of Eugene O'…

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Show World: Above a Hall of Sex, a Corner of Culture

For well over a year, the second floor of the Show World pornography emporium on Eighth Avenue near West 42nd Street has housed productions of Chekhov and other sober playwrights who don't incorporate dancers' poles in their works. Peter Jacobson, an actor, is happy to be appearing in the latest of them, five one-act plays grouped under the title "Worldly Acts."
Still, he said, there is a moment he dreads every night: walking past the tawdry Show World marquee and into the theater.
"I hope to be alone when I walk in here and hope that nobody sees me," he said.
I believe one of our Broadway Stars staff members has done the lighting on a play or two at Show World. She also happens to have a birthday today, Happy Birthday Catherine!"

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More Muscular Software Makes VCD's Feel the Burn

It's off topic, but I know we have a few readers and staff people who are computer officianados (geeks seems like such a high school word).

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Culture Notes: Thou Swell

A year before the centennial of the birth of the composer Richard Rodgers (1902-1979), plans are under way for a worldwide commemoration. Among the highlights are Broadway productions of "O…

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