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For people who are sending us "Blind Items":
This is our every-so-often pep talk about "blind items" that are submitted to us through the link on your left. Do not send press releases masked as "buzz" through the blind items, it is tacky. We don't run them, AND then we don't look kindly upon your show. Please do not use the blind item to try and take on a personal crusade against BTN because your J&H DVD did not arrive. No one cares. All 15 people who bought the DVD would have been better served by getting a free private performance of J&H in their parents house. Perhaps N*Sync could open for J&H. And accusing BroadwayStars of not having integrity (when did I *ever* say we had integrity!) is not the way to make us take up the cause. And no, we have no financial ties to BTN. I think we actually may have more cash-flow then them. On other notes, we do not care who is sleeping with whom, who has what sexually transmitted disease, and what you really think of us. This is not the place for personal attacks (well, at least ones that can get us sued) and if you don't like our website, go somewhere else. Is it really that hard? And BTW, it is especially tacky to try and flood our blind items mailbox with the same information pretending to be from multiple people... do you really think that the technology does not tell us who the sender is? Blind Items are really not too blind. They just allow for deniability.

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She's Lovely, but Alas, She's Only Software

For every advance in the world of special effects, narrative is pushed back a few squares on the game board or, in the case of the first film with human leads played by nonactors, the circu…

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Tom Selleck Sells Hawaii House

Do you think he is settling down in NYC for a Broadway career?

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Zeta-Jones toddles toward 'Chicago'

Thesp negotiating to play homicidal Velma

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'Game' over in London

Webber's latest to close Sept 1

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Electra to shed light on Vegas

'Lumiere' part of new $17 mil entertainment complex

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Last Episode of Kristin Airs Tonight

[Story from late yesterday. The episode aired last night.]

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Broadway Kicks Off 2001-02 Season July 11 With Tom Selleck A Thousand Clowns

He plays Herb Gardner's curmudgeonly iconoclast in a revival of the cult 1962 comedy

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Bebe Neuwirth Plays the DIVA at Williamstown July 11-22

Eric Bogosian co-stars in Howard Gould's scathing behind-the-scenes comedy

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Jackie Mason Wants To Be Top Banana in Broadway Burlesque Show

Tentatively titled Scandals, it's seeking a Shubert house for February 2003

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Karen Ziemba in July Reading of New Let Me Sing Musical at MTC

Ziemba also announced that she will leave CONTACT Sept. 2

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Game is Up for Lloyd Webber's Beautiful Game, to Close Sept. 1

It will have had one of the shortest runs of the composer's career, playing for less than a year.

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Just an FYI, Adam Feldman does not work for Adam is a reviewer for If you wish to contact him, you need to contact, not us.

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The New York Times Arts page

It looks like The New York Times Arts page has been slightly redesigned...

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