Saturday, May 25, 2002 at midnight (Broadway Time)

Rees goes Wilde for musicalized 'Man'

Tuner reunites 'Ragtime' team
Roger Rees will star in the musical version of "A Man of No Importance," based on the 1994 Albert Finney feature about a gay bus conductor who is an avid reader of Oscar Wilde. The title refers to Wilde's play "A Woman of No Importance."

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'Elephant' packs trunks for upcoming closure

Revival run to end June 9

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Tony finishing touch

Except for opening number most details done

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Rux wins arts prize

Playwright-performer also selected for NYFA fellowship

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Charges of Payola Over Radio Music

A coalition charges that payola is back in a form involving middlemen promoters who skirt the law and operate legally.

    "Clear Channel Communications, retaliated against Britney Spears and other artists who declined to use its concert promotion service, by refusing to play their songs and burying their ads."
How else does Clear Channel "play to win" in the Broadway touring markets?

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Oscar Winner

Brad Oscar settles into his new role as full-time star of The Producers by Michael Portantiere

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One Shot, One Kill

Reviewed by David Finkle

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Review: Come up and see 'Blonde' some time

By Jackie Demaline, The Cincinnati Enquirer

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Fleeing a Disaster While Waiting for One by D. J. R. BRUCKNER
Nine characters in Joe Calarco's ". . . In the Absence of Spring . . ." are haunted by premonitions of a catastrophe.

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Tunes and Tomes

Harbinger Records gives us recorded gems from two Legendary Performers, Mabel Mercer and Susan Johnson.

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Gimme Mamma over Millie any day by Richard Ouzounian

Did you ever meet someone at a party who was so intent on winning you over that after five minutes in their company you were looking wistfully toward the door?
Well, despite an overabundance of high spirits and an eagerness to please that borders on the needy, the new musical version of Thoroughly Modern Millie now playing at the Marquis Theatre is likely to make you feel exactly the same way.

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The accidental actor by Laura Collins-Hughes

Hamden native William Biff McGuire and the career he didn't intend
Great profile. Thanks to American Theater Web for the link!

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`Unknowns' has substance by Terry Byrne

Watching Ron Rifkin move across the stage is comfortably compelling.

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Reporting on His Times by BARBARA ISENBERG

With "Pentecost," playwright David Edgar packs his big ideas about world politics into a 99-seat theater.

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Notre-Dame de Paris turns heads in Moscow by ALAN HUSTAK

Thanks to Jennifer on All That Chat for the link!

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