Sunday, February 6, 2005 at midnight (Broadway Time)

Anyone Can Whistle at the Prince Music Theater

Review by Tim Dunleavy

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'Sideways' Wins SAG Award for Best Cast By DAVID GERMAIN

For dramatic TV series, the late Jerry Orbach won the actor honor for "Law and Order." Orbach died in December.
"How bittersweet. But it's still sweet," said Orbach's widow, Elaine. "Jerry had a motto: Never leave a hit show. ... May you all never leave your hit show."

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Waiting to wow us BY BILL STEVENSON

The life of an understudy can be a saga of frustration, but a chance to go on can spell stardom

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The Prince of Broadway By FRANK RIZZO

Theater Legend, Back With A Touring 'Evita,' Still Calling The Shots

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Gunplay, as Art, Sets Off a Debate By JENNY HONTZ

A U.C.L.A. graduate student's performance art project that involved the use of a gun has prompted two resignations and a debate on the limits of expression at the university.

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Fathers and Sons By Brian Braiker

Adam Arkin has returned to the city he still feels is home. He recently spoke with NEWSWEEKs Brian Braiker about fatherhood, his new Broadway gig and the affinity he has for the titular cha…

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Giving voice to a silenced screenwriter By Catherine Foster

Dennehy tackles blacklisted Trumbo

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There's something about 'Alice' By Web Behrens

Lewis Carroll's tales have inspired characters songs, movies and even a theater company. How LOOKINGGLASS plans to honor its heritage.

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Audio Slide Show: From Sketch to Stage

William Ivey Long, the costume designer for the Broadway musical "La Cage aux Folles," describes the challenges of turning men into chorus girls.

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Where All the Neighborhood Is a Stage By ADA CALHOUN

Over the past few years, Williamsburg, Brooklyn has evolved into a full-fledged theater district. Call it Off Off Off Broadway.

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The Walking Cure By CHOIRE SICHA

Christopher Shinn's sixth play, "On the Mountain," is a testament to the lingering shock of the death of Kurt Cobain.

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Squeeze Play By ERIC GRODE
In "Yaneura (Attic)," as many as 13 actors cram into a 19-square-foot space a little smaller than a Twister game board.

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Watch. Think. Squirm. By Jan Breslauer

Shock is the point, or beside it, as playwrights confront audiences with unsettling truths.

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A thinking child's theater By Peter C. Brosius

Plays performed live have a tremendous power to engage youngsters, and a nationwide movement is receiving help from writers in doing just that.

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Fury Tales, Plumbing the Depths of Rage By Peter Marks

Rage and blood. Two plays from vastly different epochs arrive on Washington stages in the coming months, each with roots in a bottomless fury.

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The Audience Asks About You By Jean Schiffman

What do outsiders want to know about acting, and how much should you tell them?

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Living in All Worlds: Working in Film, Theatre, and TV By Gwen Orel

If you want to work in television and film, get your training in theatre first.

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Tony nominee is devil-may-care in Anything Goes

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Its time has come By Catherine Foster

'Virginia Woolf' is back, and what was once shocking now simply seems contemporary

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'The Goat' not easy to get By PAUL HODGINS

Master playwright Edward Albee offers a few hints about what's going on in his controversial work involving bestiality.

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Men Behaving Badly By Les Spindle

Veteran actor Brian Kerwin thrives on button-pushing fare.

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Jessica Molaskey, the Bright New Face -- and Voice -- of High-End Cabaret By Terry Teachout

But that in NOT a picture of Jessica, no matter what the caption says!

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Disarming Fury and Self-Mocking Froth By ROBERT SIMONSON
In his latest solo piece, a disarmingly sweet 80-minute harangue, Mike Albo takes sharp aim at celebrity-obsessed consumer culture.

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'Boy' makes good By PAUL HODGINS

An improved 'Brooklyn Boy' comes home, and its toughest audience seems to like what it sees.

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Mechanic Theater's role appears likely to change By Jill Rosen and Lorraine Mirabella

The Morris A. Mechanic Theatre, once the keystone of downtown redevelopment efforts, has been sold to a parking facilities developer and faces an uncertain future that ranges from conversion…

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ABC Goes with Two 'Jakes' on Thursdays

TV writes: The single-camera sitcom about a sleazy talent agent starring John Stamos will premiere on Mar. 13 in "Desperate Housewives'" Sunday slot. After that, though, it'll be double-pumping on Thursday nights against "Survivor," "Joey," "Will & Grace" and "The O.C."--lotsa luck!

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Arts, Briefly

A New Gig for Taymor

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Weddings & Celebrations: Joanna Mintzer, Robert Steckman

The bride, 35, is the director of marketing and communications for Camp Broadway, a theater arts education company for children that is based in New York.

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Appreciation: The Star on Life's Stage By Wil Haygood

Ossie Davis Played a Major Role in Civil Rights

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Talking with Ossie By PETER D. KRAMER

I called Ossie Davis last week, catching him en route to an engagement. A man answered the phone in his car.

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Ossie Davis, Actor, Writer and Eloquent Champion of Racial Justice, Dies at 87 By RICHARD SEVERO and DOUGLAS MARTIN

Ossie Davis helped widen horizons for blacks on stage and screen while fighting zealously for civil rights from Washington to Hollywood.

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Ossie Davis dies at 87 BY DON SINGLETON

Hailed as brilliant actor and activist

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