Saturday, October 7, 2006 at midnight (Broadway Time)

The Character Actor Laughs Last By JESSE GREEN

Dan Fogler didn't look the part, but he was destined to be a star. Just ask his parents.

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Audio Slide Show: A Kid in a Candy Store

Dan Fogler, who stars in the play "The Voyage of the Carcass," talks about his career on stage and screen.

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When Bobby Met Bertolt, Times Changed By JASON ZINOMAN

Bob Dylan's music is about to make its Broadway debut. But as he has admitted, it has some Off Broadway roots.

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Jonathan Miller Is to Retire. Again. By DANIEL J. WAKIN

Whatever happens, a director may not return to the Met.

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Polishing the art of singing badly By David Ng

Judy Kaye's inspired caterwauling, nominated for a Tony, is the highlight of the upcoming "Souvenir."

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'Sweet' antidote to 'Sixteen' By Greg Braxton

A stint as Charity Hope Valentine may just help Molly Ringwald put the Brat Pack behind her.

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Equity Dons Brave Face By Andrew Salomon

Actors union tries to move forward after the death of its top official.

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What remains is a good reproduction of a great original. But if you've seen it before, you needn't run to see it again.

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High Fidelity

Even with all its out-of-town try-out flaws, "High Fidelity" is a musical that celebrates the power of pop culture with wit, verve and a killer beat.

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The Speed of This Lear Befits a Runner, Not a King By CHARLES ISHERWOOD

The "promised end" comes with disarming swiftness in the Classical Theater of Harlem's new production of "King Lear," starring André De Shields.

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Can't Make It to Norway? Norway Comes to New York By ANNE MIDGETTE

Henrik Ibsen's "Peer Gynt," a long and complicated tale, was telescoped into an English translation at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park on Thursday.

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Colombian Country Boy in Big City By ANITA GATES

Thaddeus Phillips is proving that he could have been a great silent-film comedian in "¡El Conquistador!," an ingenious one-act, one-man show about a hapless Colombian doorman.

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'The Shakespeare Wars' By RON ROSENBAUM
Reviewed by WALTER KIRN

Ron Rosenbaum conveys the "unbearably pleasurable" state brought on by Shakespeare's work.

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