Thursday, February 15, 2007 at midnight (Broadway Time)

Embracing a legend By Annette John-Hall

Leslie Uggams (remember Kizzy?) is radiant as ever as she portrays Lena Horne in the Prince Music Theater's production of "Stormy Weather."

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Penn writes career on TV, B'way

Before Arthur Penn ever helmed such seminal films as "The Left Handed Gun," "Bonnie and Clyde" and "Night Moves," there were estimable forays into TV and on Broadway.

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Orestes development By Adam Feldman

David Johnston bottles Greek lightning in Oresteia.

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Making lemonade By Trav S.D.

A new musical biography unearths a forgotten blues legend.

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Is Edward Albee Softening with Success? By STEVEN LEIGH MORRIS

Albee spoke to the Weekly from New York, days before returning to London to assist with a new production of his play The Lady From Dubuque.

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Courtney Baron explains what inspired her to write the play "A Very Common Procedure." (mp3)

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A Very Common Procedure
Reviewed by: Dan Bacalzo

Courtney Baron's flawed yet intriguing drama centers around a young couple and their doctor, brought together in an unexpected fashion.

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The Wife, Her Husband and the Doctor, in Retrospect By CHARLES ISHERWOOD

The characters in Courtney Baron's "A Very Common Procedure" are reasonably sympathetic and appealing, but the play is hardly dramatic.

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A Very Common Procedure
Review by Marilyn Stasio

If "A Very Common Procedure" is any indication of the creative qualities that have made scribe Courtney Baron a fixture on the festival circuit, then the workshop process should have its hea…

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A surgeon's love triangle isn't quite clear-cut BY LINDA WINER

Baron, a bright voice in her first major New York production, is unable to sustain the almost giddy unpredictability of this romantic triangle about grieving parents and the second-generatio…

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A Very Common Procedure

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Theater Review | 'Nelson'
One Man, Two Worlds, Big Trouble By NEIL GENZLINGER

The three actors in this funny-creepy play keep you riveted, waiting for a crackling finish. Unfortunately it never comes.

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Review by David Cote

The venturesome young outfit CollaborationTown is worth adding to your buddy list.

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Strom Thurmond is a Racist + Cleansed
Review by Kerri Allen

Bradshaw doesn't deliver a normal night out, but his outrages are worth every second of discomfort.

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A little of this sort of tired, self-reflexive humor goes a long way (although, this being Durang, there are also some admittedly funny one-liners), proof that the piece's evolution from the…

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YOU'D think that listening to attractive women describing their sexual fantasies in explicit detail would be pretty exciting.
But "My Secret Garden" would prove you wrong.

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Altar Boyz

Bolstered by the original production team, including Stafford Arima's expert pacing and Natasha Katz's amusing concert mini-pyrotechnics, this lighthearted mix of evangelical messaging and p…

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Wizards of OS by David Anthony Fox

Nerds://A Musical Software Satire explores the bloody battle between Gates and Jobs.

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Every Day Above Ground
Review by Jeff Lewonczyk

Visually inventive and finely crafted though it is, Every Day Above Ground's conceptual foundation can seem a little like dust in the wind.

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Alienating Intimacies by Michael Feingold

Alan Ball tests immigrant identity at home; Tennessee Williams shreds Americans abroad

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All That I Will Ever Be
Review by David Cote

When a seasoned scripter turns to the stage or - in the case of Alan Ball - returns, beware the symptoms of teleplayitis.

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Adrift in Macao
Review by Adam Feldman

Adrift in Macao's constant self-referentiality finally doesn't have much of a self to refer to. A good musical needs more than one note.

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In the Heights
Review by David Cote

By no means the worst of its kind, In the Heights is still a cloying love letter to Hispanic inhabitants of northern Manhattan.

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The Jaded Assassin
Review by Helen Shaw

It's like the old legend says: Beware of looking into a boring pool, lest you see a boring face.

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The Last Word...
Review by Robert Simonson

To many critics, the solo show is the bête noire of today's scene; personally, I dread the two-hander, a form as stale as last week's bagel.

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Judy Collins at the Café Carlyle
Reviewed by: Barbara & Scott Siegel

The legendary singer's engagement showcases her uniquely bright, crystalline voice and superb interpretive skills.

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John Turturro stepped in for Zoe Caldwell in Tuesday night's performance of "A Spanish Play."

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