Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at midnight (Broadway Time)

Bobby, We Hardly Knew Ye: Tony Winning Company Will Close July 1

By the time it closes, Company, starring Tony nominee Raúl Esparza, will have played 34 previews and 247 performances.

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The Play's the Thing
Reviewed by: Gwen Orel

Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey gives Ferenc Molnar's soufflé-like comedy an invigorating production.

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The Butcher of Baraboo

Second Stage is not doing Marisa Wegrzyn any favors.

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Hot Enough For You? By: Michael Portantiere

Audra McDonald's breathtaking performance in 110 in the Shade is captured on the show's cast album. Plus: Kander & Ebb's score for Curtains and Mark Bennett's music for The Coast of Utopia c…

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As the Cheering of Tony Night Fades, Broadway Still Faces a Summer of Closings By CAMPBELL ROBERTSON

Although this past season was crowded, a sizable chunk of Broadway is going to be dark by the end of the summer.

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Arts, Briefly

Tony (the Award) Helps CBS in the Numbers Game

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Langella to star in 'On the Hook'

Roadside nabs actor's 'Starting Out'

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A 'Tony' Ending for 'The Sopranos' By Roger Friedman

The 61st annual Tony Awards were a mixed bag from where I sat in Radio City Music Hall Sunday night, and that was on the edge of the orchestra section near where the seat fillers line up.
Some of the show was very entertaining, but a lot of it didn't make sense.

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No Regret$$ by Army Archerd

Still savoring the Tony win for "Journey's End," despite the closing notice only hours old, producer Bill Haber told me, "We would do it all over."

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Linda Winer: Critical Mass

Tony Awards make bold decisions about Broadway

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The Battle Against Cell Phones

Playbill offers a sampling of pre-show announcements about ringing cell phones.

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Defining himself By Dinah Eng

Hoon Lee, who plays David Henry Hwang's alter ego in "Yellow Face," has only recently identified himself as an actor.

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Father's daze by Joe Dziemianowicz

Time to put Dad in the spotlight

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An Eight-Way Affair By STAN SCHWARTZ

Sir Alan Ayckbourn is in town with a revival of his epic 1982 work, "Intimate Exchanges," a cycle of eight plays that opens at 59E59 Theater on Thursday.

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Musical a good fit in notable career By Jack Zink

Michael York's face is recognizable from his 60-plus roles. In Camelot, he rules.

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The Butcher of Baraboo
Reviewed by: David Finkle

Playwright Marisa Wegryzn exhibits a compelling and idiosyncratic voice in this macabre and often hilarious play.

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The Butcher of Baraboo- Reviewed by LEONARD JACOBS

It's one of those plays in which you marvel at the actors pole-vaulting themselves above low-bar material.

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That Nice Midwestern Mom, the One Who's Handy With a Knife By JASON ZINOMAN

It's not a good sign when the most exciting moments in a play have to do with cutlery.

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The Butcher of Baraboo

Before I entered the theater I hadn't thought the most fascinating character in a play could be an inanimate object. And yet, in The Butcher of Baraboo there's just something about that meat…

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Rabbit - Reviewed by A.J. MELL

The sheer chemistry and professionalism of the ensemble guarantee that these characters, however slappable they may be, are never boring.

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Raine, a much touted first-time playwright, has more on her mind than a contemporary cocktail lounge version of a Shaw drawing room discussion play, or a dramatized version of one of those c…

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Asterisk - Reviewed by A.J. MELL

Tom Diriwachter's script shows a fine ear for the way men communicate with each other in small groups. Director Jason Grant elicits authentic, naturalistic performances from the cast and han…

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From Riverdale to Riverhead

This dark tragi-comedy is unabashedly theatrical and entertaining, and as it is frequently punctuated by various strings of expletives, makes for a rather naughty night out.

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Michael Feinstein: Celebrating Bobby Short - Reviewed by DAVID FINKLE

The results are often super but not always. While Short exuded joie de vivre, Feinstein's appeal, when he gets up from the piano, is an irresistible urge to please.

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Like a lot of alternative theater projects, the ideas lose their edge through lazy follow-through.

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The Play's the Thing

Offered as seasonal spring froth by the Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey, the seldom performed conceit may be a tad weightless, but as staged by Joe Discher, it is visually stunning and del…

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