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With Practice, 'Jerry Springer' Gets to Carnegie Hall By CAMPBELL ROBERTSON

A couple of New York producers have plans to bring a concert version of "Jerry Springer: The Opera" to, of all places, Carnegie Hall.

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It opened in 1916 as a vaudeville theater called the Ideal and closed a few weeks ago as the Playpen, a seedy porno emporium on the ragged rim of Times Square. It now faces the wrecking ball…

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With Impure Intentions By Geoff Boucher

The "Hollywood Father/Daughter Purity Ball" is a feisty satire of the movement that has become a staple of evangelical communities in Bible Belt states.

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'Tree House' Magic Shows By FRANK RIZZO

Beloved Children's Series Skirts Hollywood For Warner Theatre

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Theater Review | 'King Lear' and 'The Seagull'
Lear Stripped Bare By BEN BRANTLEY

Ian McKellen - in Trevor Nunn's otherwise spotty interpretation of "King Lear," which runs in repertory with Chekhov's "Seagull" - wears old age as a coat of many, infinitely mutating colors.

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The Seagull

Nobody does rep with quite the brilliance of the RSC, and Chekhov's heartbreaking comedy has always been a company favorite.

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It's only in isolated moments that this "Seagull" really soars.

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'Seagull' examines disappointed lives By MICHAEL KUCHWARA, AP Drama Critic

Actors scurry all over the stage. But the movement, while theatrical, adds nothing to the play. But then, it's like the production itself - all surface, showy and, ultimately, unsatisfying.

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Review: Across the Universe By Roger Ebert (****)

Here is a bold, beautiful, visually enchanting musical where we walk into the theater humming the songs.

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Lovers in the '60s Take a Magical Mystery Tour By STEPHEN HOLDEN

Somewhere around its midpoint, "Across the Universe" captured my heart, and I realized that falling in love with a movie is like falling in love with another person.

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'Across the Universe' should have let the Beatles be By Ty Burr

Oh, dear Lord, where to begin?

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I saw a film today, oh boy. "Across the Universe" is an interesting failure, not a fascinating one. Its makers are going to be fixing a hole in the ledgers.

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Art Is Sometimes Easy, but Life's Another Story By CARYN JAMES

Roberta Maxwell is so magnificent as an aged sculptor in "The Shape of Metal" that it's easy to see why she would have been drawn to this ramshackle work.

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Audio Slide Show: Inspired by Sculpture

Roberta Maxwell talks about how the work of Richard Serra influenced her performance in "The Shape of Metal."

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The Shape of Metal

In this portrait of an artist in the deepest winter of her discontented decline, Thomas Kilroy has written a juicy role for an older actress. Too bad that Nell Jeffrey isn't all that memorab…

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The Shape of Metal - Reviewed by A.J. MELL

Irish playwright Thomas Kilroy's "The Shape of Metal" is an articulate but familiar exploration of an angst-ridden mother-daughter relationship.

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Till The Break of Dawn
Reviewed by: Dan Bacalzo

Danny Hoch's ambitious yet sprawling play addresses the complexities and contradictions of hip-hop culture.

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Review: 'Till the Break of Dawn' BY ROB KENDT

At its best, this is a cathartic, full-service entertainment for urban progressives who've felt adrift and embittered in the post-9/11 era.

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American Radicals in Havana, Finding Disillusionment Beneath the Beat By CHARLES ISHERWOOD

This intermittently funny but meandering comedy by Danny Hoch squanders much of its considerable potential.

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'Dawn' not too enlightening BY MICHAEL SOMMERS

Talented solo performer slips as writer-director of Cuba travelogue

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The Atheist

Actors love to play delicious wickedness: the silky, amoral man; the cad who lovingly wounds as he woos; the master manipulator who does what he does for the malicious sport of it. Such is t…

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Springtime for 'Producers' BY HEDY WEISS

First regional production of Mel Brooks' hit blooms at the Marriott

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Theater Review | 'Peace'
War, and the Giant Dung Beetle It Rode in On By ANNE MIDGETTE

The Mettawee River Theater Company's adaptation of Aristophanes' comedy demonstrates a kind of fundamental good health: it gets the job done.

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Theater Review | 'The Sheik'
Take an 18th-Century Farce, Then Add a Modern Flavor By RACHEL SALTZ

Deloss Brown's new comedy comes out of the Restoration stage world of rakes and cuckolds and sexual misalliances.

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Basil Twist's Dogugaeshi
Reviewed by: Dan Bacalzo

The master puppet artist revives his mesmerizing show, inspired by a nearly forgotten tradition of Japanese puppet performance.

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Macbeth - Reviewed by CHRISTOPHER MURRAY

When stoking his intent to kill a king, Macbeth reflects that he has "only vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself." Much the same might be said of ShakespeareNYC's production of the Scott…

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Melodrama and Mayhem on Main Street? - Reviewed by CHRISTOPHER MURRAY

Women Seeking... is a 10-year-old theatre company dedicated to presenting works that showcase women artists. Its current production harkens back to the work of three early-20th-century femal…

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Awake and Sing

Revivals of Clifford Odets' plays in Britain are few and far between, so this staging of Awake and Sing! at the Almeida Theatre gives us a welcome chance to reassess a playwright who here is…

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Bows and Bows by Army Archerd

"I'm lucky all my life," Eartha Kitt modestly told me (on the phone).

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It's That Time of Year by Army Archerd

Stars let their hair down in Ashford, Ct. on Saturday (Sept.15) for the annual Hole In The Wall Gang Gala. Once again, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward lead the list of celebs performing for …

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Stewart F. Lane joins Rogar board

Children's show 'Dittydoodle' heads to stage

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Theater Listings

Selective listings from theater critics of The New York Times.

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Down the Rabbit Hole By Rick Pender

A conversation with Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Lindsay-Abaire

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