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Nationally recognized dance teacher, choreographer, and longtime member of the Niagara University theater faculty Beverly Fletcher died on January 10, 2009, at the age of 81.

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EUAN MORTON'S solo debut recording NEW CLEAR by OSCAR E MOORE

It's an eclectic mix of modern love songs.Mr. Morton has a natural gift of singing straight from the heart and piercing the heart of whomever is listening.

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Television production stalls out in NYC

The state's tax credit for filming in the Big Apple has become a victim of its own success; the state is out of money and a lack of pilots is threatening jobs.

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One Man's Blanche Is a University's Infringement By PATRICK HEALY

The University of the South, which owns the intellectual property rights for "Streetcar Named Desire," has threatened legal action against a one-man show that features a modern-day Blanche D…

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Possible Ticketmaster-Live Nation merger draws boos from concert fans By David Colker, Tiffany Hsu and Randy Lewis

Some, including Bruce Springsteen, fear the control the combined entity would have in the industry.

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'House' offers two-for-one tickets

Off Broadway shows gets in on deal

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'Rock' offers discount ticket sales

Musical targets cash-strapped recession auds

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Obituary: David Lloyd Meredith by Gavin Gaughan

Actor best known for his role in Softly, Softly: Task Force

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Resurrection Road by J. Cooper Robb

Daniel Beaty's newest play brims with optimism.

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Immovable Types by David Anthony Fox

In Daniel Beaty's patriarch-focused Resurrection, five men and one boy fulfill, rather than negate, stereotypes.

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Resurrection and A Streetcar Named Desire
Reviews by Tim Dunleavy

Daniel Beaty has amazing gifts as a social commentator; let's hope that someday soon he develops equally strong gifts as a dramatist.

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David Selby Reaches for the Heavens By: Connie Passalacqua Hayman

The famed television star plays Abraham Lincoln -- for the third time -- in the new play The Heavens Are Hung in Black.

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Cool Papa's Maurice Hines and Tom Jones

Broadway choreographer Maurice Hines talks with writer/director Tom Jones about their latest project: Cool Papa's Party, loosely based on the life and times of Sammy Davis, Jr.

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Sunday cabaret is Castle-bound By Peter D. Kramer

For the next five Sundays, cabaret lovers can see Manhattan cabaret stalwarts and Broadway stars close to home in as elegant a setting as you'll find.

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Leaving Las Vegas BY RAY RICHMOND The Hollywood Reporter

'CSI' star William Petersen happy about his Chicago theater career and all the roles he left behind

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Baby talk By Lauren Beckham Falcone

Who knew "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" would be Gen X's "Here's lookin' at you, kid"?

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Met with initial scorn, 'Seussical' has been reborn By Megan Tench

Simpler version of musical is now a favorite of theater groups

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Returning to more esoteric territory after directing "All My Sons" on Broadway, Simon McBurney's latest is a gorgeous miniature in a series of over-elaborate postmodern frames.

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Poor Boy

Melbourne Theater Company opens its new state-of-the-art Sumner Theater with an impressive staging of local writer Matt Cameron's bittersweet dream-play of loss and regret, "Poor Boy," laced…

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Spring Awakening
Reviewed by: Natasha Tripney

The London premiere of the American hit musical works well, in part due to a cast of young British unknowns.

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Going Home Again, to That Same Old Bully By CLAUDIA LA ROCCO

Once its plot is fully revealed, Jeffrey Sweet's "Flyovers" wraps up in predictable rather than inevitable ways.

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Friel's Gentry Go Under Microscope in 'Aristocrats': John Simon
Review by John Simon

With its cramped, L-shaped auditorium, tiny stage lacking technical resources and modest finances, the Irish Repertory Theatre is in no position to do justice to Brian Friel's "Aristocrats."

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The Dome - Reviewed by KARL LEVETT

Prospect Theater Company's production of "The Dome," conceived and curated by Cara Reichel, is nothing if not high-minded and ambitious.

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The Dome
Review by Matthew Murray

This show may have been inspired by concepts of eternity as they relate to religion, humanity, and the very art of the theatre, but its languid attempts to convey their perennial urgency are…

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There's nothing wrong with playing Private Lives for its emotional truth, rather than merely its clever repartee, but this production goes overboard.

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White People - Reviewed by GWEN OREL

J.T. Rogers' new play of interlocking monologues inadvertently argues the case that white supremacists have been making for years, which is that they are now the oppressed ethnicity.

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Rent: The Broadway Tour

If the production's Mark (Rapp), Roger (Pascal) and Angel (Justin Johnson) are showing their age, they've still got the stuff to deliver the goods.

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The wistful time capsule of idealism, big dreams By Wendy Rosenfield

A decade or so on, the piece has acquired a tarnished sheen that makes one appreciate its continued success, maybe even more so than in the days of its debut.

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Enter Laughing is back for a second go round at the York Theatre Company. It's still a load of laughs.

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A classic done right demands a trek to the wilds of New Jersey

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Music Review | 'Mercer, Moon River and Me'
Finding the Mercer That Suits Him Best By STEPHEN HOLDEN

A polished, mild-mannered crooner, Tony DeSare has just begun to develop the kind of interpretive audacity that transforms song lyrics into dramatic monologues.

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Tony DeSare: Mercer, Moon River, and Me - Reviewed by DAVID FINKLE

DeSare has matured as an interpreter; he's also become increasingly comfortable gabbing to patrons about himself and his repertoire. Always an inventive keyboard explorer, he's even craftier…

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