Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 2pm (Broadway Time)


Earlier this year I caught the Emmy Award Winning special RAZZLE DAZZLE, THE SPECIAL YEARS, a sweet little documentary that is more or less a guided tour through Ms. Gaynor's gaudy and fabul…

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 1pm (Broadway Time)

NYTW Restoration actress Natalija Nogulich on Humanity in Italian Art by New York Theatre Workshop

NYTW Restoration actress Natalija Nogulich on Humanity in Italian Art NYTW actress Natalija Nogulich discusses the beauty and humanism in Italian art. Natalija is featured in Claudia Shear&…

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at midnight (Broadway Time)

Welcome to NYC's Hidden Golden Age of Theater By Michael Feingold

In New York theater today, what's not imported is what's underrated

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David Strathairn Returns to the Wilma Theater By J. Cooper Robb

The actor talks politics in the U.S. premiere of Leaving.

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A Q&A With Claudia Shear By PATRICK LEE

How the playwright and actress developed her latest play

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Mitzi Gaynor: Razzle Dazzle! My Life Behind the Sequins
Reviewedby:Brian Scott Lipton

The legendary star's club act at the Loews Regency will satisfy those audience members who simply want to be in the presence of the engaging and gregarious entertainer.

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Mitzi Gaynor at Feinstein's - Reviewed by OSCAR E. MOORE

Radiating charm and good old fashioned Hollywood glamour even without the help of all those infamous sequins (although there were plenty), Mitzi Gaynor is a star that you can't help but love.

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Tony's eternal lunch by Michael Riedel

4-hour gabfest key to securing awards

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Theater J pulls Madoff play after objections from activist Elie Wiesel By Jane Horwitz

Activist is offended by fictional work linking him to Ponzi schemer

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'Scottsboro Boys' to Begin Performances in October at the Lyceum By PATRICK HEALY

Regarding another show he intends to bring to Broadway, a revival of the musical "Zorba," Mr. Weissler also disclosed that Antonio Banderas had committed to being available by September 2011…

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"The Addams Family" Box Office and What It Means to the Bushnell By Frank Rizzo

Fay says that he expects over the next few years it will get its initial investment back. Then he forecasts that the investment will double, depending on the success of the tour that will be…

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'Ballroom' could foxtrot back to Broadway by Gordon Cox

New version would include tunes by Hamlisch

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Arts cuts? You Brits don't know you're born

David Cote: Americans have long known the grisly truth. When the economic chips are down, cultural funding is always first to go

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Revisiting the Psyches of Troubled Women By PATRICK HEALY

Rosemarie DeWitt has played plenty of characters caught up in family friction, and her current role, as a grieving mother in the play "Family Week," explores similar terrain.

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Stephanie D'Abruzzo - from Avenue Q to Knuffle Bunny By Joel Markowitz

Stephanie D'Abruzzo on playing the loveable Trixie in The Kennedy Center's Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Musical

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The Kid Stays in the Picture By Boris Kachka

Sex columnist Dan Savage takes his husband and son to a musical about themselves.

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Backstage: From guest spots to recurring roles By Jane Horwitz

Aaron Posner, who has been a regular guest director at the Folger Theatre, is moving to the Washington area.

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What comes after 'Menopause'? More of the same. By Lini S. Kadaba

The songs of Girls Night: The Musical - timeless tunes such as "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," "Holding Out for a Hero," and the favorite of any bifocal bunch, "I Will Survive" - could play as the life soundtrack for the droves of middle-aged women who have packed the show in recent weeks.

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Perez Hilton writers check out their show at Landless

Lyricist Randy Blair and co-book writer (with Blair) Tim Michael Drucker talk to Joel Markowitz about how they loved Landless Theatre Company's production of their 2008 NYC Fringe Award Winning insane musical Perez Hilton Saves The Universe.

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That Face
Reviewedby:Barbara & Scott Siegel

Laila Robins, Cristin Milioti, and Christopher Abbott give stunning performances in Polly Stenham's sensational drama about a truly dysfunctional family.

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Every Unhappy Family Is Unhappy in Its Own Way By Jesse Oxfeld

It's a devastating and somewhat shocking portrait of a wealthy British family in meltdown, and it arrived in New York last night, at Manhattan Theatre Club's Off Broadway space in City Cente…

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That Face - Review by Matt Windman

"That Face" is sure to shake and rattle many disgrunted audience members with its melodramatic and grim extremes. Nevertheless, this 90-minute domestic tragedy makes for an absolutely exhila…

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'That Face,' 'The Kid' Amuse With Nuts, Adopting Gays: Review by John Simon

It makes shows like "Next to Normal" seem wholly normal. And it gives the great, underrated Laila Robins a chance at a capital performance.

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'That Face' looks at a chaotic family BY MICHAEL SOMMERS

Everyone in the company whips through the drama's increasingly sordid doings with a good deal of class. You might well hate the play but you can't help but admire the production.

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Do You Have a Mother? Then You Have Someone to Blame By BEN BRANTLEY

After seeing Polly Stenham's melodrama "That Face," I'm wondering if we shouldn't put a moratorium on the I-Dismember-Mama genre.

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That Face
Review by Matthew Murray

That Face is absurd at best and grating at worst, a shining example of why acclaimed British plays do not automatically deserve New York berths.

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THAT FACE reviewed by David Sheward

Promising young author Polly Stenham's Olivier-nominated drama has plenty of power, but the final confrontation drags on too long. A fine cast keeps us interested, though.

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That Face

Polly Stenham kick-started her debut play by helping herself to characters and ideas from the best past and present playwrights

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Vaginal Davis Is Speaking From the Diaphragm
Reviewedby:Andy Buck

The performance artist's deconstruction of daytime talk shows is one of the most subversive yet most fun productions currently in New York.

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Killing Women
Reviewedby:Sandy MacDonald

Marisa Wegrzyn's new play about female assassins seems like a stretched-out skit despite the work of a first-rate cast.

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A Past Love and a Little Wine in a Vineyard in Greece By DAVID ROONEY

Sheila Callaghan's frustrating play, "Lascivious Something," is too intoxicated by its own mysteries.

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Gabriel - Review By Richard Seff

This is just the sort of thing a theatre like the Atlantic has been doing since 1985, and we're all the richer for it.

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Oren Safdie constructs a satiric comedy out of absurd, avant-garde architecture and a dash of neuroses.

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The Liar

David Ives' adaptation of Corneille maintains the charm and look of French costume drama in English language that is contemporary, very accessible and in pentameter

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