What is BroadwayStars.com?

BroadwayStars is an aggregator of news, reviews and articles about the world-wide theatrical community.

1) We search the internet so you don't have to.
Nearly every minute of every day we are searching for the latest items related to theatre from your favorite websites. We bring you the headlines and provide a link directly to the website.

2) Sometimes we can't find everything.
The internet is too damn big for us to bring you everything, so if there is something that we miss, send it to us!

3) We don't publish everything.
Sometimes, the 16th press release about the same off-off-off-off Broadway show won't get linked to by us because we are bored with the story. Apologies if your loved ones are in the show.

4) Stuff breaks sometimes.
BroadwayStars depends upon many moving parts, many of which are out of our control. So, sometimes it does not work. If you notice something like that, let us know!

5) BroadwayStars is owned by James Marino, who is responsible for all the content of the site.

6) Why are we doing this?
Because we have nothing better to do.

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