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by Michael Portantiere

Hyde In Plain Sight

  • As Broadway by the Year creator/host Scott Siegel mentioned during the Broadway Musicals of 1997 concert on Monday, June 19 at The Town Hall, that year was "the year of the fan," in which two shows that were not generally embraced by the critics -- Jekyll & Hyde and The Scarlet Pimpernel -- managed decent runs thanks to the organized support and repeat business of people who adored them. (As it happens, both had music by Frank Wildhorn, who was recently represented on Broadway by the mega-flop Wonderland.)

    Monday night's concert featured members of the original casts of both J&H and Pimpernel, as well as Cy Coleman's The Life and Kander & Ebb's Steel Pier. The other 1997 vintage shows represented in song were Titanic, Dream, Triumph of Love, and The Lion King. Here are my pics of the company of what turned out to be one of the best concerts in the history of the Broadway by the Year series.



    Robert Cuccioli and Linda Eder, a.k.a. Jekyll/Hyde and Lucy in Jekyll & Hyde.


    Here are Cuccioli and Eder again with fellow J&H star Christiane Noll, who directed and also performed in Monday's concert.


    Chuck Cooper and Lillias White of The Life.


    Karen Ziemba (Steel Pier) and Christine Andreas (The Scarlet Pimpernel).


    Jeffry Denman, who choreographed the show, with Jennifer Rias, David Burnham, and Drew Humphrey.


    Tyler Maynard, Christina Bianco, and David Burnham.


    Jeffry and Erin Denman.


    The talent behind The Broadway Musicals of 1997: Jeffry Denman, Scott Siegel, Christiane Noll, and musical director Ross Patterson.

    Published on Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    Michael Portantiere has more than 30 years' experience as an editor and writer for TheaterMania.com, InTHEATER magazine, and BACK STAGE. He has interviewed theater notables for NPR.org, PLAYBILL, STAGEBILL, and OPERA NEWS, and has written notes for several cast albums. Michael is co-author of FORBIDDEN BROADWAY: BEHIND THE MYLAR CURTAIN, published in 2008 by Hal Leonard/Applause. Additionally, he is a professional photographer whose pictures have been published by THE NEW YORK TIMES, the DAILY NEWS, and several major websites. (Visit www.followspotphoto.com for more information.) He can be reached at [email protected]

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