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Friday, June 10, 2016

WOLF AT THE DOOR by Annah Feinberg

Isadora finds the strength to stand up to her abusive husband Septimo when he forces the very pregnant Yolot to stay against her will. While Septimo makes plans for the...

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WELCOME TO FEAR CITY by Annah Feinberg

It is July 1977 and the South Bronx is HOT: from a heat wave, from this new thing that would come to be known as “hip-hop,” and from an astounding...

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A Chinese-American guidance counselor deals with the consequences of giving unorthodox advice to a troubled protege.

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SOFONISBA by Annah Feinberg

As court painter to Philip II and his 14-year-old queen, Sofonisba Anguissola navigates the tricky waters of court politics as an unmarried woman doing traditionally man’s work.

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ROZ AND RAY by Annah Feinberg

San Diego, 1976: Ray, a newly single father of twin hemophiliac boys, meets Roz, a hematologist in possession of a miracle drug that over time becomes a nightmare. A fifteen-year...

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PASS OVER by Annah Feinberg

Pass Over, a mash-up of the biblical Exodus story and some Godot-inspired absurdity set in a modern urban wasteland, asks if there is a Promised Land for black men in...

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GOOD GRIEF by Annah Feinberg

Good Grief follows Nkechi a young first generation Nigerian/American woman as she rewinds, fast forwards and re does her journey of love loss and growing up.

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FIRECRACKER by Annah Feinberg

Tasha has recently returned to her home in the rural south, tight-lipped about the past decade and determined to make a new start with Calvin, a local boy she knew...

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EAT AND YOU BELONG TO US by Annah Feinberg

Grands and Jaime are both obsessed with Joan of Arc. Grands wakes up from gender affirmative surgery speaking French and claiming they survived a fire. The same day, Jaime, their...

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Friday, June 12, 2015

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY by Annah Feinberg

Told through live radio & phone calls, Today… is a comedy about life with a thousand friends on Facebook & no one to have dinner with on Friday night.

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TO THE BONE by Annah Feinberg

Examines the nature of equality and justice through the eyes of women whose migration to the U.S. brings its own test of the human spirit.

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THE WOLFE TWINS by Annah Feinberg

Lewis invites his estranged sister Dana on a trip to Rome to reconnect. Old wounds fester and intimate secrets are revealed.

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Hank struggles to keep his legendary Chicago rock club going amid changing times, changing tastes & the destructive power of the Next Big Thing.

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THE TIGER AMONG US by Annah Feinberg

A Midwestern ghost story about a Hmong American family living in outstate Minnesota and the tenuous bonds that tie us together.

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THE INSURGENTS by Annah Feinberg

After losing her athletic scholarship, Sally Wright returns home to face her beer guzzling father, wayward brother, and the dearth of hope in her dead end northeastern town.  Where she is…

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Simone The Believer, an online guru, sets out to create a Black mecca in Gait City, Oregon. How far will she go gain followers?

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SUPERTRUE by Annah Feinberg

A romantic, comic, and economic reckoning for two humans and a puppet.

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MADAME HO by Annah Feinberg

Madame Ho tells the story of the playwright’s great grandmother – a 19th c. Chinatown brothel madam. About survival, complicity and the American West.

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THE LAST MATCH by Annah Feinberg

Journey inside the minds of two tennis greats as they play a US Open semifinal. A funny and visceral look at the sacrifices we make to stay on top.

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