Sunday, October 2, 2022

Vintage Fest, Sérgio Mendes, Hurricane Fiona benefit, and more by Micco Caporale and Salem Collo-Julin

Today is the final day of the Chicago Vintage Fall Fest (19th and Blue Island), an outdoor gathering of vendors, music, and more, happening from noon-8 PM. Fabulous Freddies Italian […] Th…

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Saturday, October 1, 2022

AIDS Diva, AACM Great Black Music Ensemble, and more by Micco Caporale and Kerry Reid

Gerber/Hart is partnering with the Leather Museum (6418 N. Greenview) for a free screening of AIDS Diva: The Legend of Connie Norman. Connie Norman was a trans woman who advocated […] The …

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Friday, September 30, 2022

URTA Auditions & Interviews (URTAs) Return to In-Person Event by Michael Eddy

The University Resident Theatre Association (URTA) Auditions & Interviews (aka The URTAs) will return with in-person events in New York City and Chicago after two years of fully virtual …


Maria Breaux’s crowdfunded feature film is Spinal Tap for queers by Cameron Cieszki

Director, editor, and producer Maria Breaux taps into the bratty ferocity and cries for revolution of the 1990s riot grrrl movement with her crowdfunded feature film Vulveeta, premiering as …

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The African Desperate by Kathleen Sachs

Syms’s work—which ranges from performance art to gallery installations to this more straightforward narrative endeavor—is compelled by a preternaturally propulsive energy that sustains…

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Riotsville, U.S.A. by Dmitry Samarov

Sierra Pettengill’s disquieting documentary uses only archival footage shot by the military and clips from period news coverage to explore this uncanny episode in the country’s history. …

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Bros by Adam Mullins-Khatib

Bros is a genuinely funny movie with nuanced emotional heft. The post Bros appeared first on Chicago Reader.

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‘Let’s make the funniest movie we can make’ by Adam Mullins-Khatib

I sat down with [Billy] Eichner and costar Luke Macfarlane to discuss the joy of the theatrical experience, bringing the film from idea to reality, and the exuberant messiness of loving both…

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Sounds & S’mores, Acid Nun, the Crooked Mouth, and more by Micco Caporale, Salem Collo-Julin and Kerry Reid

Artist Khaaliq Haneef closes out his debut solo show, “The Devious Mind of Khaaliq Haneef” with Sounds & S’mores, an open mike at the Lawndale Pop-Up Spot (1408 S. Central […] Th…

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Ben Zucker’s stirring compositions are built on a lifetime of musical curiosity by Joshua Minsoo Kim

Born in Pennsylvania, Ben Zucker lived in Berkeley, New England, and London before moving to Chicago for a graduate composition program at Northwestern University. He was excited to come her…

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Refraction opens Hubbard Street’s 45th season by Irene Hsiao

Now celebrating its 45th anniversary, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago presents Refraction, a mixed bill of contemporary works consisting of the world premiere of Chicago choreographer Randy Dun…

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Photos: Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago presents its fall series at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance.

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Review: ‘Wicked’ is back in the Loop, a Chicago favorite as splendiferous as ever by Chris Jones

They were handed out buttons in the lobby of the Nederlander Theatre: “I’ve seen ‘Wicked’ (blank) times."

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Photos: "Wicked" is back in Chicago

The curtain rises on Glinda, Elphaba and this beloved musical once again, looking and sounding in 2022 as supersplendiferous as ever.

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‘The Broadway Show’: Angelica Ross on how she’s ‘surprised’ herself as Roxie in ‘Chicago’ by Caitlin Hornik

Angelica Ross grew up doing musical theater and was convinced that would be her path forward. But, as she tells Paul Wontorek in the latest episode of “The Broadway Show with Tamsen Fadal,…

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New ‘Lake Song’ podcast headed to Tribeca Festival imagines Chicago in 2090 by Chris Jones

The series is co-created by Chicago's Jeremy McCarter, co-author of official books on Lin-Manuel Miranda's “Hamilton” and “In the Heights."

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Ganser find the freedom beyond despair on Nothing You Do Matters by Leor Galil

Dread can be suffocating, but Ganser make it work like a spark. On their new EP, Nothing You Do Matters (Felte), the Chicago postpunk four-piece take cues from dance punk […] The post Gans…

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Thursday, September 29, 2022

love poem with homemade cookies by Maya Marshall

The post love poem with homemade cookies appeared first on Chicago Reader.

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A performance for the people by Kelly Garcia

On a cloudy afternoon a couple of Saturdays ago, faint lyrics could be heard echoing down Marshall Boulevard, which exits Douglass Park on the park’s south side. The sound was […] The po…

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Marilyn-Monroe; or, Blonde by Kathleen Sachs

Marilyn Monroe is the American public’s white whale, that which we seek to dominate and claim as our own. The post Marilyn-Monroe; or, <i>Blonde</i> appeared first on Chicago R…

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Writers on the wall by Debbie-Marie Brown

A new exhibit at the American Writers Museum featres prominent and lesser-known Black authors, poets, and journalists. The post Writers on the wall appeared first on Chicago Reader.

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Grammy-Winner Michelle Williams Joins CHILDREN OF EDEN Staged Concert in Chicago

Michelle Williams will be joining the staged concert presentation of Stephen Schwartz and John Caird's Children of Eden in Chicago this October.

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Hip-hop blogs spread fake news about O-Block  by Mark Braboy, Matt Chapman and The Triibe

The TRiiBE investigates what’s going on behind the lies. The post Hip-hop blogs spread fake news about O-Block  appeared first on Chicago Reader.

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Michelle Williams Joins Chicago Children of Eden Concerts by Logan Culwell-Block

The Grammy-winning artist and Broadway alum will star as Eve and Mama Noah in the Stephen Schwartz-John Caird musical.

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It’s a night of fresh pastabilities with Gemma Foods at the next Monday Night Foodball by Mike Sula

Nobody makes eating fresh pasta at home easier than Tony Quartaro. Since I wrote about him last summer, the former Formento’s chef installed his roving fresh pasta delivery service Gemma […

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Chả Cá Nuggs takes a nose-to-tail fin approach to eating the invasive copi by Mike Sula

The invasive fish formerly known as Asian carp was renamed “copi” earlier this summer by the Department of Natural Resources. Short for “copious,” the state hopes that a vaguely Medi…

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Bigger than basketball by Maya Goldberg-Safir

The WNBA season is over. Brittney Griner remains in a Russian prison. What’s next? The post Bigger than basketball appeared first on Chicago Reader.

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Showing up for one another by Alejandro Hernandez

Poet and organizer JazStarr builds bridges on the page and in the community. The post Showing up for one another appeared first on Chicago Reader.

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Haunted dolls, navigating narcissism, Cristela Alonzo, and more by Micco Caporale, Kerry Reid and Salem Collo-Julin

Spooky season is upon us, and what a more uncomfortable way to celebrate than with dolls. Through November 6, the Chicago History Museum (1601 N. Clark) presents “Haunted Dolls & […]…

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Shooting ourselves in the foot by Anthony Ehlers

Harsh penalties for gun crimes don’t make communities safer. The post Shooting ourselves in the foot appeared first on Chicago Reader.

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Magma turn up the positivity on their new album, K​ã​rt​ë​hl by Steve Krakow

Formed by drummer Christian Vander in Paris in 1969, Magma have made a career of defying convention, and the fact that they’re still actively recording and playing live today is […] The …

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