Friday, May 12, 2023

shadow/land at The Public Theater by Cindy Sibilsky

Americans are bombarded by tragedies every day; mass shootings, police brutality, and natural disasters like fires, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes. People become numbers, and their stories…

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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Shucked: A Corny Gem by Jena Tesse Fox

If you had told me a few months ago that I would spend two hours and change laughing hysterically at a cheesy, corny new musical reportedly inspired by the classic TV show Hee-Haw, I would h…

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Saturday, April 29, 2023

New York, New York: Come On, Come Through by Jena Tesse Fox

Sometimes, all the elements for an excellent musical come together and the sparks simply don’t fly. Such is the case with New York, New York, a new musical based on a 1977 romantic movie. …

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Prima Facie: Turning the Tables by Jena Tesse Fox

Madeleine Albright once said that there is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women. That quote could be at the heart of Prima Facie, a new one-woman play by Suzie Mill…

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Friday, April 28, 2023

Dancin’: Celebrating an Art Form by Jena Tesse Fox

Bob Fosse developed the musical Dancin’ as both a tribute to and a departure from his signature choreographic style. The show, which premiered on Broadway in 1978, was conceived as a celeb…

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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Plays for the Plague Year: Art and Catharsis by Jena Tesse Fox

There is something powerfully cathartic about art created out of trauma, especially when that art reminds us that we aren’t alone in our pain. In Plays for the Plague Year, which opened la…

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Sunday, April 16, 2023

Bad Cinderella — Campy, But Not Classic by Jena Tesse Fox

Yet again, Andrew Lloyd Webber has created a musical with a titular protagonist rejected by mainstream society for not meeting popular beauty standards—but unlike The Phantom of the Opera,…

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Monday, March 27, 2023

“The Harder They Come” — The Public Theater by Jeff Myhre

The Public Theater presents this stage version of the 1972 film by the same name. It was the first Jamaican feature film, just a decade after independence, and the first film that exposed a …

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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

“Become a Woman” — New York City Center Stage II by Jeff Myhre

The world knows Betty Smith as the woman who wrote the coming-of-age novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, a minor (or arguable a major) American classic. The irony is that she considered herself …

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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Under the Radar Festival: 2023 Highlights by Cindy Sibilsky

Lovers of avant-garde, cutting-edge performing arts in tune with the current pulse rejoice! The Public Theater’s annual theater festival, Under the Radar, is back after a hiatus since its …

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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Quinns Quixotic Quagmire & Laughs At The Lucille Lortel Theater by Db Frick

  PHOTOS BY: MONIQUE CARBONI Colin Quinn has been a New York City mainstay for over 35 years. He’s remembered as far back as the co host and announcer for MTV’s mid nineties trivia show…

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Saturday, December 31, 2022

One-on-One with Ali Ewoldt by Jena Tesse Fox

Performer Ali Ewoldt has spent the past month as one of the featured performers at Irish Repertory Theatre’s production of A Child’s Christmas in Wales, Charlotte Moore’s musical adapt…

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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Henry Nalyor Talks About “Afghanistan is Not Funny” by Jeff Myhre

Henry Naylor brought is award winning one-man show “Afghanistan is Not Funny” at the Soho Playhouse as part of its International Fringe Encore festival. In between performing to packed h…

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Monday, December 5, 2022

“Afghanistan is Not Funny” — Soho Playhouse by Jeff Myhre

The Soho Playhouse is an artistic institution in New York that punches well-above its weight in the theatre world. Much of this rests on the Fringe Encore Series, which brings some of the be…

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Friday, November 18, 2022

Death Of A Salesman Nov 16th 2022 by Db Frick

Photo D.B Frick   On November 16th 2022 I went to see Arthur Miller’s, “Death of A Salesman” at the Hudson Theater on 44th St. This was my first live Broadway show since I saw Martin…

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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Madeline Sayet’s WHERE WE BELONG at the Public Theater by Cindy Sibilsky

Theatre-maker Madeline Sayet straddles many identities that often contrast and sometimes conflict. She’s half Mohegan (on her mother’s side) and half Jewish (on her father’s side). Say…

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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

FC Bergman’s 300 el x 50 el x 30 el at BAM Next Wave by Cindy Sibilsky

How does one describe the foreboding feeling of the calm before the storm? What might you witness if you peeked into the homes of a small community before a raging tempest transpired? In the…

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Monday, October 24, 2022

What Kind of Woman — the cell theatre by Jeff Myhre

Every actor, writer or musician starts out with a side hustle to make ends meet. In the case of actor and playwright Abbe Tanenbaum, it was organizing people’s apartments. While working wi…

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Friday, September 2, 2022

Public Works’ Musical Adaptation of “As You Like It”: Free Shakespeare in the Park by Cindy Sibilsky

The 60th anniversary of The Public Theater’s Free Shakespeare in the Park series was memorable. It opened with risk and ended with a reward. The first of the two productions for summer 202…

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Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Butcher Boy: A New Musical at Irish Reperatory Theatre by Cindy Sibilsky

Adaptations are tricky. The best ones manage to cover the key points and honor the tone of the source material without getting bogged down by too many narrative details. These elements must …

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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Theatre4the People and the Matthew Corozine Studio present ‘Under the Dragon’s Tail’ by Isaac Byrne by Patricia Contino

Real experts like E. M. Forester and Virginia Woolf knew what reviewers go out of their way explaining in wordy detail:  there is no such thing as a simple plot.  Like offline real life, a…

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Monday, July 18, 2022

Cassandra Rosebeetle and JL Marlor’s ‘The Final Veil’ at the cell theatre by Patricia Contino

  Co-Creator/Co-Choreographer/Director/Producer/Lead Performer Cassandra Rosebettle and Co- Creator/Composer/Librettist JL Marlor describe The Final Veil as a movement opera.  Unlike trad…

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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Public Theater’s Free Shakespeare in the Park: Richard III by Cindy Sibilsky

It’s important, if not essential, for theatre makers to be ambitious and take risks. Equally crucial, especially in today’s climate, is considering diversity and inclusion when casting. …

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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Loveghost @ Blackrose L.A. by Db Frick

Back in L.A. for the first time in a while as my presence was requested at Blackrose L.A. I couldn’t resist the opportunity at seeing a live musical event. Blackrose LA is a new venue and …

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Monday, July 11, 2022

“Richard III” – Shakespeare in the Park by Jeff Myhre

This summer, the Public Theater is celebrating the 60th season of Shakespeare in the Park, and it is one of the events that makes living in New York City a privilege. The first of the plays …

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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Chita Rivera Awards 2022 by Cindy Sibilsky

(For the Full List of 2022 CHITA RIVERA AWARD WINNERS and Red Carpet Photos, see below) The stars with the highest kicks, swishiest hips, dynamite tap skills, and the slickest moves were out…

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Thursday, June 23, 2022

QUINCE: An Unforgettable Immersive Experience Blossoms at The Bushwick Starr by Cindy Sibilsky

Anyone who has tended a garden (even on a rooftop or fire escape) or owned a houseplant knows that a living thing needs proper care, time, nourishment, and nurturing to grow, flourish and re…

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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

“Gratitude” — Urban Stages by Jeff Myhre

Montreal’s Mainline Theatre has brought “Gratitude” by Oren Safdie to New York’s Urban Stages, and it is quite a strong premier for the show. Set in a private school in Canada in a d…

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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Fat Ham at The Public Theater: Succulent Joy Triumphs Over Tragedy by Cindy Sibilsky

  For a play premiering on Memorial Day weekend, what could feel more festive than a family gathering at a backyard barbecue served with a side of Shakespeare, a heaping portion of pop cult…

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Monday, June 6, 2022

BroadwayCon Reveals Star-Studded Line-Up by Jeff Myhre


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Monday, May 9, 2022

For Some…The Future Was Female: 2 Reinvented Icons by Patricia Contino

  Hopefully, with a lot of numerousness, the truer story of women in history and the arts will continue.  #MeToo and COVID partially started this reckoning, and these two recent works are …

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