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Thursday, March 5, 2020

FIRST LOOK: Travel to Uganda with images of VAULT Festival drama, Far Gone by Featured Content

Grab a first look at John Rwoth-Omack's acclaimed tale of a Ugandan a child soldier, Far Gone, a check out what Sheffield audiences thought of the show, then book your tickets!

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INTERVIEW: Aidan Valentine tells us about bringing criminal genius (or not) Stanley Young to the stage by Featured Content

"Imagine watching an interrogation with a suspect who has a genius mind. You see the game being played and he [Stanley] knows you are watching." Performer Aidan Valentine explains what caugh…

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

FIRST LOOK: Grab a glimpse of dramatic love story Sinners – The English Professor by Featured Content

Blood, sand and euphoria - take a look at these stunning production images from the UK premiere of Sinners - The English Professor, then book your tickets!

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NEWS: Tale of love, identity and change Lovesick comes to White Bear Theatre by Featured Content

Following a journey that began in 2018, story of life-altering change following a heart transplant, Lovesick, runs at the White Bear Theatre later this month. Time to book your tickets.

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‘I’m in safe hands & I’m collaborating with like-minded people’: Writer-director Juliette Quenin on why she wanted to premiere Little Wing by Featured Content

Why has new play Little Wing taken its title from a renowned guitar solo by Jimi Hendrix? In the second of a two-part interview, writer-director Juliette Quenin tells us about her inspiratio…

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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

WATCH: Enter the ‘Many Moons Ago’ world of Once Upon a Mattress in rehearsals by Featured Content

Rehearsals have flown by for fairy-tale musical comedy Once Upon a Mattress, the Broadway classic revived this month at London's Upstairs at the Gatehouse. Take a peek at final preparations …

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MEET THE CAST: Look who’s joining Victor Alli & Miriam Margolyes in spooky VAULT Festival tale Ghost House by Featured Content

RADA graduate Victor Alli will star in Tristan Bernay's new horror story Ghost House, alongside a voice cast including Miriam Margolyes, Lizzie Stables and Joan Iyiola when it runs at VAULT …

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“Our stories … are what binds us together”: Lizzie Milton tells us about creating folklore-inspired VAULT Festival show Heroine by Featured Content

"Skeletons, peas, lentils, selkies, snail gods, giants, terrible kings, terrible fathers, murder, cunning old women..." Lizzie Milton's list of what to expect from her new play Heroine is an…

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NEWS: In Search of a White Identity marks first Actors Centre co-pro, Extra performance added by demand by Featured Content

Signalling its commitment to its newly announced direction with the Tristan Bates Theatre and John Thaw Studios, The Actors Centre this month presents the premiere of Cliffordkuju Henry's po…

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Monday, March 2, 2020

NEWS: The Actors Centre announces new direction, including works-in-progress support & four-week runs at Tristan Bates Theatre by Featured Content

The Actors Centre, the UK’s leading development organisation for the acting profession, with its main-house performance the Tristan Bates Theatre, has announced a new direction, including …

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PHOTOS: How angry are you today? Big Boots Theatre captures the rage in Look Back in Anger by Featured Content

Big Boots Theatre's revival of John Osborne's 1956 "kitchen-sink" classic Look Back in Anger is now open at London's White Bear, where it's running until 14 March 2020. How is today's rage c…

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NEWS: Vincent Franklin & Rebecca Lacey join Janie Dee in the cast of Charing Cross Theatre’s Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike by Featured Content

Award-winning actress Janie Dee will be joined by Vincent Franklin, Rebecca Lacey, Michelle Asante, Charlie Maher and Lukwesa Mwamba in Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike when it opens at C…

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NEWS: Amanda Boxer stars in MUM, actor Juliet Cowan’s first full-length play, at Playground Theatre by Featured Content

MUM, a new play about love, loss and dementia by actor-turned-playwright Juliet Cowan, receives its world premiere this month at London's Playground Theatre, starring Amanda Boxer in the tit…

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Friday, February 28, 2020

NEWS: John Mortimer’s bittersweet comedy The Dock Brief returns at Cockpit Theatre by Featured Content

John Mortimer's hilarious tale of an unsuccessful barrister and an unsuccessful criminal, The Dock Brief, will receive a revival at the Cockpit Theatre later this spring. Time to get booking!

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

NEWS: Innovative murder mystery Stanley Young is Staging a Reconstruction of a Murder comes to Etcetera Theatre by Featured Content

Audiences at London's Etcetera Theatre can wrap their minds about a different murder mystery in March, when Aidan Valentine stars in Stanley Young is Staging a Reconstruction of a Murder. Ti…

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“Many women will say … you just don’t feel like a proper woman”: Simona Hughes on writing Vault Festival fertility drama About 500 by Featured Content

"Feminism has emancipated us and raised our expectations, but unfortunately in the process we have found ourselves yoked to a timetable that ignores the constraints of our biological clocks.…

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

‘The NHS is a true melting pot’: Writer-director Jon Welch on Drip Drip Drip & Pipeline’s trio of theatremakers by Featured Content

Drip Drip Drip transfers to London's Pleasance Theatre next week. Writer-director Jon Welch explains how the fast-shifting new world order inspired the play, set on an NHS oncology ward, and…

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“Some things I thought I’d invented turned out to be true”: Anne-Sophie Marie tells us about creating interrogation tale The Ballerina by Featured Content

How did an off-the-cuff response to a Theatre 503 show lead to The Ballerina premiering in New York before coming to his year's VAULT Festival. Playwright Anne-Sophie Marie explains. Read he…

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NEWS: Sean Rigby & Kristin Atherton star in the European premiere of Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad by Featured Content

Casting has been announced for the European premiere of Michael Melski’s hit Canadian two-hander Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad, which runs at London's Finborough Theatre from 31 March to 25 April…

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‘The UK reminds me of a lover who is still harping over an ex’: Playwright Hassan Abdulrazzak on The Special Relationship by Featured Content

As The Special Relationship starts performances, we talk to author Hassan Abdulrazzak about transatlantic diplomacy, immigration, Middle Eastern playwrights to watch and returning to Soho Th…

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NEWS: Lizzie Milton’s folk tale-inspired Heroine receives world premiere at VAULT Festival by Featured Content

Acclaimed theatre companies Snatchback and Joyous Gard join forces this spring to stage Lizzie Milton's latest play that explores what it means to be a Heroine. Book your tickets now!

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Monday, February 24, 2020

NEWS: New play Wax delves into the murky life of “The Acid Bath Murderer” by Featured Content

A treat for true crime and thriller lovers, Wax, the latest play from Michael Punter, examines the life and mind of infamous serial killer John George Haigh. The tense drama about the only m…

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‘I love to hear poetry in dialogue’: Little Wing writer Juliette Quenin on her influences & Anglo-French theatre differences by Featured Content

French writer-director Juliette Quenin launches new production company Five Minutes Before the Miracle with the premiere of her play Little Wing at Brockley Jack Theatre in April. In the fir…

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FIRST LOOK: Grab a glance at the world of VAULT Festival comedy Ryan Lane Will Be There Now In A Minute by Featured Content

Welsh dress, waterproofs and wigs - take a look at what to expect from the acclaimed character comedy of Ryan Lane Will Be There Now In A Minute, which comes to Vault Festival later this wee…

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‘Frank has the energy & loyalty of a Labrador puppy’: Guy Unsworth on writing & directing a new stage episode of Some Mothers Do ‘Ave by Featured Content

Too young to have seen Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em during its heyday of the 1970s, Guy Unsworth is nevertheless a huge fan of Raymond Allen’s classic TV sitcom and has given it a new leas…

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Saturday, February 22, 2020

VIDEO & PHOTOS: How well does Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em onstage capture the 1970s fun? by Featured Content

We're counting down to the return of the hugely popular stage version of classic 1970s British sitcom Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, starring Joe Pasquale as Frank Spencer. Want a hit of joll…

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Friday, February 21, 2020

NEWS: Irish playwright Hazel Ellis’ Women Without Men gets UK premiere after 80 years by Featured Content

Following this month's outing for Joseph Crilly's On McQuillan's Hill, another "lost" Irish play will get an overdue premiere as part of the Finborough Theatre's 40th-anniversary season: Haz…

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

‘There are communities of women supporting each other within the music industry’: Poet & performer Genevieve Carver on A Beautiful Way to Be C by Featured Content

Can poetry help us in troubled times? How do you take it off the page and onto the stage? What can it tell us about the music industry? We caught up with poet and performer Genevieve Carter …

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‘Sarah Earnshaw calls me The Unstoppable Moron’: Joe Pasquale on playing Frank Spencer in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em by Featured Content

Joe Pasquale returns next week to the role of Frank Spencer in the hugely popular stage version of classic British sitcom Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em as it embarks on a new UK-wide tour. He…

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

“‘Old Ireland Free’ is closer than ever. Joe could never have foreseen that”: Director Jonathan Harden on staging his hit production of On McQ by Featured Content

"It was never about money or career progression for any of us. For me, it was about getting the best actors we could and doing the best version of this play possible, for this audience, in t…

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“Careful changes nothing… careful doesn’t interest me”: Karen Bartholomew on creating her Vault Festival play Giving Up Marty by Featured Content

"It’s taken a massive amount of courage to even dare to do this." Karen Bartholomew tells us why now was the right to to create her play exploring the realities of adoption reunion, Giving…

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