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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

‘I would love Cherie Blair to see the show, I’m sure she would relish every minute’: Lloyd Evans on why he wrote Cherie – My Struggle by Featured Content

Cherie - My Struggle, a one-woman play about Cherie Blair written by Spectator parliamentary sketch writer Lloyd Evans, returns to London's White Bear Theatre in February. Evans told us why …

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‘Eurovision, Cirque du Soleil & Las Vegas’: Costume designer Roberto Surace on Magic Goes Wrong & working with Mischief Theatre by Featured Content

Costumes play a key role in the success of Mischief Theatre and their latest hit comedy Magic Goes Wrong - so they always call on the designer they trust most. Costume designer Roberto Surac…

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‘Working in strip clubs was never easy but it taught me a lot about the world’: Diane Herbert on her debut play Angels by Featured Content

Angels, premiering at VAULT Festival from 19 to 23 February 2020, will change your perceptions of women who turn to stripping for income. Former dancer Diane Herbert told us how her own expe…

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WATCH: Hassan Abdulrazzak & transatlantic deportees discuss strains in The Special Relationshp by Featured Content

Huawei? Trump? Brexit? Are you worried about strains being put on the so-called "special relationship" between the UK and the US? Whatever your thoughts, Hassan Abdulrazzak's new play The Sp…

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

WATCH: What did Edinburgh audiences think of opening VAULT Festival show, Sold? by Featured Content

"Amazing", "thought-provoking", "breathtaking" and "powerful" - just some of the words used by audiences at last year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival to describe Sold. Take a look at their respo…

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NEWS: Fertility tale About 500 receives UK premiere at VAULT Festival by Featured Content

Simona Hughes' new play about eggs, time and the cruel lack of both, About 500, will premiere as part of London's Vault Festival later this spring. Time to book your tickets!

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PHOTOS: Mary Ryder is Cherie Blair in one-woman political drama Cherie – My Struggle by Featured Content

If Cherie Blair took to the stage to tell all, what would she say? Mary Ryder channel's the former Prime Minister's wife in Lloyd Evans' acclaimed one-woman memoir Cherie - My Struggle. Can …

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Monday, January 27, 2020

FIRST LOOK: Check out the new production images from Vault Festival’s Cara Vita: A Clown Concerto by Featured Content

Airborn babies, wine violins and an unusual linen basket - discover the world of Felicity Hesed's Cara Vita: A Clown Concerto, which has its European premiere at VAULT Festival in February. …

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NEWS: Old Red Lion stages first revival of Simon Stephens’ Nuclear War as part of triptych by Featured Content

Simon Stephens' 2017 one-act play Nuclear War gets its first revival in March as part of a new triple bill at London's Old Red Lion Theatre in Islington under newly appointed artistic direct…

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WATCH: First look at new trailer for Edinburgh Fringe hit It’s Beautiful, Over There by Featured Content

Discover more about Stephanie Greenwood's one-woman show about grief and storytelling It's Beautiful, Over There with its new trailer. Take a look then book your tickets!

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NEWS: Drip Drip Drip, Pipeline Theatre’s taboo-busting play about the NHS, launches post-Brexit tour & London transfer by Featured Content

As the UK prepares to exit the EU this week, five-star Pipeline Theatre readies a new tour and London season for Drip Drip Drip, its taboo-busting play set in the NHS.

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Friday, January 24, 2020

NEWS: Ayenai explore inhabiting a foreign country in Living Here? at VAULT Festival by Featured Content

Where is our place? What happens when we have nothing left to hold on to? Do we remain? These are the questions asked by new dance work Living Here? which runs as part of the VAULT Festival …

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

NEWS: Cherie – My Struggle gives a Downing Street inside view from Cherie Blair’s perspective by Featured Content

What was Cherie Blair thinking during the New Labour years? Has her contribution to Tony Blair's success ever been fully acknowledged? Cherie - My Struggle provides an intimate look at a rem…

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NEWS: Tamasha playwright Cheryl Ndione brings tale of self-discovery Apple to Vault Festival by Featured Content

Darkly comic tale of a woman's journey to uncover her roots and understand who she is, Cheryl Ndione's Apple will run at the VAULT Festival next month. Book you tickets now!

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FEATURED SHOW: ★★★★ reviews are in for the premiere of Janice Okoh’s new history play The Gift by Featured Content

Janice Okoh's "enthralling" new Black British history play The Gift has premiered to a tranche of ★★★★ reviews at Coventry's Belgrade Theatre at the start of a UK-wide tour. We've ro…

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Meet the cast: Who’s who in the world premiere of Tom Stocks’ Netflix & Chill? by Featured Content

Who's who in the cast of new mental health comedy Netflix & Chill? What have you seen them in before? Check out full biographies - and sneak a peek what they've been up to behind the sce…

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VAULT Festival: Former stripper Diane Herbert makes playwriting debut with Angels, based on her experiences by Featured Content

Aiming to challenge audiences' preconceptions about strippers, new play Angels, written by former table dancer and first-time playwright Diane Herbert, premieres at this year's VAULT Festiva…

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NEWS: Hassan Abdulrazzak returns to Soho with The Special Relationship, a new play about transatlantic deportees by Featured Content

Multi-award-winning Iraqi-born playwright Hassan Abdulrazzak returns to London's Soho Theatre, where he had a breakthrough hit in 2007 with Baghdad Wedding, now returns with his timely new p…

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

NEWS: UK’s longest-running alternative theatre company brings People Show 137 to Southwark by Featured Content

Ahead of a short tour, pioneering theatremakers People Show bring their latest devised creation People Show 137: God Knows How Many to London's Southwark Playhouse for a limited season from …

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NEWS: Annawon’s Song explores the often unseen casualties of conflict at VAULT Festival by Featured Content

Playwright Beverley Andrews shines a light on less obvious casualties of war in new play Annawon's Song, which runs as part of VAULT Festival next month. Book your tickets now!

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BEHIND THE SCENES: What’s happening in rehearsals for On McQuillan’s Hill? by Featured Content

It's all fun and smiles until it gets physical! That's certainly what rehearsals for On McQuillan's Hill look like if these rehearsal images are anything to go by. Take a look, then book you…

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NEWS: Cara Vita: A Clown Concerto receives European premiere at VAULT Festival by Featured Content

Cara Vita: A Clown Concerto, which explores the joys, sorrows, and hilarity of contemporary adulthood through music, circus and magic, will be seen in Europe for the first time this February…

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Monday, January 20, 2020

PHOTOS: Kinky Boots stars reunite for cast screening ahead of the musical’s cinema release by Featured Content

Matt Henry and other members of the Kinky Boots cast reunited yesterday, a year after the multi-award-winning musical finished in the West End, for a private screening of the forthcoming cin…

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NEWS: Mischief Theatre’s Magic Goes Wrong extends its West End run to August 2020 by Featured Content

Mischief Theatre, the Olivier award-winning company behind The Play That Goes Wrong, has announced a new booking period for Magic Goes Wrong, with tickets now on sale until 30th August 2020.

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FIRST-LOOK: Arresting production photos & trailer for new 1950s-set police drama COPS by Featured Content

We need to take a trip down to the station. Check out our gallery of production photos and trailer for the world premiere of Tony Tortora's COPS, set in a Chicago police precinct office in 1…

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

FIRST LOOK: Discover what The Journey of a Warlike Mind looks like with production images from the VAULT Festival show by Featured Content

What would like look like fight a quest for a woman's soul, struggling through the layers of her consciousness? We didn't know either, but luckily we've seen production images from Ana Luiz…

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FEATURED SHOW: Have you seen the ★★★★★ reviews for The Delights of Dogs and The Problems of People and Lullabies for the Lost? by Featured Content

"Occasionally, a piece of theatre comes along which leaves you blindsided" - Bloggers have been full of praise for Rosalind Blessed's pair of plays exploring mental health, The Delights of D…

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FEATURED SHOW: What have audiences said about Could it be Magic? by Featured Content

"I howled with laughter," "pretty excellent," "brilliant magic and very entertaining characters" - audiences love the marvellous mix of character comedy and mindblowing magic in Paul Aitchis…

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

NEWS: Camden Fringe hit Red Peter returns to the London stage at Vault Festival by Featured Content

Grid Theatre's acclaimed staging of Red Peter, an award-nominated hit at the 2019 Camden Fringe Festival, will head back to the capital later this spring for a short run at the VAULT Festiva…

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NEWS: Giving Up Marty explores reality of adoption reunion at VAULT Festival by Featured Content

The reality of a reunion with a birth parent is not a clear cut and euphoric as many a television show or film would have audiences believe. Karen Bartholomew's spare and gutsy new play Givi…

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NEWS: Belgrade Theatre premieres beatbox stage adaptation of Alex Wheatle’s award-winning Crongton Knights by Featured Content

After The Gift this month, Coventry's Belgrade Theatre hosts another world premiere modern play ahead of a major tour and London transfer: the physical theatre adaptation of Alex Wheatle's a…

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