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Monday, August 19, 2019

NEWS: Cervantes Theatre’s female-led line-up continues with The Eyes of the Night, cast announced by Featured Content

The female-led 2019 line-up at the Cervantes Theatre, London's home for Spanish and Latin American plays, continues this autumn with the second annual Contemporary Spanish Playwriting season…

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FEATURED SHOW: The reviews are in for hit ★★★★ drama Go Bang Your Tambourine by Featured Content

"Compelling, concise, and heartbreaking," "powerfully acted" - Take a look at the brilliant reviews for Two's Company's revival of Philip King's Go Bang Your Tambourine, then book your ticke…

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

FIRST LOOK: Take a first peek at an East End wonderland with production images of Alice in Canning Town by Featured Content

What would Wonderland look like is it was created in an East End playground? A lot like these images from Alice in Canning Town, the new adaptation of Carroll's famous story staged in Newham…

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FIRST LOOK: Check out these images of Camden Fringe hit The Geminus PLUS fantastic ★★★★ reviews by Featured Content

Brighton Fringe hit The Geminus has sailed the high seas from the south coast to London for the Camden Fringe, and they have the wind in their sales with some fantastic reviews. Take a look …

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WATCH: Playwright Mark Starling and actor Mateo Oxley discuss bringing new play about a gay footballer, Target Man, to the King’s Head by Featured Content

'It's a very hyper-masculine world and the conversation isn't being had by a lot of clubs.' How would an openly gay footballer cope in the Premier League? Mark Starling explores the idea in …

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‘Clowns have a bad rep!’ Carly Jurman tells us about bringing her one-woman comic tale Unlovable to Camden Fringe by Featured Content

Why was clowning the perfect medium for the tale of almost-30 American girl desperately trying to find love? Performer Carly Jurman explains all about innocence, performing solo, Steven King…

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

FEATURED SHOW: Reviews are in for ‘highly watchable’ European premiere of Actually by Featured Content

Yasmin Paige and Simon Manyonda exude "chemistry" in the "highly watchable" and the zeitgeisty European premiere of Anna Zeigler's Actually, which is now running at the West End's Trafalgar …

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

FIRST LOOK: Get a glimpse of the trumpets and tension in Two’s Company’s revival of Go Bang Your Tambourine by Featured Content

From tuneful trumpet practice to to rather more violent domestic exchanges, check out these fantastic production images to get a taste for the new revival of Philip King's 1970s drama Go Ban…

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WATCH: Take a trip to an East End wonderland with the trailer for Alice in Canning Town by Featured Content

As Alice in Canning Town brings its East End reinvention of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to Newham playground, Arc in the Park, get a flavour for the show with this new trailer. And book…

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NEWS: Emma Rice’s adaptation of Wise Children hits 250 cinema screens from 3 Oct by Featured Content

More2Screen has announced the cinema release of the critically acclaimed stage adaptation of Angela Carter’s Wise Children, which will be screened in more than 250 cinemas across the UK an…

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Monday, August 12, 2019

FEATURED SHOW: ★★★★★ reviews are in for Glenn Chandler’s The Good Scout in Edinburgh by Featured Content

"Much more than a history lesson, The Good Scout exemplifies what the Edinburgh Fringe is all about." What else have critics been saying about Glenn Chandler's latest festival premiere? (Wit…

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BEHIND THE SCENES: Go down the rabbit hole and into rehearsals for Alice in Canning Town by Featured Content

It may be seemingly free of enchanted food, grinning felines and time-concerned rabbits, but you can already see larger than life characters emerging in these rehearsal pictures of Alice in …

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Friday, August 9, 2019

‘Michael Morpurgo’s story spoke to me about music’s power to save lives’: Olivia Wormald on making her debut in The Mozart Question by Featured Content

Recent Mountview graduate Olivia Wormald makes her professional debut this month in a regendered stage adaptation of The Mozart Question, Michael Morpurgo's 2007 children's book which she he…

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NEWS: Sliding Tackle bring footballing tale Target Man to King’s Head Theatre by Featured Content

Theatre company Sliding Tackle's debut production, new drama Target Man, which is set in the world of Premier League football, comes to the King's Head Theatre later this month. Time to book…

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

FIRST LOOK: One night, two people, three truths & many photos of Actually’s European premiere by Featured Content

We're counting down to the official opening of the European premiere of Anna Zeigler's Actually. Yasmin Paige and Simon Manyonda star in this provocative new play by the author of Photograph…

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FEATURED SHOW: What’s being said on Twitter about Crowded Room’s ★★★★★ The Colours? by Featured Content

"Another corker", "beautiful, warm and moving" - audiences have taken to social media to share their love of Crowded Room's new play about facing up to death, The Colours. See what's being s…

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‘Larry the barber was a massive influence’: Fiona Spreadborough tells us about the unlikely inspirations behind Adventures of a Trip Advisor Seasi by Featured Content

From Stoke Newington via Portugal, Fiona Spreadborough's one-woman comedy Adventures of a Trip Advisor Seaside Guest House Keeper has enjoyed a circuitous route to the Camden Fringe. Find ou…

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‘The space turns each audience member into Alice’: The creators of Alice in Canning Town tell us about the new playground-set adaptation of the fa by Featured Content

"We are falling down the most extraordinary rabbit hole," writer James Kenworth and director James Martin Charlton tell us about bringing East End Wonderland adaptation, Alice in Canning Tow…

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

CAMDEN FRINGE NEWS: Carly Jurman brings America’s sweetheart to the Etcetera Theatre in Unlovable by Featured Content

One-woman clowning tale of love, dating and feminism, Unlovable, a hit at Brighton Fringe earlier this year, comes to London's Etcetera Theatre for the final week of the Camden Fringe. Book …

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‘Like many others, I had not heard of Dora Maar before’: Antonia Georgieva on her new play about Picasso’s MUSE by Featured Content

Why have so few of us heard of Dora Maar, the French artist who was also the muse of Pablo Picasso? We talked to writer and director Antonia Georgieva about the need to "re-tell and re-membe…

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‘Jazz-swing is a lovely, friendly style’: Greg Mosse on his collaboration with John Gleadall on Separate Ways by Featured Content

Since meeting in Chichester in 2015, Greg Mosse and John Gleadall have been busy writing a string of musical shows, including jazz-swing cabaret Separate Ways, which they're now staging at T…

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WATCH: Yasmin Paige & Simon Manyonda discuss fake news, #MeToo & new play Actually on London Live by Featured Content

Onstage in Actually, Yasmin Paige and Simon Manyonda present different versions of the same event. Can they agree in this London Live interview about the play itself?! Watch their fascinatin…

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Monday, August 5, 2019

‘It feels like an immense effort to even walk’: River in the Sky’s cast, Lindsey Cross and Howard Horner, tell us about starring in the play abo by Featured Content

As River In The Sky opens at The Hope Theatre for three weeks, Lindsey Cross and Howard Horner, who play Ellie and Jack, talk about their experiences during rehearsals and what it means to s…

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PHOTOS: Behind the scenes with Yasmin Paige & Simon Manyonda Actually rehearsals by Featured Content

It's nearly time for the European premiere of Actually, the new play by Photograph 51's Anna Ziegler. Sneak a peek at what Yasmin Paige and Simon Manyonda have been getting up to in rehearsa…

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‘I saw Victoria Wood on TV doing funny songs & thought, I can do that’: Celia Delaney on her new solo show at Camden Fringe by Featured Content

Could there be a more perfect venue for solo show Celia Delaney is... Angelic? than the aptly named Angel Comedy Club? The fact that Victoria Wood, who inspired Delaney as a child, is on the…

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‘Gender inequality is alive and well, on every level, all over the world’: Zoë Guzy-Sprague, Caley Powell & Marta da Silva tell us about The by Featured Content

'The work we do in times of crisis as healers, storytellers and carers is lost because for years this work has never been associated with strength and power.' Camden Fringe drama The Net exp…

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‘We met while singing in a gospel choir’: Writer & co-star Wanja Sellers on how Lost Keys & Orgasms came about by Featured Content

Italian-American actors Alessandro Gruttadauria and Wanja Sellers wanted to perform a two-hander together. How did the London International Gospel Choir, a trip to Cornwall and the humble pa…

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Sunday, August 4, 2019

PHOTOS: Experience Alpha Who?’s ‘painting in movement’ live at Camden Fringe by Featured Content

A central feature of Matt Franco's solo piece Alpha Who? is panoramic scenography that responds to the performer. Learn more about this how this "painting in movement" is created, check out …

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Saturday, August 3, 2019

‘Camden has a reputation for introducing great work to the world’: Gary Phillpott on bringing Agent 14 to Camden Fringe by Featured Content

"The size of Camden Fringe festival allows creatives and performers to concentrate on their art rather than suffering the slings and arrows of Edinburgh’s outrageous misfortunes." Off The …

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CAMDEN FRINGE NEWS: Dark comedy Adventures of a Trip Advisor Seaside Guest House Keeper comes to Water Rats by Featured Content

Fiona Spreadborough will bring her one-woman comedy show, set in coastal Portugal, Adventures of a Trip Advisor Seaside Guest House Keeper to the Water Rats later this month. Time to book yo…

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CAMDEN FRINGE NEWS: Michael Morpurgo’s The Mozart Question is re-gendered at Upstairs at the Gatehouse by Featured Content

The Mozart Question, a virtuosic monologue based on former Children's Laureate Michael Morpurgo's 2007 children's book, comes to Camden Fringe in a regendered production, running from 13 to …

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