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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

What Is Native American Comedy? by Artsjournal

“I’ve debated different scenarios in my life about “What is Native?” And that is like the million-dollar question, at least within Indigenous communities at this moment. There doesn…

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Getting At What Truth Really Is (Not That Simple) by Artsjournal

“True seems to be that which is in accordance with the facts or reality, the way things simply are. But it is not as simple as that. For there are not only ‘brute facts’ (eg whether Ge…

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Star Soccer Star Touts Ballet Training For Performance by Artsjournal

The images shared by the ballet company had soccer fans’ heads turning when they emerged. Such a sports star dabbling in ballet may have seemed unheard of, but it wasn’t a new trend. –…

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Monday, February 22, 2021

Australia’s Restless Dance Company Faces A Funding Crisis by Artsjournal

When the Australia Council announced its latest four-year funding winners in 2020, Restless was a shock omission, as were La Mama Theatre in Melbourne and The Blue Room in Western Australia.…

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Inside What Makes Tom Stoppard Tick by Artsjournal

Anthony Lane: “Many folk, less deserving than Stoppard, and with scarcely a whit of his charm, are greeted with godsends. What marks him out is the unusual thoroughness with which he has p…

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Long Beach Opera Hires James Darrah As New AD by Artsjournal

During the pandemic, Darrah’s affinity for film allowed him to pivot to digital content with ease. Over the last six months, the director has worked with LA Opera, Los Angeles Chamber Orch…

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New Possibilities As Classical Music Explores Music By Black Composers by Artsjournal

Somewhere, in an attic or a music library or maybe hiding in plain sight, are pieces by non-white-male composers that, with the right kind of attention, will open our ears to genius. – Phi…

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Philip Guston’s Daughter Speaks Out On Postponement Of Her Father’s Show by Artsjournal

To Musa Mayer’s dismay, her father, an antiracist and the son of immigrants who had fled antisemitic persecution, was now having his complex images misrepresented and their subject matter …

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Defining The Struggle Inside to “Do The Right Thing” by Artsjournal

“From the first-person stance, you navigate the world as an agent trying to realise your projects and satisfy your desires. From the second-person perspective, you understand yourself and …

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Think The Arts Stand Apart From Political Issues? They Can’t Be by Artsjournal

As we are now experiencing in new ways with COVID-19, we cannot have a just arts sector within an unjust world. And moreover, we do have the means and the agency to make change, not just for…

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Jazz Is Dying During The Pandemic by Artsjournal

The pandemic has wrecked an already vulnerable jazz industry by forcing live music shows to halt. Musicians and club owners have turned to online fundraisers for survival, and point to the m…

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How Boredom Is Changing Us by Artsjournal

Another way the pandemic has had an impact on the economy is by making people bored. By limiting social engagements, leisure activities and travel, the pandemic has forced many people to liv…

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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Research Paper Linking Violence To Video Games Is Retracted by Artsjournal

“Zhang and his co-authors reported high levels of statistical significance for their finding, but the reported differences in the effects of violent games versus nonviolent games were too …

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Boston Symphony Finds Its New CEO At The LA Phil by Artsjournal

More than a year after it began its search for a new president and chief executive, the Boston Symphony Orchestra is expected to announce on Thursday that it has found a new leader on the op…

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Why It’s Important To Make Art With Your Kids by Artsjournal

“When young children make art together with their caregivers, they share a new experience which can reinforce bonding. Creativity is an extension of babies’ natural desire to share and c…

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How Big Tech Subverted The Public Square by Artsjournal

“A functioning market required transparency, a mutual understanding of exchanges and a shared moral framework. And, as Rana Foroohar puts it in this brief animation for the Royal Society o…

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Charge: UK Government Has Forgotten Culture Post-Brexit by Artsjournal

MPs at the digital, culture, media and sport committee hearing told DCMS minister Caroline Dinenage that her department was treated as an “afterthought” by the government, and that durin…

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Wichita Symphony Seeks Manager of Marketing and Communications by Artsjournal

Join a dynamic, small team of creative innovators open to the possibilities of a symphony orchestra

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Nielsen Will Begin To Track Diversity Alongside Ratings Numbers by Artsjournal

The initiative combines entertainment metadata with Nielsen’s audience measurement data. It’s designed to equip content creators, owners, distributors and advertisers with data around on…

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Friday, February 19, 2021

London’s Frieze Fair Will Rent Its Space For Pop-Up Galleries by Artsjournal

The art fair leased a pair of converted townhouses in December last year, and it has now revealed that they will open as a new hub for international galleries to rent out for short periods,…

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Met Museum Director Defends Deaccessioning To Pay Expenses by Artsjournal

“The Met has a responsibility to our field and our global community,” Max Hollein says in a long statement posted today on the Met’s website. But, declaring a “historic crisis” for…

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Book Sales Are Up 20 Percent In Australia. And Book Subscriptions Are Booming by Artsjournal

Among the winners of this literary resurgence is a micro-industry: book subscription services, which curate a selection for you and deliver them to your home. In an era of information overlo…

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Finally, The Obama Presidential Center Is Underway by Artsjournal

“This month, in the wake of an appeals court decision favorable to the city and the recent completion of federal reviews, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced that the Obama Presidential Center,…

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Why “Noisy” Brains Are So Attractive (And More Difficult) by Artsjournal

“The use of antidepressants has inadvertently left many of us less able to feel empathy toward others, laugh, cry, dream, and enjoy life just when we need those things the most: in the mid…

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The Real Failures Of Our Cultural Policies by Artsjournal

“The hidden costs of socially engaged arts practice is inextricably connected to the crisis of social care and service provision. It is also a result of the unwillingness of commissioners …

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How Hollywood Has Shaped Our Views Of The Presidency by Artsjournal

When the idea and the office of the president was regarded with a sort of reverence, presidential representations were more heroic, historian Dean J. Kotlowski writes, pointing to the “sch…

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Consider The Ushers… by Artsjournal

Usher is a variant of the French huisier, from the Latin ostiarius, a custodian of the doors. The role comes from early modern theater, where Randle Cotgrave’s 1611 dictionary also has the…

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Breakthrough: Scientists Figure Out How To Talk To Dreamers In Their Sleep by Artsjournal

An international team of researchers was able to achieve real-time dialogues with people in the midst of lucid dreams, a phenomenon that is called “interactive dreaming,” according to a …

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American Shakespeare Center Loses Director, Will Be Actor-led by Artsjournal

Ethan McSweeny has served as artistic director of the American Shakespeare Center since 2018. He announced his resignation effective Feb. 11, 2021. – Washington Post

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When Anthony Haden-Guest Met The Christos by Artsjournal

It was during the Running Fence project that Christo and Jeanne-Claude took me to meet the Charles Schulz, the late creator of Peanuts, who had a home in the county capital, Santa Rosa.…

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Why Are So Many Writers Having Difficulty Writing During COVID? by Artsjournal

“The problem with writing is it’s just another screen, and that’s all there is … I can’t connect with my imagination. I can’t connect with any creativity. My whole brain is tied …

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