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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Alex Ross: Why “Salome” Is My Favorite Opera by Artsjournal

“To say that Richard Strauss’s “Salome” is your favorite opera is a bit like saying that “The Shining” is your favorite film or that Edgar Allan Poe is your favorite author: it m…

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We’re Learning How Emotional Intelligence Drives The Brain by Artsjournal

“With the help of neuroscientific and behavioural research, we are beginning to appreciate how the ancestral mammal brain is alive and well inside our higher neocortical systems. Unlike th…

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Is The World Turning Against Calatrava And His Projects? by Artsjournal

His sleek designs are notoriously high maintenance, over budget, and prone to failure. Here’s a short list of his debacles. – D Magazine

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Artists Take Over Power Station And Make Art That Generates Power by Artsjournal

The contemporary arts centre E-Werk Luckenwalde will not only open exhibition galleries and studio spaces in a former brown coal power station 65km south of Berlin, it will also begin genera…

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Composer Killed While Collecting Sounds In The Far North By A Bear by Artsjournal

“Julien really wanted to connect with something else. He really wanted to connect with nature, but not only with nature, but with the scientists and the people that actually are studying t…

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Fascinating To Contemplate What We Define As “World Literature” (We Read So Little Of It) by Artsjournal

“World literature happens when Russian novels remake English literature; when a Turkish writer takes inspiration from a Colombian writer; when Japanese critics review translations of Leban…

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Have We Stopped Opera From Evolving? by Artsjournal

Imagine if Hollywood were to issue shot-for-shot remakes of D.W. Griffith’s gauzy history of the Ku Klux Klan, “The Birth of a Nation ,” every few years. Imagine Tom Hanks re-creating …

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Join the Cincinnati Ballet Team! We are Hiring! by Artsjournal

Cincinnati Ballet is looking to add some great talent to the our administrative team. We are looking for an Institutional Giving Manager and a Director of Education + Community Engagement. P…

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Blackface Opera Controversy In Verona This Summer by Artsjournal

Tamara Wilson: “Operas like Aïda and Turandot were written for and performed by white European singers in, what was at that time acceptable, theatrical makeup to make them appear African …

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125 Artists, Gallerists Protest Plans To Sell Off Di Rosa Foundation Collection In Napa by Artsjournal

On Wednesday Robert Sain, the director of the di Rosa center, responded with a letter that repeated claims that the center did not have sufficient funds to maintain the collection. “It wou…

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In A Parallel Universe, The Onion Imagines Football Programs Jealous Of Funding For Theatre by Artsjournal

“I understand that this is a live-theater town. Parents move to this school district just to get their kids in front of a director to potentially get cast as Meg. The JV boys haven’t had…

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

What The Music Presidential Candidates’ Play Says About Them by Artsjournal

The music booms as people enter the rallies, and then candidates take the stage to a “walk-up” song that can become associated with their platforms. The New York Times analyzed playlists…

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Study: Republicans Are Turning Against Higher Education by Artsjournal

As the Pew Research Center finds in a new survey, there’s been a sharp increase in dissatisfaction with America’s colleges and universities among Republicans in recent years, and it make…

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Just What Qualifies As A “Millennial Novel”? by Artsjournal

“As any digital marketeer with their crosshairs on millennials will tell you, the way we “consume” culture has fragmented. Put in less depressing terms, we have a greater range of repr…

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Michael Feinstein On Championing Music by Artsjournal

Feinstein has been unique in advocating for this music not only onstage and via albums but also through his books, PBS specials and NPR broadcasts, plus his Great American Songbook Foundatio…

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Kennedy Center’s New “Reach” Is Great Counterpoint To The Original Building by Artsjournal

Justin Davidson: “The Kennedy Center’s new complex is not just more fluid, usable, and versatile than we had any right to expect — it is also the rare project that improved on its way …

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Can Dance Be Meaningful For People Without Sight? by Artsjournal

“The intangible exchange of energy between moving and witnessing bodies in real time is what makes the art form so impactful. It’s a beautiful and grandiose idea that I imagine resonates…

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Study Of Violinists Debunks The 10,000-Hour-To-Mastery Rule by Artsjournal

The work is the latest blow to the 10,000-hour rule, the idea promoted in Malcolm Gladwell’s 2008 book, Outliers, which has been taken to mean that enough practice will make an expert of a…

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Silicon Valley: What If We’re Not Making The World A Better Place? by Artsjournal

For a long time, the prevailing posture of the Silicon Valley élite was smugness bordering on hubris. Now the emotional repertoire is expanding to include shame—or, at least, the appearan…

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Technology’s Impact On Friendships by Artsjournal

The very language of friendship, for instance, is changing right before our eyes. Facebook has convinced us that “friend” can be a verb, often deployed in the imperative mood (“Friend …

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MCA Denver Gets New Director by Artsjournal

Nora Burnett Abrams, 41, will step in to replace Adam Lerner, the director and chief animator who stepped down this June after leading the museum since 2009. The Denver museum saw its attend…

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Advertising & Marketing Manager, The Cleveland Orchestra by Artsjournal

If you know The Cleveland Orchestra, you know that we promise you the extraordinary!

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Deputy Director of Programs, The Djerassi Program by Artsjournal

The Djerassi Program seeks a passionate and skilled arts administrator with grantwriting skills and a commitment to the work of individual artists to fill the position of Deputy Director o…

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The Exquisite Challenge Of Merce Cunningham Class by Artsjournal

Siobhan Burke: “Those 90-minute lessons — advancing from a warm-up of the back and feet to more complex coordinations of the torso and legs to jumping sequences that flew across the room…

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Why Was This UK Museum Using Facial Recognition On Its Visitors? by Artsjournal

A spokeswoman for National Museums Liverpool defended its use of the enhanced surveillance technology as an additional security measure for the exhibition, titled “China’s First Emperor …

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The Symbiotic Dance Between Jazz And Film by Artsjournal

Since the advent of sound, movies treated jazz as a marker of modernity and youth, a soundtrack to a fledgling America further distancing itself from Europe and charting a path through its s…

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UK Museum Attendance Up Six Percent After A Couple Down Years by Artsjournal

Attendance dropped by 1% in both 2017 and 2016, and by 0.5% in 2015. But new figures from the national tourism agency show a decisive turnaround, with attendance across 444 museums and art g…

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Umberto Eco’s Outsized Influence On Popular Culture by Artsjournal

Few of the newspaper obituarists seemed to know quite what he had done. He had been involved in something that had changed the way texts are interpreted; but it was not really clear why that…

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The Anthropologists Who Thought They Could End Racism, Sexism by Artsjournal

Franz Boas concluded that “there is not one human culture but many, and he started referring to ‘cultures,’ in the plural. He was engaged in ethnography, and he believed that the job o…

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Lynn Nottage On Staying Political by Artsjournal

Nottage is the only woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama twice: for Sweat and Ruined. The former reached Broadway, while the latter – a story about women in war-torn Congo – played …

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Busting Convention: Boomers Had Almost Nothing To Do With The 1960s by Artsjournal

Louis Menand: “There are many canards about that generation, but the most persistent is that the boomers were central to the social and cultural events of the nineteen-sixties. Apart from …

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