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Monday, February 18, 2019

If Netflix’s Roma Wins Oscars’ Best Picture, It Will Change The Movie Business Forever by Artsjournal

If a film primarily distributed online wins, the debate in Hollywood about what constitutes cinema is over. It would strike a blow to the big multiplex chains, which have refused to show …

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The Way Musicians Understand Beethoven Is Different From The Ways Listeners Do. Here’s How by Artsjournal

Anne Midgette: “There’s a big gap between the way classical music is introduced to lay listeners and the way musicians experience it. We tend to offer classical music to audiences li…

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Artist Foundations Are Now Worth More Than $7 Billion. What’s Driving Them? by Artsjournal

According to new research, assets owned by artist-endowed foundations more than doubled in the five-year period between 2011 and 2015, rising 120 percent to $7.66 billion from $3.48 billion…

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SFMoMA To Sell Rothko Painting To Help Diversify Its Collection by Artsjournal

The move, said director Neal Benezra, will “enhance (the museum’s) contemporary holdings, and address art historical gaps.” Significantly, he said, it will also address the need “to…

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Fakes Everywhere – It’s Just About Impossible Now To Figure Out What’s Real by Artsjournal

Fakery is gushing in from everywhere and we’re drowning in it. “Deepfake” videos mash up one person’s body with someone else’s face. Easy-to-use software can generate audio or vi…

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California Fire’s Aftermath: A Prominent Artist Loses Decades Of Work, Documentation by Artsjournal

All of it was gone. Five decades of artwork, tools and texts — crucial components of Liz Albuquerque’s archive and artistic legacy. Within a few hours, reduced to ash-covered rubble. …

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Stop For A Moment To Appreciate How Much We Depend On Standards by Artsjournal

The basic irony of standards is the simple fact that there is no standard way to create a standard, nor is there even a standard definition of “standard.” There are, however, longstandin…

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The “Most Bananas Artistic Undertaking Of This Century”? by Artsjournal

Rachel Donadio: “To DAU’s producers and editors, and some of its celebrity-artist guests, the project has become a vibrant creative and intellectual community, even a way of life. T…

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Large Study Shows Students Do Better All Around If They Get Education In The Arts by Artsjournal

It’s just the latest study to find that giving students more access to the arts offers measurable benefits. And adding time for dance, theater, or visual arts isn’t at odds with traditio…

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AI Researchers Made A Bot That Wrote Convincing News Stories. It Was So Good They Shut It Down by Artsjournal

These excellent results have freaked the researchers out. One concern they have is that the technology would be used to turbo-charge fake news operations. The Guardian published a fake new…

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The Former Dancer Who Brought The Joy (And Big Success) Back To Gymnastics by Artsjournal

“I know what it’s like to have to go through puberty in a leotard,” said Kondos Field, a former professional ballerina who had little experience in gymnastics instruction when she join…

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The Arts Were Supposed To Lead On Diversity. It Hasn’t Turned Out That Way by Artsjournal

Current diversity initiatives within the cultural and creative industries continue to approach the issue of ethnic minority equality through a culture of schemes – and the hyper-celebratio…

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Fears Of A Crackdown On Artists In Cuba by Artsjournal

The government issued a decree that requires artists to obtain government approval before performing or displaying their work, while also regulating the artwork itself. For example, it prohi…

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Despite Reports, The Louvre Says It’s Still Hoping To Get Salvador Mundi For Big Leonardo Show by Artsjournal

“I confirm the Musée du Louvre has asked for the loan of the Salvator Mundi for its October exhibition and truly wishes to exhibit the artwork,” a spokeswoman for the institution tells …

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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Rising Appalachia: Using Music As A Platform For Change by Artsjournal

Chloe Smith: “Like I mentioned earlier, we work to utilize our platform as musicians to help promote social and environmental justice causes with the aim of educating and inspiring pos…

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Link Arts Advocacy With The Actual Arts (And Their Community) by Artsjournal

Since arriving as the new Dean of the School of the Arts at Purchase College in the State University of New York system last summer, Lorenzo Candelaria, 47, has made arts advocacy his school…

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A Conversation On Art, Public Spaces And Social Justice by Artsjournal

“Art and public practices play a significant role in reproducing and reconstructing racial, gender, and class difference in a way that is positive. Art is so powerful when it operates outs…

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Friday, February 15, 2019

A Project To Democratize The Publishing Of Art Books by Artsjournal

Artist Publisher, a new online forum launched by the Chicago-based printing collective Temporary Services, aims to encourage online discussion of art books and to democratize knowledge of a …

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When Science Became Stories (Surprise – It Got Popular) by Artsjournal

“That professionalization process had the effect of setting up boundaries between ‘scientists’ and anyone else who might be interested in science, so it led to the exclusion of a whole…

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The Curious Story About The Musician Who Faked His Live Performances? by Artsjournal

The Composer’s music moves people, and he is not characterized in the book as necessarily a bad person; he meets with every fan who stays after the concert to chat with him, and he knows h…

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Canada’s National Gallery Gets A New Director by Artsjournal

Alexandra Suda comes to the position from the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), where she is currently the curator of European art and the R. Fraser Elliott chair of prints and drawing. – …

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Chicago Opera Theatre’s New Director: Chicago To Lead New Opera Revolution by Artsjournal

Ashley Magnus: “Right now, we’re in a golden era of American opera. Significantly more operas have been written in the US between 1997 and the present than in the 100 years prior…

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Were The Arts Impacted By The American Government Shutdown? by Artsjournal

Bob Lynch tries To Add it up: “A specific example of the chilling effect of the shutdown’s impact on arts organizations and local businesses comes again from the Smithsonian, which r…

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Amazon Pulls Out Of Plans For Queens – When Company Culture Doesn’t Need Local Grief by Artsjournal

Amazon had a deal and could have simply gone ahead. But the company had no allegiance to Queens and no need to be where it wasn’t wanted. “Amazon’s retreat from Queens show…

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Arts Philanthropy Is Losing Out by Artsjournal

Unfortunately, big-ticket philanthropy is in the middle of a protracted sea change that is already having a direct effect on the arts. Thirteen years ago, the Journal reported that younger n…

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Study Suggests That Small Teams Of Scientists Are More Innovative Than Large Ones by Artsjournal

In the largest analysis of the issue thus far, investigators have found that the smaller the research team working on a problem, the more likely it was to generate innovative solutions. Larg…

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Did Dan Mallory Also Plagiarize His Best-Selling Novel? (Along With His Other Problems) by Artsjournal

The parallels are numerous, and detailed. Both novels feature anxiety-ridden, middle-aged female narrators who are afraid to leave their homes, and they witness something suspicious while sp…

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Why We Dance: Six Seattle Dancers Explain by Artsjournal

Staying in love with dance takes grit. Choosing to pursue a lifelong relationship with dance involves the risk of physical injury, financial instability and the ups and downs inherent in a …

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2019 Ford Musician Awards by Artsjournal

Celebrating Orchestra Musicians' Inspiring Community Work - The League of American Orchestras is now accepting applications for the 2019 Ford Musician Awards!

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Dean, Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts by Artsjournal

Webster University seeks a talented and creative leader in the arts to serve as the dean of the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts.

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We Need A Different Way Of Thinking About Digital Art by Artsjournal

The art market is tied to the system of uniqueness. It is still hard to sell digital files on sticks. But uniqueness contradicts with the nature of digital work, as digital files are identic…

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