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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Why The US Constitution Doesn’t Work Without Local News by Artsjournal

To hold public officials accountable, in other words, “intelligent men”—all people, in fact—need reliable reporting about the activities of government and politicians. But these days…

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The Virus In Canadian Publishing by Artsjournal

The COVID-19 lockdown, which has caused overall unit sales to drop by 27 percent, places Canadian publishers under huge financial pressure. Indigo’s continued delays in payment could push …

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Man Convicted Of Trying To Steal Magna Carta From Salisbury Cathedral by Artsjournal

In October 2018, Mark Royden, 47, went equipped with a claw hammer, gloves and safety goggles, tampered with a CCTV camera and set off a fire alarm to cause a distraction before smashing the…

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How I Learned To Be An Art Critic by Artsjournal

“How did I learn to judge between one work and another? By looking and reading and looking and reading and looking. It is not a matter of mere subjectivity. You acquire the skill to transm…

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Why COVID Demands Our Best Design Thinking by Artsjournal

You may not think of architects as the problem-solvers we need now. But now that interacting with people in any enclosed space is fraught, they are who you need. Though we have been living i…

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The Problem With The “Right” Kind Of Theatre Fans by Artsjournal

“What is wrong with the theatre fandom is the belief that objectively, some musicals are better than others, and that if you like a certain show, you aren’t the right kind of theatre fan…

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Architecture’s Existential Crisis by Artsjournal

Suddenly, the profession was at a crossroads. Was this a time for quick, targeted, pragmatic responses to a built environment that no longer felt safe, or was this a revolutionary moment, a …

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How Music Lessons Have Adapted Online by Artsjournal

“It was a novelty for a week or two,” said Catherine Keen. “But it was really tough on the kids. They were on their computers all day with their home classes. And then to have to come …

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Montreal Museum Fires Chief Curator by Artsjournal

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) says it is immediately terminating the contract of director general and chief curator Nathalie Bondil following what it describes as “disturbing tes…

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Monday, July 13, 2020

Podcast Growth Cut In Half By Virus Shutdowns by Artsjournal

The exploding audio medium is forecast to generate nearly $1 billion in 2020 advertising revenue, with an expected growth rate of 14.7%, according to the fourth annual Interactive Advertisin…

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Newark’s Arts Institutions Shut Down. Its Artists, However… by Artsjournal

Newark’s artists have applied their imagination to both cope with the time and seize its possibilities. Many have been documenting public and personal lives, and some have contributed thei…

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Hundreds Sign Open Letter Calling For Accountability At The Banff Centre by Artsjournal

The Banff Centre shut down suddenly as the COVID crisis began and has canceled most of its residencies and programs. Much of the growth of the Banff Centre in recent decades has come through…

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Britain’s Choirs Are Conducting Tests To See If It’s Safe To Sing by Artsjournal

This week, in an operating theatre at the government’s science facility at Porton Down, a small group of guinea-pig choral singers, some professional and some amateur, are taking part in e…

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Seattle Singer Lady A Sticks Up For The Right To Keep Her Name by Artsjournal

The black Seattle blues singer has been in talks with the band [formerly known as Lady Antebellum] for weeks about using the name, maintaining that she doesn’t want to share the Lady A bra…

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LACMA’s Plans For Its New Home Seems To Be Deeply Unpopular. Can Anything Be Done? by Artsjournal

COVID-19, unfortunately, has given the nation pause, but for LACMA it may be a blessing, a reason to apply the brakes: the pandemic has opened up time, offering the museum board, the LA Coun…

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Olympic Ideals Are Great – The Reality Much Less. Is It Time To End The Games? by Artsjournal

For the first time, anti-Olympics activists from around the globe are now joining to stand against the Games. Their slogan is “No Olympics anywhere,” and after 200 of them met last summe…

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Walt Disney World Reopening Gets Mixed Reviews by Artsjournal

Some social media users took aim at the cheery “Welcome Back” videos Disney put out ahead of its world resort’s reopening. Remixing the park footage with eerie music, including the ope…

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Eleanor Sokoloff, 106, Taught At Curtis For Eight Decades by Artsjournal

Mrs. Sokoloff taught at Curtis longer than any other professor in the conservatory’s history, and more than anyone else, she was its gracious — if sharp-witted — personification. – P…

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NYC Nightlife Shut Down And It’s Hard To See It Coming Back Any Time Soon by Artsjournal

“Even if you had a hundred people in a space that’s supposed to be 200, are they really going to keep six feet apart? A lot of people expect a nightclub to feel a certain way and have a …

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Saturday, July 11, 2020

President/CEO The Carolina Theatre by Artsjournal

Located in the heart of downtown Durham, the Carolina Theatre has been a center of the city’s arts and cultural life for nearly a century.

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Friday, July 10, 2020

MoMA Education Workers Speak Out About Contract Cuts by Artsjournal

“What they have is the bare minimum, the scaffold of an education department,” says Shellyne Rodriguez, an educator whose contract was cancelled in March. “If you don’t have educator…

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Return To College? It’s A Con by Artsjournal

Most dispassionate observers now recognize that return-to-campus plans are, as Juliana Gray wrote in McSweeney’s, cooked up by your university’s “Vice President for Magical Thinking.…

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Should We Separate What An Artist Says From The Work They Make? by Artsjournal

Words are, in the end, only words. But writers, and prize committees, must know more than anyone that words have power. Words have consequences, and we act accordingly. – Irish Times

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How COVID Is Impacting The Commercial Music Business by Artsjournal

Nielsen Music/MRC Data says activity on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music began 2020 up 20.4% over 2019 — then ratcheted back to an increase of only 13.8% between March 1…

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David Fisk Named New Executive Director Of The Charlotte Symphony by Artsjournal

Fisk joined the Richmond Symphony in 2002 from the Ulster Orchestra in Northern Ireland and has led the orchestra through many ups and downs, including the closure of the Carpenter Theatre t…

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Comedy Drive-Ins: Honking Replaces Laughter by Artsjournal

Comedians are desperate to get back on stage, said Kai Humphries, and to hear the roar of laughter rather than car horns. He found that he had slipped into a familiar rhythm on stage, timing…

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The Crazy-House World That Is YouTube by Artsjournal

The more dark, wiggy videos you consume, the darker and wiggier your playlist becomes, until you inhabit a so-called “filter bubble,” while Google makes ad money off of your addictive ra…

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Lucas Museum Hires Its Leadership Team by Artsjournal

That five of the six new hires are people of color, and that all are women, is in line with Sandra Jackson-Dumont’s vision as the museum’s self-described “chief diversity officer.” …

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How Awe Motivates Scientific Discovery by Artsjournal

All clear cases of awe have the following two components: an experience of vastness, and a need for cognitive accommodation of this vastness. You might feel awe for things that are physicall…

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Jeff Haydon Named New Director Of Ravinia by Artsjournal

He currently serves as the CEO of New York’s Caramoor Center for Music and Arts, a position he has held since 2012. He also served as executive director of the Ojai Music Festival, and acc…

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Outdoor Theatre, Festivals Resume This Weekend In UK by Artsjournal

The test events will feature the London Symphony Orchestra at St Luke’s Church, as well as performances at the London Palladium and Butlin’s holiday parks. “This is an important milest…

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