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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Robert Caro On The Revealing Powers Of Biography by Artsjournal

“When people say that power corrupts… I don’t happen to believe that. Power reveals. When you’re on your way up, you have to conceal what you intend to do. Once you get power, then …

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Everybody’s Talking About Influencers. They’ve Been Around A Long Time by Artsjournal

Influence was worrisome long before it was digital. The word “influence” appears in a quarter of William Shakespeare’s plays, in which the condition of being influenced is rarely happy…

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Truth Versus Lies: Suppressing The Lies From Being Heard Doesn’t Work by Artsjournal

In On Liberty (1859), John Stuart Mill offers the most compelling defence of freedom of speech, conscience and autonomy ever written. Mill argues that the only reason to restrict speech is…

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Monday, April 22, 2019

Given The Hype: Mueller Report Soars To Top Of Amazon Bestseller List by Artsjournal

There’s a solid history of such books — the Starr Report and the 9/11 Commission Report were bestsellers; the latter was a National Book Award Finalist.” – CNN

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New China International Piano Competition: $150,000 Prize And The Philadelphia Orchestra by Artsjournal

Two of the most admired figures in classical music competitions are in charge: Yoheved Kaplinsky, chair of the piano department at the Juilliard School in New York, is the competition’s ar…

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A Polemic Against Podcasts by Artsjournal

Chris Richards: “I think they’re tedious and samey and sedative, and when I’m feeling especially cranky, I consider them an enemy of music. Most podcasts are conversations for people t…

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Eleven Countries Vote Against EU’s New Copyright Overhaul by Artsjournal

This surprising turn of events does not mean the end of Link Tax or censorship machines, but it does make an adoption of the copyright directive before the European elections in May less lik…

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Hudson Yards’ Shed: A Big Experiment In Mixing Audiences by Artsjournal

It cost $500 million. It’s in the most expensive real estate development in America. But what it really is, says director Alex Poots, is a big experiment in trying to mix audiences that do…

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How Instagram Is Ruining Our Iconic Wild Spaces by Artsjournal

“It is now axiomatic that a locale of stunning natural beauty will quickly degrade into a morass of crowding once it is posted on the platform as a pristine image. The herd instinct kicks …

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LACMA Counterpoint: An Art Historian Argues In Favor Of The Museum’s Radical Makeover by Artsjournal

Brian T. Allen argues that LACMA’s new Zumthor makeover of its campus is just what the museum needs. “Donna Reed and Celeste Holm were attractive and workable. Lana Turner was fabulous. …

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Fifty Years Of History: The Kennedy Center Ponders How To Connect Its Past by Artsjournal

“It takes a substantial walking tour to get a sense of the holdings, which amount to 9,000 cubic feet of files, images and who knows what else, according to Eileen Andrews, vice president …

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Artificial Intelligence And The Music Industrial Complex by Artsjournal

AI could easily compose a Vivaldi-like (Italian Baroque) piece that, if used as transitional music in a documentary or under dialogue and sound effects, would more than do the job. Could a l…

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PBS CEO: Ending Federal Funding Would Kill Rural Public Television Stations by Artsjournal

Paula Kerger: Some in urban centers like New York and Washington, DC, might be able to get by with the money they get from other sources, including corporate underwriters and individual dona…

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Arkansas Replaces Confederate Statue In US Capitol Building With… Johnny Cash by Artsjournal

Actually, two statues are being replaced. Governor Asa Hutchinson says they are not being removed because of their controversial past, but rather because of a decision by the state “to upd…

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John Coltrane’s Appeal: He Was An Obsessive Creative. by Artsjournal

Coltrane is the archetypal creative obsessive intent on finding unheard approaches to the building blocks of music, from the arc of his melodies to the rhythmic drive of his solos to the har…

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Why (And How) Conductors Matter by Artsjournal

There are many ways to lead an orchestra, but whatever method you assume — that of a mystical shaman, a sports coach, a traffic cop or some combination of them all — Mark Wigglesworth in…

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An Argument Against A Darker Reinterpretation Of “Oklahoma!” by Artsjournal

Judith Miller: “It is one thing to emphasize the darkness that lies beneath this iconic musical’s cheery surface. It is another to turn what Rodgers and Hammerstein intended as a celebra…

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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Why Are Many Of Us Obsessed With Reading Books Quickly? by Artsjournal

The point is, the act of reading is rarely a simple case of ‘finish one, start another one’—it’s an endless overlapping conversation between reader and page, an imprecise gumbo of ge…

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Friday, April 19, 2019

Are Trigger Warnings At Theatres Useful Context Or… by Artsjournal

As part of his PhD research on theatre spectatorship at the University of Toronto, Scott Mealey interviews many audience members and says he’s “shocked” by the level of anxiety many of…

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Executive Director – National Art Education Association by Artsjournal

The Executive Director will champion visual arts educators and the value of visual arts and design education; lead a strategic vision that further strengthens NAEA, supports its members; and…

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People Still Want To See Inside Fragile Historical Buildings. Now They Can… Virtually by Artsjournal

Churches damaged by earthquakes, buildings ravaged by fire. It’s too dangerous for visitors to enter, or perhaps the site will be damaged by visits. Now a trove of 3D models has been put o…

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Off-Label Brand: Why Do Some Writers Look Down On Science Fiction? by Artsjournal

Even some writers writing science fiction get a bit cranky when you label is such… – The Guardian

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Arbitrator: NY City Ballet’s Firing Of Two Dancers Was “Wrong And Unjust” by Artsjournal

The two principals, Amar Ramasar and Zachary Catazaro had been dismissed for sharing graphic text messages. An independent arbitrator determined that “while the company was justified in di…

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Alexa! Play HAPPY Music! (And Why That’s A Challenge) by Artsjournal

Using your smart speaker to play music is the top use for them. But making music choices useful has been a challenge. “Using voice to sift through and access music may be a relatively new …

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In The Early 20th Century, Birmingham AL Had 20 Theatres In Five Blocks. Then… by Artsjournal

They closed from neglect. Most were abandoned or turned into storefronts. Now, one-by-one they’re being restored and reopened. It’s quite grand. – BBC

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Canadian Government Initiates A Review Of Museum Policies On Indigenous Culture by Artsjournal

Canadian museums have not done a good job including indigenous culture in their collections or on their walls. Now a new federal government initiative aims to make a review of museum policie…

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Notre Dame’s Organ Survived. Hear The Last Recording Before The Fire by Artsjournal

Organist organist Olivier Latry made the recording in January. This week he posted an update on the instrument on Facebook: “Despite all the damage in the Cathedral, the organ miraculously…

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Miami – Crossroads Of The Americas (And Increasingly, Theatre, Too) by Artsjournal

Miami is a curious place, one of the world’s most international cities. Everyone seems to be from someplace else. And in recent years that has translated into a lively theatre scene, with …

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Nobel’s Science Prizes Don’t Reflect The Ways Research Is Done Today by Artsjournal

“The Nobel committee seems not to recognise how collaborative science is today; their paradigm remains the lone genius, or a duet or troika at most. Year after year, they perform their arb…

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London’s Royal Opera Loses Appeal Over Damage To Violist’s Hearing by Artsjournal

Christopher Goldscheider sued the London opera house, claiming damages for acoustic shock – a condition with symptoms including tinnitus, hyperacusis and dizziness – after being exposed …

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Canadian Court Rules That Art By Foreign Artists Can Be Deemed Of National Importance And Prevented From Being Sold Outside Canada by Artsjournal

On Tuesday, the appeals court restored a decision by the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board preventing a Canadian auction house from shipping a painting by French artist Gustave …

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