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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Large Study: Students Who Study Music Do Better In Other Subjects by Artsjournal

“It is believed that students who spend school time in music classes, rather than further developing their skills in math, science, and English classes, will underperform in those discipli…

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Google Is Building A Massive New Smart City In Toronto. Here’s What It Will Look Like by Artsjournal

Sidewalk Labs, the smart-city startup from Google parent company Alphabet, has released its master innovation and development plan to turn a sizable swath of Toronto’s Lake Ontario shore…

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Arts Council England Plans To Include “Relevance” In Funding Criteria by Artsjournal

“Most of us already lead creative and cultural lives: we join book clubs, we take craft classes, we stream music,” the strategy document says. “The task for the Arts Council is to enab…

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YouTube Stars’ New Big Thing? Excessive Over-The-Top Consumerism by Artsjournal

After over 200 studies, we know that the more people endorse materialism, the worse their wellbeing. They’re less empathic, less prosocial, more competitive. They’re less likely to suppo…

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Thinking About Music As Not Just The Notes But The Cultural History In The Performance by Artsjournal

Jeremy Dutcher incorporates in his live and recorded music an unusual and affecting act of legacy, playing transcribed wax recordings from 1911 by an early anthropologist of a tribal elder s…

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Opponents Of LACMA’s Design For A New Campus Start To Organize by Artsjournal

The group is primarily concerned about the latest design’s 10% reduction in size and museum director Michael Govan’s plan to disburse objects from the permanent collection to future s…

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NRA Shuts Down Production Of NRA TV, Amid Financial, Political Crisis by Artsjournal

The development is the latest in what has been a tumultuous year for the N.R.A. It has struggled to right its finances; faced investigations in Congress and by Letitia James, the New York a…

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What Makes A Successful Theatre Artistic Director? Voices, Courage… by Artsjournal

Joseph Haj: “When I see artistic directors who have a five-show season directing three of the shows, I think: nobody’s that interesting, nobody. I don’t care how beautiful and thrillin…

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When A Philosopher Is Forced Not To Think by Artsjournal

Being a philosopher on brain rest is like being a point guard on hand rest. The major asset for your profession is suddenly not working reliably. – The New York Times

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Amazon Responds To NYT Story That Says It’s Lax On Policing Fake Books by Artsjournal

Amazon remains defiant that it is doing more than enough to combat the issue. In its blog post, the company claimed that in 2018 alone it “invested over $400 million in personnel and tools…

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When Norman Mailer Covered The Moon Landing (It Wasn’t Pretty) by Artsjournal

“Mailer on the moonshot: loads of words, loads of money. A big deal for Life magazine. And for Mailer? Grim opportunism. Out of tune, bardically bereft, plucking (as it were) flaccid str…

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Report: Classical Music’s Future As A Streaming Service by Artsjournal

This vicious circle of song optimization / playlist optimization may be the path of least resistance but it can ultimately lead to an unsatisfying overall music experience. Classical music p…

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You Can’t Think Your Way To Being Creative. Here’s What To Do Instead by Artsjournal

Some of the earliest scientific studies of creativity focused on personality. And some evidence suggests that innovation comes easier to people with certain personality types. A 1998 review …

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Prague Has Embraced Kafka As A Hometown Industry by Artsjournal

Apart from his tombstone and the old stone buildings, every Kafka attraction I visited was built in the 21st century. Czechoslovakia’s uneasy leaders had tried to scrub Kafka from Prague…

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The Art Market Is Expensive. So Museums Are Improvising by Artsjournal

For museums determined to build collections of today’s contemporary art—which is also getting pricey, as works by women and artists of color steadily gain in value—“it’s a waiting …

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

What Is America’s Culture? by Artsjournal

Encouraging distinctly American artistic habits stands a chance of making art more accessible without making it unserious or “middlebrow.” The arts are so irrelevant to most Americans’…

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Is It Time To Boot Renoir From The “Great Artists” Canon? by Artsjournal

Sebastian Smee: “I ask this knowing it is the wrong question. It is wrong not just because huge numbers of people think Renoir is, in fact, great, as well as adorable, joyous and life-affi…

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It Doesn’t Have To Be Netflix OR Movie Theatres by Artsjournal

Netflix is a business like any other, one locked in a seemingly unresolvable war with the movie-theater industry, which it views as a rival. Twelve percent of Americans see at least one movi…

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Hospital As Sound Experience: A Musician’s Critique by Artsjournal

It may take a musician’s vocabulary to identify the devil’s interval, but it doesn’t take a musician’s ear to notice that hospitals are acoustically stressful places. Noise is one of…

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Has Magic Been Displaced By Science? Not At All by Artsjournal

Far from having evaporated, ‘folkloric disenchantment’ is still common today in the writings of self-described magicians, shamans and witches. But we also find its analogue in academic d…

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Who Gets Duped By Fake Online Images by Artsjournal

The main factors that determined whether a person could correctly perceive each image as a fake were their level of experience with the internet and digital photography. – The Conversation

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Monday, June 24, 2019

UK Arts Orgs Get Together To Reduce Their Carbon Footprints by Artsjournal

Baseline carbon emissions measurements are now being produced at major institutions including the National Theatre, Royal Opera House and Serpentine Galleries with an eye to creating “ambi…

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Elizabeth Banks: Making Money In Hollywood Is Getting Tougher by Artsjournal

“There’s a lot more work, but it’s a lot harder to make money on anything. It’s one of the reasons the unions are up in arms right now. For low-end workers, the people on the tail of…

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Why The Audio Quality Of Your Music Player Sucks by Artsjournal

Leaving people’s personal abilities to distinguish high sonic quality from low sonic quality out of this conversation, there is a virtually insurmountable issue with mass adoption of hi-re…

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Director of Collections and Research – National Museum of Wales by Artsjournal

National Museum Wales – Amgueddfa Cymru – is the most important cultural institution in Wales and a leader in the UK in public engagement and cultural participation. It holds internation…

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The Decline Of New York City’s Iconic Newsstands (Once There Were 1500 Of Them) by Artsjournal

Today, the city has a little more than three hundred newsstands. They are required by law to sell printed material. But Max Bookman, a lawyer who represents the New York City Newsstand Opera…

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Historian And Curator Peter Selz, 100, Founder Of Berkeley Art Museum by Artsjournal

“Over the course of his tenure as our founding director, Peter transformed BAMPFA from a modest university art collection into the internationally renowned art and film institution it is t…

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New York City Opera Scales Back Plans, With Do A 10-Performance Season by Artsjournal

General director Michael Capasso’s original plan when the company emerged from bankruptcy in January 2016 called for 72 performances of 13 operas in 2018-19 to mark the company’s 75th an…

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A Theatre Critic Reviews Presidential Candidates’ Performances by Artsjournal

Peter Marks: “Political campaigns are all about seducing audiences. So why shouldn’t someone like me be out here, reviewing the art — or artlessness — of the seduction? Presidential …

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That Google-Docs Arts Workers Salary Spreadsheet: A Seattle Analysis by Artsjournal

“There’s often a claim that there’s simply not enough to provide its most essential staff a living wage, and I think because people love working for these institutions they’ve been w…

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How “Hamilton” Changed The Broadway Touring Business by Artsjournal

The 2018-19 touring season that just ended set records in box office ($1.6 billion) and attendance (18.5 million). “Hamilton” had a clear hand: There are now four productions beyond New …

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