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Friday, December 13, 2019

A New Opera Company For Orange County? Not Likely by Artsjournal

LA Opera continues to stage traditional and spectacular productions, Long Beach Opera forges ahead in its scrappy and innovative way, San Diego Opera provides yet another outlet for listener…

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Brazilian Film Industry Suffering Under Bolsonaro Government by Artsjournal

Brazilian cinema – put on the map by global hits such as City of God and Aquarius – has suffered a succession of blows since Bolsonaro took office in January, from a general lack of inte…

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NPR Changes The Formula For What It Charges Local Stations by Artsjournal

Among stations with annual membership income above $4 million, the median change in fees is a 9% increase, according to NPR; among stations with income below $250,000, an 8% decline. – Cur…

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Ten Top New Museums Of 2019 by Artsjournal

These ten museums opened in 2019. We’re not saying they’re the best, but they sure are fun buildings to look at. – Dezeen

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ARTnews’ Top 200 Collectors List For 2019 by Artsjournal

“There is this great shift in what’s going on in collecting,” said Sara Friedlander, Christie’s head of postwar and contemporary art. “Collectors across the board are looking for s…

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Study: Surgeons Perform Better With Music Playing In The Operating Room by Artsjournal

As the study noted, music is already played in operating theatres as a matter of course by most doctors and nurses — about two-thirds, as it turns out. Participants said that listening to …

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How Awards Distort Our Movie And Music Culture by Artsjournal

Awards are, it must be said, an absurdity. It is not only possible but crucial to insist on the importance or value of art without giving it a trophy. For the many who are interested in the …

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Cost Of The Edinburgh Fringe Is Shutting Out Working Class Artists by Artsjournal

“So, who can afford to perform at the Fringe regularly? Who can absorb a grand loss every year? Who can work unpaid for 17 weeks at a time? The answer is people who already have money. Peo…

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Actor Danny Aiello, 86 by Artsjournal

He memorably portrayed blue-collar heavies and hotheads in films such as “The Godfather: Part II,” “The Purple Rose of Cairo” and “Do the Right Thing,” and played against type as…

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The Truth About Facts (And Checking Them) by Artsjournal

The great truth of fact-checking: while facts are sacred to writers, readers, and, above all, editors, they are sometimes more work than they’re worth. The importance of fact-checking—pa…

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Fiction Versus Fake News by Artsjournal

“Fake news stories have proved irresistible for readers. Studies have shown that people spread false news on Twitter six times faster than news that is true. Unlike novels, which create co…

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Berlin’s Biggest Art Fair Is Canceled by Artsjournal

Berlin’s most prominent art fair evolved out of its previous iteration, Art Berlin Contemporary, and was held for the past three years in the historic Tempelhof airport each September, sho…

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Is A Banana And Duct Tape Art? Maybe That’s The Wrong Question by Artsjournal

If you don’t like something that’s presented as art, if you think it’s offensive or stupid, go ahead and say it’s offensive and stupid. I’m an art critic, I will be right there wit…

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English Music? Why Do We Think Of It As Nostalgic? by Artsjournal

Since the 2016 Brexit referendum, the UK has suffered a collective breakdown over national identity and our relationship to Europe, and it should perhaps be no surprise to see the 48/52 divi…

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Founders Of Chicago Theatre Leave. Theatre Erases History Of Their Involvement by Artsjournal

“They indicated that they didn’t want to be associated with the theater any longer after they had departed, so we did that.” When I asked if they said they wanted to be excised from it…

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The Limits Of Truth by Artsjournal

There is a real risk that scientific fact will eventually be reduced to just another opinion, even when those facts describe natural phenomena—the very purpose for which science was develo…

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Should Arts Organizations Program For The Election? by Artsjournal

Many think there’s a separation of politics and art. But simply ignoring elections seems an abdication of responsibility. There are ways to think about how to address elections if you’re…

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How The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Balanced Its Budget by Artsjournal

The chamber orchestra is known for its low ticket prices; half go for $15 or less. That’s partly thanks to two programs: With a Netflix-style membership, people can pay just $9 a month to …

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San Francisco Opera’s Hiring Of Eun Sun Kim As Music Director “Historic” by Artsjournal

Kim’s appointment doesn’t just bring a musician of obvious artistry and interpersonal gifts to the company. The hiring of an Asian woman is also a historic advance for diversity, a badly…

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Director of Classical and New Music Programs by Artsjournal

The Director of Classical and New Music Programs oversees Kennedy Center Classical and New Music Programs

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The Wonder Of Merce Cunningham In 3D by Artsjournal

We watch the dancers from close up and on all sides, our proximity enhanced by the magic of 3-D. The elegance of the cinematography (by Mko Malkhasyan) turns these passages into the stanzas …

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Hungarian Government Plans More Control Over Theatres by Artsjournal

“This proposal would eliminate cultural diversity, which stems from freedom — which means artists are not kept on a political leash,” Budapest mayor Gergely Karacsony said. The Hungari…

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How The New Irish National Opera Has Helped Irish Opera by Artsjournal

More Irish singers are being heard in more varied roles than at any other stage in my professional lifetime. Irish works are being taken abroad. The company has been rewarded with internatio…

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Netflix Says 26 Million Watched “The Irishman” In Its First Week by Artsjournal

“The Irishman,” released on Netflix on Nov. 27, is expected to be watched by about 40 million Netflix households in its first month, Sarandos said. That would be well below other Netflix…

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Canadian Literary Juries Struggle With Balance Between Politics And Art by Artsjournal

“(Literature) should not be reduced to politics, obviously, because human experience is more than politics. But also, human experience is never without politics.” – Toronto Star

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Michelangelo And The “Architectural Project From Hell” by Artsjournal

In the early years of the 16th century, Pope Julius II had initiated renovations when it became clear that the ancient basilica, completed around AD 360 on the site believed to be St Peter…

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Theme Park Workers File Suit Against Disney Over Low Wages: “We’re Living In Cars!” by Artsjournal

A new class action lawsuit, filed Friday in California Superior Court and announced in a press advisory Monday, argues that the Walt Disney Company, worth approximately $130 billion as of th…

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How NPR Changed The Voice Of Authority by Artsjournal

NPR has kept speaking with many voices that would sound out of place on the air anywhere else. Many, if not most, have been female. As hosts and anchors, correspondents and reporters, women …

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How Brexit Will Affect Independent UK Publishers by Artsjournal

There is an ever-increasing fear that smaller publishing houses may be put out of business as a result of potential changes to requirements surrounding distribution of literary materials. …

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Thanos Creator Protests Trump Tweet Depicting Trump As Thanos (Clearly He Hadn’t Seen The Movie) by Artsjournal

The scene comes from Avengers: Endgame, when Thanos says “I am inevitable” and snaps his fingers in an attempt to destroy all existing life in the Universe, only to discover his gauntlet…

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Associate Director, Getty Foundation by Artsjournal

The Getty Foundation is looking for an internationally recognized Associate Director professional, who is a demonstrated leader in academic art history, museum practice, or conservation.

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