Friday, October 18, 2019

The twenty-five record albums that changed my life (3) by Artsjournal1

I was introduced to this album by Bob Nelson, my eighth-grade social-studies teacher, who decided for reasons of his own to introduce me to the music of my own time. – Terry Teachout

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The twenty-five record albums that changed my life (2) by Artsjournal1

The public library in Smalltown, U.S.A., had a modest selection of classical albums. One of them was this two-disc set of “live” recordings by the first important classical-music instrum…

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Alicia Alonso, Cuba’s (Very) Long-Reigning Doyenne Of Ballet, Dead At 98 by Artsjournal1

“Alonso received recognition throughout the world for her flawless technique and her ability to become one with the characters she danced, even after she became nearly blind. After a caree…

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Oldest Known ‘Last Supper’ Painted By A Woman On Public View After 450 Years by Artsjournal1

Plautilla Nelli’s 23-by-6½-foot depiction of Jesus and his disciples was painted for her sisters at a convent in Florence in 1568. When that convent was shuttered by Napoleon’s forces i…

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Why Orchestras Giving Free Concerts Is A Very Bad Idea by Artsjournal1

Aubrey Bergauer: “Giving it away for free, whether by regularly scheduled programming or by striking or locked out musicians, is not getting the job done. It’s not growing audiences, it…

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How Theatres Can Strengthen Themselves For The Next Great Recession by Artsjournal1

“In this paper we first explore the U.S. economic and financial outlook to better understand the environment and its risks. Then we follow trends for theatres’ finances and operations, s…

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Sean Dorsey Has Blazed A Trail For Trans Dance Artists by Artsjournal1

“Now in its 15th season, Dorsey’s award-winning San Francisco company, Sean Dorsey Dance, is heralded for intersectional dance-theater works that celebrate trans, gender-nonconforming an…

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Dallas Placed 149th Among U.S. Cities On The Arts Vibrancy Index. Here’s How One Organization Is Trying To Change That by Artsjournal1

“The Arts Community Alliance (TACA) … has been raising money for the arts in Dallas since 1967. Today it doles that money out in the form of more than 60 general operating, artist reside…

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Epistolary Memoir, An Old Genre Having A New Heyday by Artsjournal1

The recounting of a life in the form of a letter may go all the way back to Benjamin Franklin, but it’s currently seeing a revival, kicked off by Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Between the World and…

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Do We Need Critics For Cities? by Artsjournal

Given how long we’ve relied on the work of critics on film, music, food, and much else besides, as well as the ever-increasing relevance of cities in our lives, it’s time we recognised c…

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The twenty-five record albums that changed my life (4) by Terry Teachout

Various forms of the records-that-changed-my-life meme have been making the rounds lately, so I came up with my own version, which I call “The Twenty-Five Record Albums That Changed My Lif…

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Replay: José Iturbi plays Liszt by Terry Teachout

José Iturbi plays Liszt’s Eleventh Hungarian Rhapsody in a 1940 film: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday,…

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Almanac: Arturo Toscanini on the tragedy of the great performer by Terry Teachout

“No true musician can be satisfied with his performance, even through an audience is driven to a frenzy.” Arturo Toscanini (quoted by Halina Rodzinski in Our Two Lives)

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Los Angeles Ballet seeks Administrative Director by Artsjournal

Los Angeles Ballet is seeking an experienced, energetic arts administrator with demonstrable leadership qualities.

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Los Angeles Ballet seeks Controller by Artsjournal

Los Angeles Ballet is seeking an individual with a minimum of 5 years of experience as a controller, preferably for nonprofit arts institutions.

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

James Wood: Harold Bloom’s “Anxiety Of Influence” by Artsjournal

“You mistook him for no one else: the late, popular style was a faded fan, but it was still recognizably Bloom’s old peacockery. The leaping links, hieratic cross-referencing, and amusin…

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Is Democracy For Sale? Sure Is by Artsjournal

According to the domain brokerage GoDaddy, the five most expensive publicly-reported domain names are – $49.7m; – $35.6m; – $35m; Pri…

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Stefan Edlis, Leading Chicago Art Collector, Dead At 94 by Artsjournal1

“Long known for a premier collection of Pop art that he built with his wife, Gael Neeson, Edlis made a star turn in a recent HBO documentary about the art market, providing one of the film…

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A Caravaggio Was Stolen From A Sicilian Church 50 Years Ago. Is Time Running Out To Find It? by Artsjournal

Fifty years have passed since 17 October 1969, but Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio’s Nativity with St Francis and St Lawrence remains one of the world’s most sought-after works of stol…

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National Ballet Of Canada Posts Its Tenth Season In A Row Of Budget Surpluses by Artsjournal

Specifically, the company’s revenues were $37.58 million with expenses at $36.17 million, which resulted in a surplus of $1.41 million. The figures represent a 4 percent operating surplus.…

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American English Preserves Old Grammar That British English Has Dropped by Artsjournal1

“The index of the Cambridge Grammar of the English Language mentions regional differences in 95 places. … In reality, America has often been the conservative one, and Britain the innovat…

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Ara Guzelimian To be New Artistic Director Of The Ojai Festival by Artsjournal

Guzelimian is currently provost of Juilliard and was Ojai’s artistic director for five years in the 1990s. He succeeds Chad Smith, recently appointed CEO of the LA Philharmonic. Smith has …

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36 Pieces Of Computer Code That Changed The World by Artsjournal1

“We construct top-10 lists for movies, games, TV — pieces of work that shape our souls. But we don’t sit around compiling lists of the world’s most consequential bits of code, even t…

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South Korea Wonders: Is Video Gaming A Mental Health Disorder? by Artsjournal

Video games are practically the national pastime, played by the majority of adults and more than 90% of adolescents. Rising concerns over the effects of games on mental health have been met …

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Librarians Protest Publishers’ Plan To Limit Their Access To E-Books by Artsjournal

Beginning Nov. 1, Macmillan Publishers, one of the so-called Big Five publishing companies in North America, will only allow libraries to purchase one copy of each new e-book for the first …

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Nobel’s Literature Prize Debacle Exposes Fault Lines Between Art, Politics by Artsjournal

Brett Stephens: “We live in an age that is losing the capacity to distinguish art from ideology and artists from politics. “I’m standing at my garden gate and there are 50 journalists,…

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How Different Languages Describe Color by Artsjournal

Cultures seemed to build up their color vocabularies in a predictable way. Languages with only two color categories chunked the spectrum into blacks and whites. Languages with three categori…

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Why Are Instagram Experiences Referred To As “Museums” by Artsjournal

These immersive experiences are branded as exhibits, but that might be where the link to traditional museums ends. The companies are, after all, for-profit businesses that sell experiences t…

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After 25 Years, Artistic Director Of New York’s Playwrights Horizons Is Moving On by Artsjournal1

“After nearly a quarter century as the artistic director of one of Off Broadway’s most acclaimed nonprofits, [Tim] Sanford is announcing his departure. The theater’s next season — it…

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Panama Papers Law Firm Sues Netflix For Defamation Over ‘The Laundromat’ by Artsjournal1

The name partners of the Panama City firm Mossack Fonseca (portrayed in the movie by Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas) allege that the Steven Soderbergh film (which also stars Meryl Streep a…

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So What Exactly *Is* The Interrogation Method At Issue In The Ava DuVernay/Netflix Lawsuit? by Artsjournal1

This week the law enforcement consulting firm John E. Reid and Associates sued Netflix and director DuVernay for defamation over the Central Park Five miniseries When They See Us, alleging t…

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