Friday, March 5, 2021

Will European Audiences Come Back To The Theatre? by Artsjournal1

“The shift [to streamed performances during the lockdowns] has raised questions about whether audiences will return to theaters in the same numbers as before, and whether a blend of online…

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Thursday, March 4, 2021

A Tour Of Plays In Storefront Windows by Artsjournal

Presented as a “walking tour with theatrical displays,” and running Feb. 19-21, the performance was not a traditional narrative play, but rather a collection of six short individual vign…

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COVID Could Not Stop The Wooster Group by Artsjournal1

“They’re our holy fools, who — even when no one is watching — keep the art’s sacred fires burning. Rehearsal isn’t so much a preparation-to-show as it is a kind of religious prac…

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How Weird Are This Season’s Tony Awards Going To Be? by Artsjournal1

Weirder than ever before, no doubt. As the voters fill out their ballots this week and next, none of the shows they’re considering have been onstage for a year, and they can’t vote in a …

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Why Working Digitally Will Be Here To Stay In The Theatre by Artsjournal

“There are so many benefits to all this stuff, It’s going to make theatre more accessible. It’s going to help tackle the issue of diversity. It’s going to enable us to tell stories i…

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What Have Theatre Artists Been Doing This Past Year? Eight Tell Their Stories by Artsjournal

“This notion that we have to do something, that we have to find other ways to work. I was like, ‘Hello, this is an opportunity to just stop. Everybody just stop. Can we really not do tha…

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On Zoom, Vimeo, PBS, Or An iPod, If A Theatre Company Does It, Is It Still Theatre? by Artsjournal1

Says the artistic director of a Twin Cities company, “I believe that theatre is storytelling and we are creating a new hybrid art form. It’s not quite theatre in that it’s video and no…

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Survey: When Theatre-Goers Will Be Ready To Return To Theatres by Artsjournal

With the disclaimer that this wave of the research reflects current expectations about the pandemic, based on anxieties about vaccine distribution and the spread of COVID variants, and that …

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Reviewing The First Play Written By An Artificial Intelligence Bot by Artsjournal1

“The biggest revelation, though, is that while a computer’s imagination touches, somewhat randomly, on themes of love, loneliness, clowning and performance, it is most often obsessing ab…

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How To Reopen Theatres Safely? Artists Turn To Global Network by Artsjournal

The protocols these countries have developed the past year to permit some live performances depend greatly on the magnitude of the pandemic and the efforts by government to contain it. South…

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Stratford Festival Will Open This Summer, But With A Short Season Held In Tents by Artsjournal1

In a regular year, it’s North America’s largest summer theatre festival, but with the pandemic only barely starting to subside, Stratford is planning to present just a dozen or so perfor…

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Monday, March 1, 2021

Australian Theatre Is Lighting The Way For The West End And Broadway by Artsjournal2

Actors get temperature-taking robots; there’s Hamiltizer for your hands if you’re rehearsing Hamilton; and then there are the actors who can’t hug – so Olaf and Elsa flash each other…

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Friday, February 26, 2021

Stage Actors In Paris Offer ‘Poetic Consultations’ By Phone by Artsjournal1

“‘I am calling you for a poetic consultation,’ said a warm voice on the telephone. ‘It all starts with a very simple question: How are you?’ Since March, almost 15,000 people aroun…

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

As They Stream Their Work, Theater Companies Find A New, Far-Flung Public by Artsjournal1

“Across the country, and beyond its borders, many theaters say new audiences for their streaming offerings has been an unexpected silver lining — one that could have ramifications for th…

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Turkish Government Harasses Kurdish Theater, Accusing It Of ‘Terrorist Propaganda’ by Artsjournal1

“In a country where Turkish is the only official language, speaking Kurdish is sometimes seen as an act of rebellion.” (It is the mother tongue of nearly 20 million people in the Turkish…

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What Is Native American Comedy? by Artsjournal

“I’ve debated different scenarios in my life about “What is Native?” And that is like the million-dollar question, at least within Indigenous communities at this moment. There doesn…

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Using Social Media To Preserve The Uyghur Language — And Keep It Up To Date by Artsjournal1

Uyghur, a Turkic language that uses the Arabic alphabet, has about 10 million native speakers, most of them in the Xinjiang province of northwestern China. With the Chinese Communist Party e…

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Getting At What Truth Really Is (Not That Simple) by Artsjournal

“True seems to be that which is in accordance with the facts or reality, the way things simply are. But it is not as simple as that. For there are not only ‘brute facts’ (eg whether Ge…

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Jeff Alexander Shares the Importance of Live Orchestral Music by Artsjournal1

The President of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra speaks about the importance of live, in-person concerts and the day-to-day leadership of a major symphony orchestra. – Aaron Dworkin

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Clarion by Artsjournal1

Someone’s calling, maybe me. C. C sharp? D? My scalp tightens, which makes me wonder where I am, and who, too. But this voice today is a shell’s, of a conch from a Pyrenees cave, assigne…

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Facebook Ends Australia News Ban After Deal With Government by Artsjournal1

The [agreement is that] the government may not apply the code to Facebook if the company can demonstrate it has signed enough deals with media outlets to pay them for content. The government…

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It’s A 17,300-Year-Old Kangaroo: Australia’s Oldest Rock Art Identified by Artsjournal1

“A nearly-life-size depiction of a kangaroo — realistic genitalia included — is the oldest known rock painting in Australia. Scientists recently pinpointed its age to 17,300 years ago …

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France Is Trying To Raise Millions To Buy De Sade’s Filthiest Manuscript by Artsjournal1

“The French government is appealing for corporate help to acquire the manuscript of the Marquis de Sade’s notorious The 120 Days of Sodom, valued at €4.5m (£3.9m), for the National Li…

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Douglas Turner Ward, Pioneering Black Theater Artist, Dead At 90 by Artsjournal1

A writer and director as well as an actor, he wrote a 1966 New York Times Op-Ed titled “American Theater: For Whites Only?” that inspired the Ford Foundation to fund the creation of the …

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Will Upright Citizens Brigade Ever Reopen? ‘I Don’t Know’, Says Amy Poehler by Artsjournal1

In a feature interview for The New York Times Magazine, the co-founder of the famed, and now troubled, improv company and school said, “It’s been brutal for us. We’re basically using t…

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Why Joffrey Ballet Is Only Now Making Work To Stream by Artsjournal1

Staging a full-length performance digitally “would break the bank,” says artistic director Ashley Wheater, who doesn’t really like streamed dance much. “I’m embracing it because th…

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How To Design A Memorial For The COVID Pandemic? by Artsjournal1

Several places in Italy and Great Britain are considering the question, and a few memorials have already gone up. “[They] are not intended as sweeping monuments to the historical moment, b…

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Star Soccer Star Touts Ballet Training For Performance by Artsjournal

The images shared by the ballet company had soccer fans’ heads turning when they emerged. Such a sports star dabbling in ballet may have seemed unheard of, but it wasn’t a new trend. –…

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Monday, February 22, 2021

Inside What Makes Tom Stoppard Tick by Artsjournal

Anthony Lane: “Many folk, less deserving than Stoppard, and with scarcely a whit of his charm, are greeted with godsends. What marks him out is the unusual thoroughness with which he has p…

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Australia’s Restless Dance Company Faces A Funding Crisis by Artsjournal

When the Australia Council announced its latest four-year funding winners in 2020, Restless was a shock omission, as were La Mama Theatre in Melbourne and The Blue Room in Western Australia.…

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Long Beach Opera Hires James Darrah As New AD by Artsjournal

During the pandemic, Darrah’s affinity for film allowed him to pivot to digital content with ease. Over the last six months, the director has worked with LA Opera, Los Angeles Chamber Orch…

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