Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Why The US Constitution Doesn’t Work Without Local News by Artsjournal

To hold public officials accountable, in other words, “intelligent men”—all people, in fact—need reliable reporting about the activities of government and politicians. But these days…

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The Virus In Canadian Publishing by Artsjournal

The COVID-19 lockdown, which has caused overall unit sales to drop by 27 percent, places Canadian publishers under huge financial pressure. Indigo’s continued delays in payment could push …

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How I Learned To Be An Art Critic by Artsjournal

“How did I learn to judge between one work and another? By looking and reading and looking and reading and looking. It is not a matter of mere subjectivity. You acquire the skill to transm…

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Man Convicted Of Trying To Steal Magna Carta From Salisbury Cathedral by Artsjournal

In October 2018, Mark Royden, 47, went equipped with a claw hammer, gloves and safety goggles, tampered with a CCTV camera and set off a fire alarm to cause a distraction before smashing the…

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Those Viral Videos Of People Melting Down Because They Have To Wear Masks? They’re Performances — Bad Ones by Artsjournal1

Dan Kois: “What are these displays? Whatever they are, they are not authentic expressions of rage. … Rather than citizens pushed too far by onerous mask policies — finally sent over th…

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Why COVID Demands Our Best Design Thinking by Artsjournal

You may not think of architects as the problem-solvers we need now. But now that interacting with people in any enclosed space is fraught, they are who you need. Though we have been living i…

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The Problem With The “Right” Kind Of Theatre Fans by Artsjournal

“What is wrong with the theatre fandom is the belief that objectively, some musicals are better than others, and that if you like a certain show, you aren’t the right kind of theatre fan…

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It’s Too Late For Good-Faith Debate Online Anyway by Artsjournal1

“Blaming people on the internet — as most of us are, helplessly — for not engaging in ‘good-faith debate’ doesn’t just misdiagnose the problem; it’s stunningly naïve. Have you…

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Maybe The People Who Signed The Harper’s Letter Have Forgotten About The Real Danger To Free Speech by Artsjournal1

Tom Scocca: “The promoters of the letter cast themselves as persecuted heroes, putting their names on the line to defend an embattled conception of liberty. The people putting themselves i…

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Architecture’s Existential Crisis by Artsjournal

Suddenly, the profession was at a crossroads. Was this a time for quick, targeted, pragmatic responses to a built environment that no longer felt safe, or was this a revolutionary moment, a …

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How Classical Crossover Ran Amok And Ran Aground by Artsjournal1

The Three Tenors franchise was hardly great opera, but it was effective, and Yo-Yo Ma’s various crossover projects are genuinely good. So how did we get from The Silk Road Project to Hilde…

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How Music Lessons Have Adapted Online by Artsjournal

“It was a novelty for a week or two,” said Catherine Keen. “But it was really tough on the kids. They were on their computers all day with their home classes. And then to have to come …

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Montreal Museum Fires Chief Curator by Artsjournal

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) says it is immediately terminating the contract of director general and chief curator Nathalie Bondil following what it describes as “disturbing tes…

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Was Washington Ballet’s Virtual Fundraising Gala A Bad Idea After All? by Artsjournal1

Organizers of the June 18 event, for which the company’s dancers gathered to tape performances which were streamed for attendees, say they followed all CDC and local health guidelines. Nev…

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Did #PublishingPaidMe Uncover A Real Problem Of Underpaying Black Authors? by Artsjournal1

“PW reached out to dozens of literary agents, authors, and editors to ask. While all the editors contacted declined to respond, many agents and authors were willing to speak on the conditi…

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Jane Walentas, Philanthropist Who Helped Transform Brooklyn’s DUMBO Neighborhood, Dead At 76 by Artsjournal1

“An accomplished artist and creative director, Walentas played a critical role in nurturing DUMBO’s artistic renaissance for more than 30 years.” As her husband, David, redeveloped the…

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Venice Completes First Test Of €6 Billion Flood-Blocking System by Artsjournal1

“The huge yellow floodgates immediately started to work after being activated on Friday, rising simultaneously to separate the Venetian lagoon from the sea. More tests will be carried out …

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Remains Of Aztec Palace Discovered Near Mexico City’s Main Square by Artsjournal1

“While carrying out renovation work on the Nacional Monte de Piedad building – which dates back to 1755 and is now a historical pawnshop on Mexico city’s central plaza – workers came…

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Edinburgh Fringe Announces Plans For Virtual 2020 Festival by Artsjournal1

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society will offer an online hub with workshops and panel discussions as well as a guide to the streamed performances offered by independent Fringe venues; Frin…

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Citing ‘Toxic’ Workplace, Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts Fires Director by Artsjournal1

“[The museum’s press] release cites a ‘toxic’ work environment and ‘several departures of key employees’ over the last year — as well as an external evaluation of the museum’…

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Colson Whitehead Wins Library Of Congress Prize For American Fiction by Artsjournal1

“Whitehead, 50, is the youngest winner of the lifetime achievement prize, which the library has previously given to Toni Morrison, Philip Roth and Denis Johnson, among others. He is the fi…

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Bley, Swallow, Sheppard: ‘Life Goes On’ by Artsjournal1

Sometimes it takes a while to catch up. Case in point: Carla Bley’s, Andy Sheppard’s and Steve Swallow’s Life Goes On. ECM released the album on Valentine’s Day. – Doug Ramsey

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Porgy and the White Police by Artsjournal1

Though a prominent British reviewer of the current Met production of Porgy and Bess called Gershwin’s 1935 opera “a period piece,” it loudly resounds today. Consider the first act conf…

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Lookback: on incivility and the social media by Terry Teachout

From 2010: Somebody compared me to a Holocaust denier the other day for having spoken ill of Elie Wiesel. While I wouldn’t dream of dignifying such a remark by responding to it, I was st…

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Almanac: Ron Shelton on professionalism by Terry Teachout

NUKE That was great, huh? CRASH Your fastball’s up, your curveball’s hanging. In the Show, they would’ve ripped you. NUKE Can’t you even let me enjoy the moment? CRASH The moment…

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Monday, July 13, 2020

Podcast Growth Cut In Half By Virus Shutdowns by Artsjournal

The exploding audio medium is forecast to generate nearly $1 billion in 2020 advertising revenue, with an expected growth rate of 14.7%, according to the fourth annual Interactive Advertisin…

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Newark’s Arts Institutions Shut Down. Its Artists, However… by Artsjournal

Newark’s artists have applied their imagination to both cope with the time and seize its possibilities. Many have been documenting public and personal lives, and some have contributed thei…

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Hundreds Sign Open Letter Calling For Accountability At The Banff Centre by Artsjournal

The Banff Centre shut down suddenly as the COVID crisis began and has canceled most of its residencies and programs. Much of the growth of the Banff Centre in recent decades has come through…

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Britain’s Choirs Are Conducting Tests To See If It’s Safe To Sing by Artsjournal

This week, in an operating theatre at the government’s science facility at Porton Down, a small group of guinea-pig choral singers, some professional and some amateur, are taking part in e…

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LACMA’s Plans For Its New Home Seems To Be Deeply Unpopular. Can Anything Be Done? by Artsjournal

COVID-19, unfortunately, has given the nation pause, but for LACMA it may be a blessing, a reason to apply the brakes: the pandemic has opened up time, offering the museum board, the LA Coun…

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Seattle Singer Lady A Sticks Up For The Right To Keep Her Name by Artsjournal

The black Seattle blues singer has been in talks with the band [formerly known as Lady Antebellum] for weeks about using the name, maintaining that she doesn’t want to share the Lady A bra…

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