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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Small Consolation: Museums’ Hit-&-Miss Attempts to Engage Audiences Via “Virtual Exhibitions” by Artsjournal1

Too much of museums’ existing online content, now being repurposed, reminds me of “park and bark” — the great opera stars of yesteryear, standing stock-still at center stage and belt…

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Montreal’s Franglais Rap: Multi-Culti Creativity Or Threat To The Survival Of French In North America? by Artsjournal1

“To their legions of fans, the groups give voice to the bilingual vernacular of a multicultural city, marinated by its past French and British rulers, the forces of globalization and succe…

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Archaeologists Open Egyptian Mummy’s Coffin And Discover 3,000-Year-Old Paintings Inside by Artsjournal1

At the Perth Museum and Art Gallery in Scotland, conservators working to preserve the remains of an ancient priestess or noblewoman named Ta-Kr-Hb opened her sarcophagus and found two painti…

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Another Landmark Postmodern Dance Piece You Can Perform At Home by Artsjournal1

Last week it was one by Yvonne Rainer. This week it’s Trisha Brown’s 1971 Roof Piece, in which “dancers scattered themselves across the roofs of SoHo and played a dance version of the …

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‘Tiger King’, The Most Watched TV Show In The U.S., Is An Ethical And Moral Dumpster Fire by Artsjournal1

“[The series is] the latest and most acute iteration of a Netflix trend toward extreme storytelling; the more unfathomable and ethically dubious, the better. The point is virality — cont…

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Australia’s Arts Funder Slashes Grants, Leaving Companies In Shock by Artsjournal1

The Australia Council for the Arts’ four-year funding program for 2021-24 has reduced the number of organizations included by a quarter, from 128 to 95, and has cut the planned grants for …

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Pulitzer Prizes Postponed, Will Be Livestreamed In May by Artsjournal1

The announcement of this year’s awards had been scheduled for April 20, but, as administrator Dana Canedy said in a statement, “The Pulitzer board includes many high-level journalists wh…

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Kennedy Center Rescinds Furlough Of National Symphony Musicians by Artsjournal1

“The deal [with the musicians’ union] includes immediate pay cuts until early September, a wage freeze and a delayed pay increase and extends the current contract for a year, to 2024, ac…

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Williamstown Theatre Festival Finds Alternative To Canceling This Summer’s Season by Artsjournal1

“In a bold attempt to salvage its shows, the festival … has decided to develop, rehearse, and record all seven of its planned productions and release them in audio form on Audible … [w…

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New York Philharmonic Players Fired For Sexual Misconduct Reinstated by Artsjournal1

“The Philharmonic dismissed the players — its principal oboist, Liang Wang, and associate principal trumpet, Matthew Muckey — in September 2018. Both men denied wrongdoing, and the pla…

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London’s West End Theatres To Remain Closed At Least Through May 31 by Artsjournal1

“London’s theatres first shuttered their doors on March 16 in the wake of the escalating coronavirus pandemic. The mass closures, in an effort to curb the spread of the virus, mirrored t…

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Singer-Songwriter John Prine Dead Of COVID At 73 by Artsjournal1

“A onetime Army mechanic and mail carrier who wrote songs rooted in the experiences of lower-middle-class life, Mr. Prine rose to prominence almost by accident. He was at a Chicago folk cl…

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Bringing An Indigenous American Language Back From The Very Brink Of Extinction by Artsjournal1

Journalist Lorraine Boissoneault looks into the effort — using classroom lessons, software, and the memory of one of five native speakers left — to revive and teach the Menominee languag…

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With Everyone Else Avoiding Museums, Will Thieves Stay Away, Too? by Artsjournal1

Recent thefts of van Gogh and van Dyck paintings indicate that the answer is no. “Alarm systems and uniformed guards are still in place, of course, and the sale of museum-famous stolen art…

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This Ballet Company Is Sending Practice Barres And Special Flooring To Its Dancers In Lockdown by Artsjournal1

Says the Head of Performance Health at Queensland Ballet in Brisbane, “They’ve been using everything from bench tops, to tables to ironing boards as well as ballet barres, and practicing…

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Ben Brantley And Jesse Green Size Up The Off-Broadway Season (Since It’s Now Over) by Artsjournal1

Ben : “In many of these productions, time seemed to be torn off its hinges, and the solid floor of what we think of as ‘normal life’ to have cracked open. Who knew how apt a preface su…

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Know What Else Coronavirus Has Infected? Our Everyday Language by Artsjournal1

Karen Russell: “Today, we are witnessing the shotgun weddings of words into some strange unions, neologisms sped into existence by this virus (‘quarantunes,’ ‘quarantini’), epidemi…

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Photographer Victor Skrebneski, 90 by Artsjournal1

He first attracted notice for shooting supermodels in famous ad campaigns for the likes of Estée Lauder; his fame grew with a photo series of famous actors, each in an enormous black turtle…

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Why The Hollywood Reporter’s Editorial Director Abruptly Walked Out by Artsjournal1

“Matthew Belloni resigned as editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter due to intense conflicts with Modi Wiczyk and Asif Satchu, the co-CEOs of the trade’s owners, Valence Media, ove…

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Karina Canellakis Named London Philharmonic’s Principal Guest Conductor by Artsjournal1

Before embarking on a conducting career in 2013, the 38-year-old American performed as a violinist in solo and chamber works as well as in the Berlin Philharmonic’s Academy Orchestra and t…

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Even More Jobs And Money Lost: Whitney Museum Lays Off 76 Employees by Artsjournal1

“Projecting a shortfall in revenue of at least $7 million by the end of this fiscal year, New York City’s Whitney Museum has laid off 76 staff members. In an email sent Thursday afternoo…

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James Drury, Star Of Long-Running TV Series ‘The Virginian’, Dead At 85 by Artsjournal1

“He played the laconic rancher with no name on the revolutionary NBC series. Among Westerns, only Gunsmoke and Bonanza lasted longer.” – The Hollywood Reporter

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Another Salzburg Festival Canceled (But Not The Main One, Yet) by Artsjournal1

Just short of a month after the Salzburg Easter Festival was called off because of the pandemic, the Salzburg Whitsun Festival, directed by mezzo Cecilia Bartoli and scheduled for May 20-Jun…

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Joy in the afternoon by Artsjournal1

This is, first of all, an expression of profound gratitude for the innumerable messages of sympathy I have received. I thought you might like to read about Hilary’s last good day. – Terr…

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A letter to unknown friends by Artsjournal1

A few days after my beloved Hilary received her double-lung transplant, I published an open letter in The Wall Street Journal addressed to the family of the anonymous organ donor whose lungs…

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Safety, Solvency, Service by Artsjournal1

These past few weeks, a whole world of arts organizations have been searching for, revisiting, or assembling-on-the-fly their emergency readiness plans as the pandemic turns that world upsid…

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Recent Listening: Ernesto Cervini’s ‘Tetrahedron’ by Artsjournal1

The Canadian drummer’s new album manages to meld elements of contemporary electronica with references to developments in the six decades since John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman turned the …

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Friday, April 3, 2020

Crosswords Only Date Back To 1913, But Written Word Games Have Been Around For A Very Long Time by Artsjournal1

Here’s a brief history, going from a five-by-five palindrome from ancient Rome to Victorian double acrostics to four different kinds of riddle (including the anti-riddle). – The Paris Re…

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Before There Was ‘The Onion’, There Was ‘Not The New York Times’ by Artsjournal1

An April Fool’s story that’s actually true: back during the 1978 newspaper strike in New York City, a group of writers and editors that included some now-illustrious names — George Pli…

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Now Even Arthouse Movie Theaters Are Embracing Streaming Video by Artsjournal1

“Alamo Drafthouse, Film Forum and the Angelika are a few of the … theaters testing out the provisional path into [online streaming]. … Patrons can purchase a digital ticket, most of wh…

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New Plays About Coronavirus Epidemic Are Already Arriving by Artsjournal1

“Skylight Theatre, a Los Angeles theater company that prioritizes social issues, … [has] kicked off weekly plays from its writers lab set amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and the [online] ser…

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