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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Environmental Costs Of The Vinyl LP Revival by Artsjournal1

“If you’re one of the millions of people to re-embrace vinyl records, it’s worth knowing where they come from and how they’re made.” (It ain’t pretty.) – The Guardian

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‘How Am I Going to Dance to This?’ Ask New York City Ballet Dancers About Ratmansky’s Latest Music Choice by Artsjournal1

The plaintive question came from Sara Mearns as she and her colleagues listened to the decidedly avant-garde music choreographer Alexei Ratmansky had selected for his new work, Voices. Ratma…

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How Bolsonaro Is Waging His Culture War On Brazil’s Arts Sector by Artsjournal1

“The president’s vow to rid cultural and educational institutions of ‘leftist’ values is changing the game at the institutions charged with fostering cultural production.” Here’s…

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When Barack Obama’s Half-Sister Brought L.A. Teenagers To Do Shakespeare In Small-Town Kenya by Artsjournal1

Actor and educator Kila Packett writes about the Los Angeles Drama Club’s Shakespeare Youth Festival (active year-round in Watts and East L.A.) and the trip by four students and six teache…

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The Gauguin Sculpture The Getty Paid Millions For Is A Forgery by Artsjournal1

The item, titled Head with Horns and acquired by the Getty Museum in 2002 for a price reported to be between $3 million and $5 million, was quietly reattributed to “unknown artist” last …

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Stephen Joyce, James’s Grandson And Ferocious Guardian Of His Estate, Dead At 87 by Artsjournal1

“[He was] an implacable enemy of anyone who wanted to study the legendary Irish writer for almost any reason. … Though his ability to thwart scholars and Bloomsday fans diminished after …

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It’s True: ‘Cats’ Is Becoming The Next ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ by Artsjournal1

The movie was set to be one of Hollywood’s epic disasters, on track to lose $100 million. “But a funny thing happened on the way to the cinematic scratching post. Word-of-mouth buzz bega…

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After 88 Years, Frank Lloyd Wright’s School Of Architecture Is Closing by Artsjournal1

The School of Architecture at Taliesin, which operated at both Wright’s original Taliesin home in Wisconsin and his Taliesin West in Arizona, will cease operations this June. The School’…

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Another Thing We Can Blame On Algorithms: Cancel Culture by Artsjournal1

“Outrage is the perfect negative emotion to attract attention and engagement – and algorithms are primed to pounce.” Worse, “misleading content on social media tends to lead to even …

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The Rise And Collapse Of by Artsjournal1

“For two decades, CollegeHumor rode a number of online trends and movements. The company started as the brainchild of literal teenagers, and it outlived many competitors because of this pr…

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Rare Set Of Banners By Alexander Calder, Long Thought Lost, Reappears In Philadelphia by Artsjournal1

“Eight colorful banners designed [for the 1976 Bicentennial] by Alexander Calder that were lost for decades, then thought destroyed, and then serendipitously found and displayed for about …

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The “free range” workplace by Artsjournal1

When we “go to work” in the arts, we often mean actually going to an official and shared physical workspace. But there’s more and more opportunity and reason to cut the tether altogeth…

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Expanding Best Picture To More Than Five Nominees Was ‘One Of The Best Moves The Oscars Have Ever Made’ by Artsjournal1

Kyle Buchanan: “Of course, the decision to blow up the best-picture category wasn’t greeted with nearly as much enthusiasm in June 2009 … Industry veterans worried that the expansion w…

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Dancers Are Expected To Be More Flexible Than Ever — And That Can Be Dangerous by Artsjournal1

“While high extensions can be very exciting, it is thought that this trend has led to an increase in injuries in the lower back, hips and ankles. Adam Sklute, artistic director of Ballet W…

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Tim Crowley Saved Marfa, Texas And Built It Into An International Destination. Is He Now Ruining It? by Artsjournal1

When Donald Judd, the artist who came to the West Texas desert village and attracted other artists there, died in 1994, he left his foundation with $400 in the bank and Marfa faced doom. The…

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A ‘Slave Play’ Post-Mortem By The Cast And Creative Team by Artsjournal1

Producer Greg Nobile: “Just north of 30 percent of our audience were what we call ‘new to file,’ which means they were actually first-time ticket buyers, which is an incredible number.…

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The Race To Create The Darkest-Ever Black Was Actually A Series Of Accidents by Artsjournal1

“We weren’t looking to create the world’s blackest material, “says the founder of Surrey Nanosystems, which introduces Vantablack in 2014. “That wasn’t our thing. We were trying …

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England’s Business Tax To Be Cut 50% For Small Music Venues by Artsjournal1

“230 small and medium-sized venues in England and Wales will see a 50% reduction in business rates, a fee which is charged to most non-domestic properties. It should save each venue an ave…

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For First Time, Graphic Novel Wins Newbery Medal; Caldecott Medal Goes To Picture Book About Great African-Americans by Artsjournal1

The Newbery, for best children’s book, went to Jerry Kraft’s New Kid, the story of a 12-year-old who’s one of the few nonwhite students at a fancy private school. Taking the Caldecott,…

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Joyce DiDonato, Nicola Benedetti, Jennifer Higdon, Caroline Shaw: Classical Grammy Awards 2020 by Artsjournal1

The Dudamel/L.A. Phil recording of Andrew Norman’s Sustain took Best Orchestral Performance, with Caroline Shaw’s Orange by the Attacca Quartet winning Best Chamber/Small Ensemble Perfor…

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Copy Of Columbus’s First Letter From The New World, Stolen In Venice, Is Recovered In Delaware by Artsjournal1

Sometime between 1985 and 1988, a thief took a five-century-old Latin copy of Christopher Columbus’s first letter to King Ferdinand from Venice’s Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana and replac…

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Smithsonian’s Hoped-For London Outpost Cut Back To A Two-Year V&A Show by Artsjournal1

The original plan, announced in 2015, was for a Smithsonian museum in the planned Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park; by the next year, it had been reduced to a partnership with London’s Victori…

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Michou, ‘Blue Prince Of Montmartre’ And Paris Nightlife Legend, Dead At 88 by Artsjournal1

Never seen wearing any color but blue and never drinking water when champagne was available, the impresario born Michel Catty introduced the modern drag show to France in the 1950s with the …

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Kosher Becomes Croissant by Artsjournal1

Those nostalgic for the closed Moishe’s Kosher Bake Shop in the East Village may wish to read this. (I walk the other way when nostalgia comes around the corner.) – Jeff Weinstein

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Time enough by Artsjournal1

What if I never write another book, or direct another play? Will I die a disappointed man? – Terry Teachout

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Monday, January 27, 2020

Fort Worth Opera’s General Director Walks Out by Artsjournal1

Tuomas Hiltunen, the former top administrator at the Barenboim-Said Foundation who came to Fort Worth Opera after Darren Woods was fired in 2017, resigned last week, saying only that he and …

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Friday, January 24, 2020

There’s A Wave Of Forgeries Coming To The Print Market, Warn Art Experts by Artsjournal1

“Since the dawn of the internet, the problem of phony art being sold has only grown, experts say, and the primary coin of the forgery realm has long been the fake print, which is relativel…

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Saying That Conditions Had Become ‘Impossible’, China’s Last Independent Film Festival Shuts Down by Artsjournal1

“The China Independent Film Festival has held 14 editions and shown some 1,000 films since it was established in 2003 in Nanjing, the capital of coastal Jiangsu province. Many of the title…

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What’s The Most Physically Demanding Job In America? According To Insurers, It’s Dancer by Artsjournal1

“Researchers at analyzed data from the Occupational Information Network, a national organization developed through support from the U.S. Department of Labor …, to …

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Smart Caption Glasses, A New Way To Make Theatre Accessible To Hearing-Impaired Audiences by Artsjournal1

“Worn by audience members during a performance, the glasses project dialogue directly onto the lens, allowing the wearer to follow the action without having to glance toward the sides of t…

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Examining The Arguments Over Jeanine Cummins’s ‘American Dirt’ by Artsjournal1

The author got a seven-figure advance, the first print run is half a million copies, the book jacket features gushing blurbs by famous writers, and the book got loads of coverage in The New …

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