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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Episode 88: Why We Love/Hate Movie Musicals, part 1 by Automatic Episode Import

This episode is in response to a question I get quite often from listeners: Is Broadway Nation ever going to focus on movie musicals? Well, today is the day! Of course, I don’t really hat…

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Happy Thanksgiving! by Automatic Episode Import

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URINETOWN w/ Marc Tumminelli by Automatic Episode Import

"It's a privilege to pee..." What is URINETOWN? Is it the end? A lie? Or a brilliant musical that spawned a generation of meta-spoof musicals? All the above! Breakdown alum Marc Tumminelli (…

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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

#221 – Bedknobs and Broomsticks (feat. PushingUpRoses) by Automatic Episode Import

"Treguna Mekoides and Tracorum Satis Dee..." Grab your Spellbook and your Magic Bed because this week we're joined by the incredible PushingUpRoses to talk about the Disney Classic Bedknobs …

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207. Lonely Planet (Mindy Cohn & Bruce Vilanch) by Automatic Episode Import

Two Trekkies search the desert for a portal to life beyond their convention, and the status quo. Starring TV icons Mindy Cohn (The Facts of Life) and Bruce Vilanch (Hollywood Squares). Hoste…

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Ep. 81 (AE): James Jackson Jr. (Broadway’s A Strange Loop) on Finding Your Collaborators by Automatic Episode Import

In this Artist Exploration, Charlie and James discuss:  Balancing survival jobs to increase auditions  Finding solace in a Cabaret setting  The Impact of Type  A Strange Loop James …

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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

#28 – Nicole Carosella: Energy, Manifestation, Witches, and Jewelry OH MY! by Automatic Episode Import

Nicole is one half of a sister/sister duo that co-founded a high-end jewelry brand called Sorllina. Nicole and her sister Nicole grew up on the north shore of Long Island, NY, where they wer…

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Broadwaysted Presents: “Repeat Offender” at Green Room 42 – Part Two by Automatic Episode Import

Repeat Offender live at Green Room 42! Part Two! Broadwaysted Proudly Presents part two of the recording of Kevin Jaeger's cabaret Repeat Offender live at Green Room 42 from March 21st, 2022…

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Ep94 – Kelliann DeCarlo, Swing on US National Tour 6 by Automatic Episode Import

"I wore Leona's leotard on tour." This episode features Kelliann DeCarlo who was a swing on the most recent 6th US CATS National Tour covering Grizabella and Jellylorum. Hear Kelliann discus…

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Monday, November 21, 2022

Ep241 – Michael Mott: Composing for Actors by Automatic Episode Import

Nothing brings people together more than music and performing; Michael Mott got the best of both worlds as he prepares for his second annual holiday show, "Michael Mott & Friends,” hap…

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S4E5 Writing as a Way For Me to Make Sense Out of Certain Things: A conversation with Rona Siddiqui and Michael R. Jackson by Automatic Episode Import

In this episode, hosted by Christine Toy Johnson, Michael R. Jackson and Rona Siddiqui share their creative inspirations, discuss their collaboration on the upcoming musical White Girl in D…

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#182 – Julius Thomas III – HAMILTON Broadway by Automatic Episode Import

Julius Thomas III / @juliusthomas3 recently ended his time with Hamilton where he played the title character, Alexander Hamilton. Julius Thomas III is a NAACP Theatre award Nominated actor …

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Sunday, November 20, 2022

DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES with Jake Saenz by Automatic Episode Import

While it may have flopped on Broadway, DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES was a winner in Europe and our recent poll on PATREON! So if you're thinking you're too sophisticated for this episode, get ready…

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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Ep. 58: En inglés with an Accent (Ft. Migguel Anggelo) by Automatic Episode Import

In this episode, Jose speaks to multidisciplinary artist Migguel Anggelo about his album English with an Accent and the eponymous theatrical piece he'll present at Lincoln Center in early D…

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“The Nurse and the Addict” (Taylor Trensch) by Automatic Episode Import

Based on Stephen King's Misery this is a song that truly gets under your skin and brings the subtext of King's novel to the forefront. A rumination on the cyclical nature of addiction and ho…

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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Episode 87: Sondheim And Me by Automatic Episode Import

My guest this week on Broadway Nation podcast is Paul Salsini, author of the memoir, Sondheim & Me.  Many listeners will know Paul as the founder and original editor of the much beloved…

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EP72 – Danielle Brisebois – Molly & More by Automatic Episode Import

Danielle Brisebois, Broadway's first ever "Molly" from the historic original production of Annie shares her "growing up Broadway" story in this week's episode of LITTLE ME! Little Me host an…

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#129 – Kimberly Akimbo Cast + Celebs on OPENING NIGHT by Automatic Episode Import

What's better than an Opening Night of Broadway's most anticipated show of the season! Hear from the cast, creative teams, and your favorite celebrities and Tony Award Nominees/Winners on th…

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PASSING STRANGE w/ Marcus Scott by Automatic Episode Import

"Yeah, it's alright..." It's nonstop to the REAL!! Returning guest Marcus Scott comes back to the Breakdown to discuss with Matt the unclassifiable masterpiece that is PASSING STRANGE. The …

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

#220 – Across the Universe by Automatic Episode Import

"Nothing's gonna change my world..." Grab your "Help!" album and your Strawberries because this week we're diving into Julie Taymor's movie musical "Across the Universe!" Social Media: O…

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206. Coyotes (Piper Laurie) by Automatic Episode Import

A grandmother pacifies her hyperactive grandson with history, stories, and marshmallows under the stars that coyote once hung. Starring acclaimed actress and three-time Oscar nominee, Piper …

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#3.11 Cool, Cool, Considerate Queers by Automatic Episode Import

Hosts Meghan and Harrow discuss a new round of queer theatre including the Breaking the Binary Theatre Festival readings of TRANS WORLD by Ty Defoe, Hide and Hide by Roger Q. Mason, and Over…

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Ep. 80 (CDD): Richard Roland and DJ Gray from Indiana University on Artist Practicality by Automatic Episode Import

In this College Deep Dive, Richard, DJ and Charlie discuss their intimate BFA program within a large university, the importance of getting jobs at their school, how to be fiscally responsibl…

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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Ep. 57: Artists as First Responders (Ft. The Bengsons) by Automatic Episode Import

In this episode, Jose speaks to The Bengsons about Sovereignty Hymns, a series of spirituals they wrote in which they address a woman's right to choose when it comes to reproductive libert…

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Ep240 – Anika Larson: Being Real-Life Famous in ‘Almost Famous’ by Automatic Episode Import

Anika Larson is having a great time as she takes the challenge of both playing the mom on Broadway's "Almost Famous" and being the mom of two boys offstage. Anika's passion for saving the pl…

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Broadwaysted Presents: “Repeat Offender” at Green Room 42 – Part One by Automatic Episode Import

Repeat Offender live at Green Room 42! Part One! Broadwaysted Proudly Presents part one of the recording of Kevin Jaeger's cabaret Repeat Offender live at Green Room 42 from March 21st, 2022…

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Monday, November 14, 2022

#75 – é boylan: The Catalyst for Gathering by Automatic Episode Import

“There is something that I think gets in my way, or has gotten in my way in the past when thinking about the multi-hyphenate,” says é boylan. “And I think it’s the hyphen. It’s th…

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S4E4 Talking is Easy, Writing is Hard: A conversation with Lisa Kron and John Weidman by Automatic Episode Import

In this episode, Christine interviews longtime friends and colleagues, Lisa Kron and John Weidman. Both John and Lisa have served as officers on the Dramatists Guild Council; under their pur…

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#181 – Sophie Naglik – BACK TO THE FUTURE by Automatic Episode Import

Sophie Naglik / @sophienaglik Sophie Naglik plays Jennifer Parker in the West End production of Back to the Future. In addition to Sophie starting at an early age in the West End's, Matilda…

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BONUS: Fosse/Verdon Episode 7 by Automatic Episode Import

Jess and Andrew are here to talk about the television SMASH Fosse/Verdon, where we chat about Bob Fosse, his history of theatre, and his personality. These were recorded in fall of 2020. Lea…

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Sunday, November 13, 2022

THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS with Josh Breckenridge by Automatic Episode Import

THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS ran for only two months on Broadway at the end of 2010, but in that short time it managed to spark controversy that not only brought protestors outside the theatre, but 1…

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