Thursday, May 19, 2022

In ‘POTUS’ Lilli Cooper Is a Working Mom Onstage and Off by Harry Haun

“I walk off stage for intermission with a breast pump on, and I go straight to my dressing room where I pump underneath my fake breast pump.”

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 04:34PM

Review: ‘Golden Shield’ Is a Courtroom Drama That Aims For Layered Nuance, Lands on Confusing Audiences by David Cote

An ambitious play, 'Golden Shield' attempts to weave Chinese censorship law, political dissidence, and family drama, to varying success.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 11:25AM
Thursday, May 12, 2022

Tracy Letts Wrote ‘The Minutes’ As a Political Parable Only to See It Become a Prophecy by Harry Haun

“I’m sad to see how much of it has come true,” says actor and playwright Tracy Letts of his Broadway one-act about a small town city council.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 02:43PM
Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Patrick J. Adams Overcame Stage Fright to Bare It All On Broadway in ‘Take Me Out’ by Harry Haun

The former 'Suits' star put his fear (and his clothes) aside to make his Broadway debut.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 03:32PM
Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Review: ‘A Case for the Existence of God’ Finds What Connects Us All and Holiness in Humanity by David Cote

At Pershing Square Signature Theatre, 'A Case for the Existence of God' takes a direct look at the lives of seemingly very different men.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 09:42AM
Friday, April 29, 2022

Review: Daniel Craig and Ruth Negga’s ‘Macbeth’ Is Chic but Incomprehensible by David Cote

At Longacre Theatre featuring Daniel Craig and Ruth Negga, director Sam Gold takes on Shakespeare's Macbeth. Incoherent yet star-studded.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 04:00PM

Deirdre O’Connell On the Rewards of the Off-Broadway Life by Harry Haun

As she's honored with the Lucille Lortel Lifetime Achievement Award, Deirdre O'Connell talks about the joys developing new theater pieces Off-Broadway.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 01:49PM
Thursday, April 28, 2022

Autistic Actor and Author Mickey Rowe Fights Ableism On and Off Stage by Brijana Prooker, Brijana Prooker

Mickey Rowe, actor and author of 'Fearlessly Different,' talks about autism, Broadway, and how ableism impacted his career.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 12:55PM
Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Review: Billy Crystal Deserves Better Than ‘Mr. Saturday Night’ by Rex Reed

Whatever charm exists in 'Mr. Saturday Night' is due to Mr. Crystal, but even he needs proper material. 

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 10:00PM

Review: ‘A Strange Loop’ Gracefully Explores Issues of Queer, Black Identity by David Cote

At Lyceum Theatre, a production of 'A Strange Loop' pulls audiences in as it tackles coming into your own as a Black gay man.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 09:31AM
Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Non-Equity ‘Waitress’ Musical Tour Files for Union Recognition by Annie Levin, Annie Levin

In its first card campaign on a national tour in twenty years, Actors' Equity files with the NLRB to unionize 'Waitress.'

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 02:40PM
Monday, April 25, 2022

Review: Director Lileana Blain-Cruz Brings ‘The Skin of Our Teeth’ to a Modern Audience by David Cote

The 1942 allegory returns to the stage with Director Lileana Blain-Cruz and star Gabby Beans at Lincoln Center Theater.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 10:00PM
Sunday, April 24, 2022

‘Funny Girl’: Move Over, Barbra. Welcome, Beanie. A New Star Is Born. by Rex Reed

The new production of 'Funny Girl' knocks your socks off before the intermission. By that time, the star's hidden magic has hit you squarely in the heart in ways you didn't see coming.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 10:37PM

Beanie Feldstein Grabs the Spotlight, Unsteadily, in Funny Girl by David Cote

Beanie Feldstein turns the story of Funny Girl from the rising up and wising up of a great, if troubled, trouper into the wish-fulfillment fable of a moderately gifted young lady.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 08:46PM
Thursday, April 21, 2022

Review: Martin McDonagh’s Satirical ‘Hangmen’: Thin Thread, Bottom-Heavy by David Cote

Martin McDonagh's 'Hangmen' features Alfie Allen and David Threlfall in a story that explores the abolishment of hanging in 1965 England.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 08:00PM
Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Review: ‘How I Learned to Drive’ Is a Must Watch but Not for Faint of Heart by David Cote

The relevancy of the material is still stark, even 25 years after it was initially staged.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 08:00PM
Monday, April 18, 2022

Review: ‘The Minutes’ Is a Haunting Examination of Who We Really Are and Have Always Been by Rex Reed

You will probably leave Tracy Letts' 'The Minutes' with very mixed feelings, but you will talk about it, think about it, and go away with the knowledge that you have never seen anything like…

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 11:17AM
Friday, April 15, 2022

Jamie Lloyd On Directing James McAvoy at BAM and Why We All Have Cyrano’s Nose by Harry Haun

The director's modern 'Cyrano de Bergerac' trades the prosthetic for a metaphor. "If the nose is in the imagination, then everything else is in the imagination. It really puts the emphasis o…

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 03:27PM
Thursday, April 14, 2022

Review: ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ Stages the Power of Love and Language at BAM by David Cote

Running at BAM with James McAvoy playing the titular role 'Cyrano de Bergerac' is a beloved tale of yearning, beauty, and desire.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 08:00PM
Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Bryan Batt Returns to New York Theater Leading the All-Gay Cast of ‘To My Girls’ by Harry Haun

It's 'The Boys in the Band' with pool toys, as a group of gay friends converge on Palm Springs equipped with wigs, gossamer frocks, and freshly honed zingers.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 12:59PM
Monday, April 11, 2022

David Loud Remembers Some of Broadway’s Best Musicals in ‘Facing the Music’ by Harry Haun

The conductor and music director looks back in a new memoir.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 12:21PM
Monday, April 4, 2022

Review: So Little Has Changed in Baseball That It Is Unquestionably the Right Time for ‘Take Me Out’ by Rex Reed

Real life has changed since 2003, but baseball has not. It's still the right time for a brave, powerful, poignant play about a gay professional baseball player who comes out of the closet at…

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 08:03PM
Friday, April 1, 2022

After 25 Years, Barry Manilow and Bruce Sussman Bring ‘Harmony’ to New York by Harry Haun

Their musical biography of the Comedian Harmonists is now at the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 03:28PM
Monday, March 28, 2022

Review: Is It Worth Checking into ‘Plaza Suite’ on Broadway? by David Cote

An average ticket price of $212.67 will make a person believe anything. It can turn a Best Western into the Four Seasons. 

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 08:00PM
Friday, March 25, 2022

It’s Time to Get Out of Your Apartment! Spring Activities in New York City by Erin Taylor, Erin Taylor

Weather is warming and New York City is bustling with life, from food and art fairs to public art and theater.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 11:02AM
Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Woman Suspected of Shoving Broadway Vocal Coach Charged with Manslaughter by Helen Holmes, Helen Holmes

Lauren Pazienza turned herself in to police on Tuesday morning, one week after vocal coach Barbara Maier Gustern died from her injuries.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 04:44PM
Thursday, March 10, 2022

‘Coal Country’ Digs Deep Into Workers Rights and Justice by David Cote

The documentary play 'Coal Country' examines the aftermath of such a cataclysm, the Upper Big Branch Mine disaster of 2010, in which 29 out of 31 miners were killed in a coal dust explosion.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 09:00PM

Theater in Spring Hopes for a Dramatic Return to Normal by David Cote

Fifteen new productions will open on Broadway in the month of April, that’s one every other day.

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 01:41PM
Wednesday, March 9, 2022

‘The Chinese Lady’ Grapples With Chinese-American History by David Cote

The 90-minute drama charts Moy’s journey in America from hopeful teen to jaded adult, a progression shadowed by American attitudes toward Chinese immigrants—ranging from Orientalist cond…

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 11:15AM
Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Choreographer Ellenore Scott Is Changing Broadway Two Shows at a Time by Sarah Parker, Sarah Parker

I know I am really good at what I do, and now I can’t wait to prove that I’m not just a pawn for the creative team, I deserve to be where I am. 

SOURCE: The New York Observer at 03:04PM