Thursday, June 11, 2015

Patrick Hughes an illusionist with a paintbrush by Anita Katz

by Anita Katz Foreground is background, background is foreground and static images appear to shift when the viewer moves in front of them in British painter Patrick Hughes’ exp…

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BBB’s ‘Lady’ not quite fair by Robert Sokol

by Robert Sokol One of the most perfectly formed musicals of Broadway’s golden age, “My Fair Lady” has a heavenly score – music by Alan Jay Lerner and lyrics by Frederic…

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‘Addams Family’ creepy, kooky and grand by Robert Sokol

by Robert Sokol San Jose Stage Company wraps its current season with a smorgasbord of outstanding local talent in a sparkling two-snaps-up musical production of “The Addams Fam…

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Emmy the Great inspired by sunshine, literature by Tom Lanham

by Tom Lanham As the self-proclaimed artist Emmy the Great, Emma-Lee Moss had hit a dead end last year after two solo albums. So for her new EP “S” – and a forthcoming, as-…

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'28 Chinese' spotlights contemporary art by Janos Gereben

by Janos Gereben San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum's new exhibit "28 Chinese" showcases the fruits of Don and Mera Rubell’s labors, which began 51 years ago when they got marr…

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Doobie Brothers come to The City via Nashville by Tom Lanham

by Tom Lanham In all his years with The Doobie Brothers, singer-guitarist Tom Johnston – who founded the group in 1970, left for a temporary solo career in 1977, then rejoined …

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June 11: A.R. Rahman, Colleen and more by Staff Report

by Staff Report Who’s in town French musician Colleen is performing atmospheric, melodic pop music from her latest album, “Captain of None.” [7 p.m., Exploratorium, Pier …

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ingrid Michaelson’s ‘Lights Out’ defies tough times by Tom Lanham

by Tom Lanham There are moments of sheer folk-pop bliss on Ingrid Michaelson’s latest CD “Lights Out,” such as the single “Girls Chase Boys,” with a video that spoofs R…

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June 10: Todd Rundgren, Peter Coyote and more by Staff Report

by Staff Report Who’s in town Harvard public-policy professor Robert D. Putnam is leading a discussion about the wage gap and vanishing opportunities for American youths. [7 …

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

‘Two Women’ goes from novel and film to opera by Janos Gereben

by Janos Gereben San Francisco Opera Music Director Nicola Luisotti sounds like a proud midwife, talking about this week’s world premiere of “Two Women” (“La Ciociara”)…

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June 9: Neon Trees, sea junk and more by Staff Report

by Staff Report Who’s in town Best-selling author Neil Gaiman speaks about the way stories become legendary over the years. [7:30 p.m., Castro Theatre, 429 Castro St., S.F.; s…

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Monday, June 8, 2015

S.F. Opera's 'Les Troyens' dazzles by Janos Gereben

by Janos Gereben "What joy!" were the first words the chorus sang when the curtain went up Sunday afternoon in the War Memorial Opera House on the first complete production of He…

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Smooth soul from James Davis by Tom Lanham

by Tom Lanham When she was young, before she acted on TV’s “Moesha” and in films such as “Holiday Heart,” Los Angeles-bred Jess Reynolds remembers an unusual and inspir…

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June 8: Lupe Fiasco, comedy and more by Staff Report

by Staff Report Who’s in town Philosopher, lawyer and atheist Nancy Ellen Abrams reflects on the possibility of finding something in the universe “worthy of the name God.�…

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

S.F. Symphony big on Beethoven by Janos Gereben

by Janos Gereben Beethoven is everywhere, all the time, but the San Francisco Symphony festival this month makes a special case for the great composer. Music director Michael Til…

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June 7: Alcatraz triathlon, The Weepies and more by Staff Report

by Staff Report Something to read In the Unlikely Event By Judy Blume ($27.95) The icon of young-adult fiction is talking about her latest book, which chronicles a series of my…

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Magic Theatre’s ‘Golden’ trilogy gets off to intriguing start by Jean Schiffman

by Jean Schiffman “Jesus lives here!” shouts a hyped-up, sweating Pastor Elias, delivering a sermon from the pulpit of a small Pentecostal church. It’s a vibrant start to �…

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Non-Equity ‘Annie’ a hard-knock tour by Robert Sokol

by Robert Sokol Though W.C. Fields recommended never sharing a stage with kids and animals, associating with a production of the musical “Annie” makes that impossible. In the…

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Good vibrations in ‘Love & Mercy’ by Anita Katz

by Anita Katz Brian Wilson, Beach Boy wonder, is the latest rock giant to get the biopic treatment, and the result, "Love & Mercy," takes a life that sounds tailor-made for a for…

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Bujalski takes on Hollywood actors for ‘Results’ by Jeffrey M. Anderson

by Jeffrey M. Anderson Once dubbed "the godfather of mumblecore," Andrew Bujalski, in his fifth movie "Results," used actual movie stars for the first time in his career. Bujalsk…

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June 5: Hawaiian dance, Tommy Davidson and more by Staff Report

by Staff Report A great hike Hendy hankering: There are some remarkable redwood parks in the Bay Area: Muir Woods, Big Basin, Redwood Regional Park. The only challenge? They’…

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Performing arts aplenty by Janos Gereben

by Janos Gereben Dance, opera, symphonic, choral and jazz music are blooming in a season that also offers outdoor, moderately-priced (and some free!) performances as well as mult…

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‘Columnist’ gets off to a bumpy start by Robert Sokol

by Robert Sokol Joseph Alsop was a polarizing figure in the Washington, D.C. press throughout the middle of the last century. Charmingly convivial one minute and harshly critical…

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Blockbuster season promises big movie entertainment by Jeffrey M. Anderson

by Jeffrey M. Anderson Summer is here! Along with sequels and superheroes come funny stuff, spooky stuff, touching stuff, imaginative stuff and thoughtful stuff – in other word…

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Aurora enjoys silence and solititude by Tom Lanham

by Tom Lanham Norwegian keyboardist Aurora Aksnes was asleep at home when her pop idol Katy Perry had not only discovered her ethereal single “Runaway,” but tweeted to her 66…

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