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Saturday, July 11, 2020

President/CEO The Carolina Theatre by Artsjournal

Located in the heart of downtown Durham, the Carolina Theatre has been a center of the city’s arts and cultural life for nearly a century.

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Friday, July 10, 2020

MoMA Education Workers Speak Out About Contract Cuts by Artsjournal

“What they have is the bare minimum, the scaffold of an education department,” says Shellyne Rodriguez, an educator whose contract was cancelled in March. “If you don’t have educator…

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Return To College? It’s A Con by Artsjournal

Most dispassionate observers now recognize that return-to-campus plans are, as Juliana Gray wrote in McSweeney’s, cooked up by your university’s “Vice President for Magical Thinking.…

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Should We Separate What An Artist Says From The Work They Make? by Artsjournal

Words are, in the end, only words. But writers, and prize committees, must know more than anyone that words have power. Words have consequences, and we act accordingly. – Irish Times

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How COVID Is Impacting The Commercial Music Business by Artsjournal

Nielsen Music/MRC Data says activity on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music began 2020 up 20.4% over 2019 — then ratcheted back to an increase of only 13.8% between March 1…

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David Fisk Named New Executive Director Of The Charlotte Symphony by Artsjournal

Fisk joined the Richmond Symphony in 2002 from the Ulster Orchestra in Northern Ireland and has led the orchestra through many ups and downs, including the closure of the Carpenter Theatre t…

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Comedy Drive-Ins: Honking Replaces Laughter by Artsjournal

Comedians are desperate to get back on stage, said Kai Humphries, and to hear the roar of laughter rather than car horns. He found that he had slipped into a familiar rhythm on stage, timing…

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The Crazy-House World That Is YouTube by Artsjournal

The more dark, wiggy videos you consume, the darker and wiggier your playlist becomes, until you inhabit a so-called “filter bubble,” while Google makes ad money off of your addictive ra…

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Lucas Museum Hires Its Leadership Team by Artsjournal

That five of the six new hires are people of color, and that all are women, is in line with Sandra Jackson-Dumont’s vision as the museum’s self-described “chief diversity officer.” …

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How Awe Motivates Scientific Discovery by Artsjournal

All clear cases of awe have the following two components: an experience of vastness, and a need for cognitive accommodation of this vastness. You might feel awe for things that are physicall…

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Jeff Haydon Named New Director Of Ravinia by Artsjournal

He currently serves as the CEO of New York’s Caramoor Center for Music and Arts, a position he has held since 2012. He also served as executive director of the Ojai Music Festival, and acc…

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Outdoor Theatre, Festivals Resume This Weekend In UK by Artsjournal

The test events will feature the London Symphony Orchestra at St Luke’s Church, as well as performances at the London Palladium and Butlin’s holiday parks. “This is an important milest…

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Conductor Victor Feldbrill, 96, Champion Of Canadian Composers by Artsjournal

Did he become a great conductor? No, he became a valuable conductor, championing the work of Canadian composers more than any of his contemporaries did. He knew the composers on a personal l…

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Steve Martin Remembers Carl Reiner by Artsjournal

When I perform comedy, I can still hear echoes of my influences coming through. Jack Benny, certainly, Mike Nichols and Elaine May, Lenny Bruce, Steve Allen, Carl Reiner, too. But it is not …

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Uh Oh – Report Says Only 8 Percent Of Users Who Downloaded Quibi For Free Trial Have Stayed To Pay by Artsjournal

The bad news, according to the report: Only 72,000 subscribers stuck around and decided to pay $5 a month (or $8 without ads) for the service. That conversion rate, around 8%, does not bode …

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The Harper’s Letter Has Stirred Up Debate. Why Now? by Artsjournal

“You can criticize what people say, you can argue about platforms. But it seems like some of the excesses of the moment are leading people to be silenced in a new way.” – The New York …

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How Instagram Changed How We Looked At The World by Artsjournal

“Instagram was one of the first apps to fully exploit our relationship with our phones, compelling us to experience life through a camera for the reward of digital validation.” – New S…

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Re-imagining Manhattan Without Cars by Artsjournal

The Brooklyn Bridge, for example, was originally built for trains, bicycles and pedestrians. More than 400,000 people a day on average once crossed it. Then it was “modernized” for cars.…

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Big Blowback Against Letter Supporting Free Speech Signed By Prominent Artists by Artsjournal

The letter—whose endorsers included everyone from Noam Chomsky to Gloria Steinem to Margaret Atwood to Salman Rushdie to Wynton Marsalis—applauded “powerful protests for racial and soc…

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Theatre As Radio Drama In The Age Of COVID by Artsjournal

“This is theater of the mind, you know?” Wild says. “We do so much vocal work in the program, so much text work, so much breaking down a scene — What is this character doing? What do…

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Melbourne Won’t Ease COVID Restrictions, Arts Companies Cancel Plans by Artsjournal

“We were going to do two sittings each night and the shows sold out straight away. We knew there was an appetite among audiences to come back. But when restrictions weren’t relaxed, we h…

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

40 Years Ago The Walkman Changed How We Listen To Music by Artsjournal

Up to this point, music was primarily a shared experience: families huddling around furniture-sized Philcos; teens blasting tunes from automobiles or sock-hopping to transistor radios; the b…

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A Long List Of Cultural Leaders And Artists Sign Letter Supporting Open Debate by Artsjournal

“The restriction of debate, whether by a repressive government or an intolerant society, invariably hurts those who lack power and makes everyone less capable of democratic participation. …

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An Academic War On Free Speech? by Artsjournal

There are four problematic recent norms in academia: first, an academic career depends on personal and political matters; second, compliance is rewarded over scepticism; third, academic comp…

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What I Learned Zooming Opera by Artsjournal

This is what I saw with the livestreams: our traditional modes of live performance are not a good fit for the new world we find ourselves in. Rather, as we continue to create live performanc…

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Can We Make Online Learning Work Better? by Artsjournal

I think it can, and here’s a suggestion for how to do it: Schools could embrace an older style of teaching used by British universities — the tutorial system — and adapt it for the onl…

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How Will The Art Market Realign? It Is by Artsjournal

With wealthy collectors no longer travelling, most art business is now conducted online. Art dealers are typically reporting a 70% drop in sales, according to a recent survey conducted by Th…

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What To Do With Problematic Books? Read Them by Artsjournal

The great reckoning now sweeping across pop culture has been working through the stacks of literature for far longer. The effects of time are twofold: Most books have fallen into dust, along…

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So Your Country Needs To Deal With A Difficult History. Here’s How Germany Did It by Artsjournal

“What I think we can learn from that example is that anti-racism, or facing up to your past, is not a vaccine. It’s not a one-shot option. It’s a process that you need to continue to g…

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Our Public Monuments Don’t Preserve History, They Rewrite It by Artsjournal

Celebrating Mount Rushmore isn’t remembering history; instead it requires spectacular acts of forgetting. How could we honestly claim to see in this anything worth defending? – Chicago T…

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Time To Make The Theatre Reforms We’ve Needed For A Long Time by Artsjournal

Anna Fleischle, an award-winning designer, has defined “a moment of reset in our industry.” Rachel O’Riordan, artistic director of the Lyric Hammersmith, says she is looking at the pub…

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