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Friday, November 8, 2019

Australia Revives Old Small Rural Halls To Create Performance Network by Artsjournal

The idea is simple: by showing the communities who manage the halls that live music is an option, a touring circuit will slowly be carved out, which, in turn, will help provide space for mus…

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Record LGBTQ Representation On US TV Series This Year by Artsjournal

That means 90 of the 879 series regular characters on ABC, CBS, the CW, Fox and NBC this season are LGBTQ, up from 75 last season. (Additionally, there are 30 LGBTQ recurring characters on b…

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The Mysterious Alchemy Of How We Generate New Ideas by Artsjournal

“It’s not at all obvious how to go about thinking up some new twist on these things—the transformation from test-taker to theorem poser and then theorem prover is difficult to articula…

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Want To Learn More? Trust More by Artsjournal

We learn more by trusting than by not trusting. Moreover, when we trust, we learn not only about specific individuals, we learn more generally about the type of situations in which we should…

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Curtis Institute Screwed Up Responding To Sexual Abuse Charges. Now It Has Hired Investigators by Artsjournal

A leading expert in the field said Curtis needs to do more: “The problem here is, what the public needs is full transparency. Frankly, I would be very concerned if my child were attending …

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How About Supporting Artists Above Productions? by Artsjournal

“How could we make more of a difference to the artists we work with? What if we put the same level of investment into their professional development as their show budget? What if we commit…

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American Theatre Depends On European State Investment by Artsjournal

The box-office receipts of commercial theater are not solely attributable to private entrepreneurs and fierce capitalist competition. Broadway producers are buying an artistic sensibility an…

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Armenian Monuments That Stood Centuries Are Completely Wiped Out by Artsjournal

The scope of the destruction is stunning: 89 medieval churches, 5,840 khachkars and 22,000 tombstones, the report said. The annihilation of cultural heritage dwarfs the more widely reported …

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Ted Gioia: Music As A Cultural Storage Medium by Artsjournal

What people don’t understand is that, for most of history, music was a kind of cloud storage for societies. I like to tell people that music is a technology for societies that don’t have…

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Inside China’s Sprawling Movie City Sets by Artsjournal

Hengdian World Studios, built in the 1990s on farmland in China’s southeastern Zhejiang Province, claims to be the world’s largest outdoor film studio and features full-scale replicas of…

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No One’s Buying Mark Halperin’s Book. His Publisher Says Its “Cancel Culture” by Artsjournal

“In this guilty-until-proven-innocent cancel culture, where everyone is condemned to death or to a lifetime of unemployment based on an accusation that’s 12 years old, is criminal,” Ju…

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Director of Development by Artsjournal

San Juan Community Theatre seeks a Director of Development to join our team in Friday Harbor.

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The Peace Center seeks a Vice President, Operations by Artsjournal

DHR International has been exclusively retained to conduct the search for Vice President, Operations for the Peace Center in Greenville, SC.

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The Trance Effects Of Arts by Artsjournal

Effervescence is generated when humans come together to make music or perform rituals, an experience that lingers when the ceremonies are over. The suggestion, therefore, is that collective …

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Washington DC Is Getting A Museum Devoted To Language by Artsjournal

Planet Word isn’t the first to tackle language and reading in a museum format — there’s Mundolingua in Paris, as well as language museums in Toronto and the Netherlands, among others …

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Like Your Netflix? It’s Not Going To Be Like This Much Longer by Artsjournal

The vast majority of Netflix’s viewers (upwards of 80 percent, according to him) watch licensed content (“Friends” and the like) and in order to create a library of programming audienc…

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Employees At LA’s Marciano Art Foundation Gave Notice They Were Unionizing. Two Days Later They Were Laid Off by Artsjournal

A tersely worded email sent to employees at 6:13 p.m. Tuesday stated that attendance was low and that the museum would be closing its current exhibition effective Wednesday. – Los Angeles …

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Cleveland Orchestra: First Balanced Budget In Three Years, Endowment Up To Record High by Artsjournal

For the first time since 2015, the orchestra this year is in the black. On a budget of $53 million supporting everything from concerts and touring to outreach and special presentations under…

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Want To See The Sistine Chapel Without The Crowds? It’ll Cost You by Artsjournal

For just $76 per person, you can take a guided tour through the halls of the Vatican after the crowds have gone home. Tour groups now arrange affordable, intimate nighttime visits to the hea…

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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Master’s in Arts Administration & Museum Leadership by Artsjournal

Accelerate your career with Drexel’s flexible graduate program tailored to your needs. Online, on-campus, or hybrid programs. Complete your degree in 15 months or on your own schedule in a…

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Time To Take Down The Mona Lisa And Put It In Storage? by Artsjournal

“The Louvre is being held hostage by the Kim Kardashian of 16th-century Italian portraiture: the handsome but only moderately interesting Lisa Gherardini, better known (after her husband) …

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Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center seeks Director of Marketing and Communications by Artsjournal

The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (CMS) seeks a Director of Marketing and Communications to join the organization at an exciting time of institutional accomplishment and growth.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Ancient Cave Paintings Are Found All Over The World. Why Were Cave People Interested In Art? by Artsjournal

Cave art had a profound effect on its twentieth-century viewers, including the young discoverers of Lascaux, at least one of whom camped at the hole leading to the cave over the winter of 19…

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The Slow Impacts Of Literature And Gaining Knowledge by Artsjournal

Karl Ove Knausgaard: “I’m not thinking of how long it takes to read a book but of how long its effects can be felt, and of the strange phenomenon that even literature written in other ti…

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London Review Of Books – A Clique To Be Part Of by Artsjournal

“It’s not gossipy, cosy or cliquey,” observes long-time contributor Alan Bennett. But, in a mostly productive way, it is cliquey. It has always had favourites and has nurtured them. Wi…

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BBC Panel Makes A List Of “100 Books That Changed The World” by Artsjournal

The works have been organised into themed categories, such as identity, adventure and love, sex and romance. – BBC

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How Pop Music After WWII Fractured Lines Between High And Low Culture by Artsjournal

Popular music aesthetics did much more than invert or blur the line between high and low culture. Instead, it provided the grounds for a thorough fracturing of those two positions into a new…

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Now A Yayoi Kusama Macy’s Parade Balloon (And It Doesn’t Stop There) by Artsjournal

Some attribute the Kusama craze to the Instagram generation, with young people lining up to take selfies in the artist’s “Infinity” rooms of mirrors, colors and lights. Others say her …

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Has The Publishing Business Become Too Reliant On Huge Hits? by Artsjournal

Though the hits-driven nature of publishing has not changed in recent years, the nature of those hits has. Due to a number of coalescing factors—including a shrinking physical retail marke…

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What It’s Like To Study Ballet While Black by Artsjournal

Felicia Fitzpatrick: “With its European roots, ballet has always valued Eurocentric body shapes and skin color, leaving little opportunity for Black ballerinas to even attempt to engage wi…

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The Exquisite Improvisatory Dance Between Silent Movies And Live Musicians by Artsjournal

The combination of extemporaneous performance and preëxisting art form enacts a trust across time and space. In the heyday of silent pictures, filmmakers expected that their movies would be…

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