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Monday, June 1, 2020

MA, Arts Management from George Mason University-Deadlines Extended by Artsjournal

Arts Management graduate classes are offered on flexible schedules and taught by faculty from top arts organizations in the DC Metro area.

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Living Your Life Through Aphorisms by Artsjournal

Much of the history of Western philosophy can be narrated as a series of attempts to construct systems. Conversely, much of the history of aphorisms can be narrated as an animadversion, a tu…

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Nancy Stark Smith, A Founder Of Contact Improvisation, 68 by Artsjournal

Ms. Stark Smith, whose signature braid became longer and grayer over time, was also a prolific writer and respected teacher who, beginning in 1990, developed what she called “Underscore,…

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Friday, May 29, 2020

And Now A Word From The Cassandra Of American Letters by Artsjournal

Lionel Shriver, who is sixty-three, thinks people are ridiculous for congratulating themselves on enduring quarantine, when the worst is yet to come. “This is not the bad part,” she said…

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The Tragedy Of Philosophy by Artsjournal

To live is to encounter the tragic — a reality shot through with utter strife, and covered in complete darkness. Despite our best attempts, we are not going to get out of it. For philosoph…

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Why We Need To Rethink The Art Blockbuster by Artsjournal

Over the years, the blockbuster has been frequently called into question, and with good reason. Do these shows really serve our audiences or do they just pander to the crowd in order to attr…

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Melbourne Writers Festival Artistic Director by Artsjournal

Melbourne Writers Festival seeks a creative and visionary Artistic Director to curate and deliver its annual festivals in 2021–2023.

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Opera Of The Web (Not Just On It) by Artsjournal

“In our first performance one of our actors froze in the middle of her big solo. But, fortunately, we had planned for and built that into the piece, so what we did is skip to the next cue,…

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Time To Rethink The Entire Restaurant Industry by Artsjournal

The current crisis has turned the industry’s cracks into chasms, exposing the ways in which it fails its workers almost by design. It has also raised the question of what restaurants will …

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How Verdi Evolved To The Next Form Of Opera by Artsjournal

“At the Paris Opéra, there were many colleagues to deal with and only the institution’s most successful composers had enough clout to impose their will on a piece. It makes sense that V…

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When Art Became “The Show” by Artsjournal

Today the more relevant split is the more recent one between modern and contemporary fields (the latter has no exact date of origin—1968, 1980, 1989?), which is a schism less between the u…

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Kennicott: Online Arts Experiences That Work For Me by Artsjournal

“I want stuff that has not been made in response to the pandemic, that would exist if we weren’t all in the same boat. Or things I know I won’t have time for once the real world begins…

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Remembering Larry Kramer by Artsjournal

For Kramer, who died at age 84 in Manhattan on Wednesday, not speaking up was a signal of a dishonorable combination — of cowardice, willful blindness and greed. He was constitutionally in…

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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Cruise Ships Have Gone Away. And Port Cities Are Reconsidering… by Artsjournal

In ports of call known for their cruise appeal, the disappearance of boat-borne tourism has been greeted with mixed feelings. Many towns and cities depend in part on revenue from these vacat…

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How To Fence That Van Gogh You Stole by Artsjournal

Arthur Brand estimates that a work of art in the criminal underworld is worth about 10 percent of its value in the legitimate art market — so if a painting might sell for $10 million at au…

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Loneliness As Punishment And Inspiration by Artsjournal

In 2018, the first British Minister for Loneliness was appointed and the government published A Connected Society. In the preface, the country’s then prime minister Theresa May referred to…

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The Thought Experiment Problem by Artsjournal

While thought experiments are as old as philosophy itself, the weight placed on them in recent philosophy is distinctive. Even when scenarios are highly unrealistic, judgments about them are…

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Italian Book Buying Habits Have Changed. Will They Change Back? by Artsjournal

In a shift of consumer patterns, in the first 16 weeks of the year, 47 percent of Italy’s trade book sales, both in fiction and nonfiction, took place online. In the same period of 2019, o…

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How Coffee Has Powered (And Destroyed) Societies by Artsjournal

There have been times that coffee as a commodity was more valuable than most currencies. Cultures have been built around the bean, and destroyed others who have been exploited for it. – Ti…

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How The Blanton Museum Repurposed Its Staff And Avoided Layoffs by Artsjournal

The maintenance man stopped worrying about paint touchups and HVAC repair and started assisting the development department by drafting thank you notes for donors, making use of his beautifu…

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How To Reopen Your Museum? Here’s What To Think About by Artsjournal

The prospect of reopening under the current circumstances also raises vexing strategic dilemmas. In recent years, museums have developed a sophisticated understanding of the many barriers to…

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The Last Of Paul Allen’s Arts Projects (Museums, A Theatre, Etc) To Lose Support by Artsjournal

Many of the projects under Vulcan’s Arts + Entertainment division stemmed from Vulcan co-founder Paul Allen’s personal interests, and served as showplaces for his collections: his movie …

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How To Make A Theatre Season More Flexible? Here’s One Version by Artsjournal

Exact performance dates will be announced for each offering throughout the year, along with such “details” as venue (Writers has two stages), and the names of the full casts and creative…

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

COVID Upside: HUGE Increase In Consumption Of Online Arts by Artsjournal

The huge numbers reported in watching and listening to streaming performances are in stark contrast with “decades of dire warnings and disheartening statistics about shrinking classical au…

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Playwright And AIDS Activist Larry Kramer, 84 by Artsjournal

An author, essayist and playwright — notably hailed for his autobiographical 1985 play, “The Normal Heart” — Mr. Kramer had feet in both the world of letters and the public sphere. I…

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Do We Need A Different Way Of Categorizing Books? by Artsjournal

A category only exists in relation to other categories, similarly constituted. You would need to establish a number of other clearly defined hierarchies of value, or centers of interest, gen…

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The Power Of Science And The Challenge Of Trust by Artsjournal

Today, scientists are grappling with the problem of model uncertainty, as seen in areas like climate and medicine. These questions are increasingly challenging the basis of modern scientific…

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A Golden Age For Male Dancers by Artsjournal

Why this wealth of talent has arrived right now isn’t easy to pinpoint, but they definitely spur each other on. There’s healthy competition – ballet boys can’t resist a pirouette-off…

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Alan Jacobi, 67, Self-Taught Engineer Who Revolutionized Stagecraft by Artsjournal

A self-taught engineer, AJ virtually created the rigging industry out of a background in theatre lighting. When he began, in the early 1980s, technicians still hung their own lights, but in …

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Prince Charles Warns About Endangered Arts by Artsjournal

“It is a very expensive art form, but it is crucial because it has such a worldwide impact… and so we have to find a way to make sure these marvellous people and organisations are going …

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Director of Marketing, Palm Beach Opera by Artsjournal

Founded in 1961, the Palm Beach Opera is seeking an experienced and passionate Director of Marketing. As a member of the senior leadership team and be responsible for setting, achieving, and…

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