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Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Most-Subscribed Broadcast Network YouTube Channel In The US Is: Telemundo by Artsjournal

Eight of Telemundo’s 11 YouTube channels have at least one million subscribers. The mother ship is now at 10.6 million, up from 1 million in 2015, and the next-biggest, one dedicated to co…

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Britain’s Arts Organizations Are Begging For Help. In The Rest Europe, They’re Getting It by Artsjournal

In France, Germany, Italy or Belgium, where the arts are heavily subsidized by the state, performing companies and museums can survive with reduced ticket sales. But in Britain, where govern…

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A Gallery Of Detroit’s Fabulous 20th Century Ruins by Artsjournal

They’re grand spaces now in decay – which gives them altogether another kind of beauty. – The Guardian

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Researchers: Fans Of Apocalyptic Movies Are More Resilient by Artsjournal

The bleak scenarios thrown up by films such as Contagion, from panic buying and isolation to fear of others and fake claims of miracle cures, appeared to help viewers take the outbreak in th…

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The Appeal Of Master Classes With The Greats by Artsjournal

The classes mix entertainment and education, each one shot in a different location. You can learn basketball on the personal training court of NBA star Stephen Curry, or step into the kitche…

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Canada’s Internet Use Has Surged 50 Percent Since COVID by Artsjournal

Since physical distancing measures were put in place across the country, internet usage on Shaw’s wireline network has increased by as much as 50 percent overall, and peak usage periods ha…

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Will The Art Gallery System As We Know It Survive? by Artsjournal

There’s no reason why the art gallery as we know it, a 19th century invention, should last forever. But there’s also no sign of an alternative on the horizon. As with other small New Yor…

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Artist “Pirates” Ten Years Of Sotheby’s Data, Offers It As Art Online by Artsjournal

Paolo Cirio scraped over 100,000 auction records from the past ten years of Sotheby’s sales and is now offering digital reproductions of the auction lots for 1/100,000th of the price they …

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Natural History Museum’s Removal Of Roosevelt Statue Is A Good First Step by Artsjournal

At a moment when the world’s museums are being called out for ingrained and unexamined inequalities, the American Museum of Natural History is one of the few to take decisive action. Art i…

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

“Hamilton” The Movie Is A Sensation by Artsjournal

For the uninitiated, it remains the cultural event of a troubled season. Disney Plus has reputedly suspended all discounts and free trials ahead of Hamilton’s debut on the streaming servic…

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Why Proof And Data Don’t Convince People by Artsjournal

I work with civic data and teach about the power of data collection, so I want to believe that data (in the form of video footage depicting police brutality against Black people) can effect …

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Cheap Food Is Good, Right? Well Maybe We’re Not Adding Up The Cost… by Artsjournal

In a capitalist society, viewed from the point of view of consumers, cheap food looks like an unequivocal democratic good, because it enables people to feed themselves, even on relatively lo…

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Why Letting Your Mind Wander Is Good For You by Artsjournal

While it is certainly not inevitable that children lose their sense of wonder as they grow up, and while adults are in principle as capable of experiencing wonder as children, it is to be ex…

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Mellon Foundation To Invest In Prison Libraries by Artsjournal

The prison library program will give each of the 1,000 prisons the same 500-book collection selected by the project’s leaders. The collections, which Dr. Alexander called “freedom librar…

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India Bans Chinese Social Media Apps by Artsjournal

India has banned video-sharing social network TikTok and messaging platform WeChat along with 57 other Chinese developed apps over national security and privacy concerns, as tensions between…

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Carl Reiner’s Last Interview by Artsjournal

“The only thing that really matters in life is your progeny, the people who come after you, the people you send out to the world. They’re either toxic or nontoxic.” – Los Angeles Tim…

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Study: The Ideal Numbers Of Students For Online And In-Person Classes by Artsjournal

Laurence Tomei and Douglas Nelson say that, as mentioned, online undergraduate classes should have no more than 12 students. In person, on campus classes should be no larger than 18 students…

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How A Girls Choir Pivoted And Is Thriving Online by Artsjournal

Amazingly, not only has the group continued the girls’ education online, it has used the constraints to its advantage by bringing in guest artists for master classes and increasing one-on-…

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The Radicalism Of Current Black Playwrighting by Artsjournal

Something is palpably different among playwrights of the millennial generation, who are envisioning, demanding and conjuring into existence a new and more diverse spectatorship. Their relati…

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Independent Presses Are Starting To See Sales Rebound by Artsjournal

Independent presses around the country said that sales are starting to rebound after two months of declines, due to direct sales, digital initiatives, and a resurgence in demand for topical …

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We Need A New Model To Fund Museums by Artsjournal

What is increasingly clear is the necessity for new hybrid models in arts funding, based on broadening the donor base, more imaginative financial planning, and development strategies for the…

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What To Do With All Those Dead Malls? Make Housing by Artsjournal

Shifts in consumer behavior have been gnawing away at the classic enclosed suburban mall format for many years; then the pandemic completely upended in-person shopping. Converting commercial…

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Report: UK Publications Publish Twice As Much Poetry By Writers Of Color Than They Did In 2009 by Artsjournal

Between 2009 and 2016, the newspapers and poetry magazines published review articles by non-white critics 190 times – 4% of the total for those years. Between 2017 and 2019, non-white crit…

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Why Milton Glaser’s Iconic “I [Heart] New York” Worked by Artsjournal

Glaser scrawled the first draft of the logo in the back of a cab, in 1976, red ink on a scrap of envelope; the sketch is now, fittingly, in the possession of the Museum of Modern Art. He mad…

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Our Perceptions Of The World Around Us Feel Real. They’re Not by Artsjournal

For most people most of the time, our perception certainly feels real. But the notion that our senses capture an objective external reality can be dispelled by considering something as funda…

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When Driving Becomes Just Data by Artsjournal

Driverless cars are catnip for the Silicon Valley monopolists. The average commute is dead space because their target is too busy driving to take in advertising or interact with any informat…

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In Europe, Festivals Are Reinventing As Drive-Ins by Artsjournal

Scandinavia is taking the most innovative approach to the notion of the drive-in festival. Between August 21 and 26, in the Swedish town of Karlskrona, the Carl International Film Festival w…

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Carl Reiner, 98 by Artsjournal

Mr. Reiner gained a national following in the 1950s as a brilliant straight man opposite Sid Caesar on influential TV comedy programs, directed movies that launched Steve Martin’s film car…

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Entertainment Industry Lobbies Congress For Aid by Artsjournal

“Without it, production — especially independent production — cannot resume on a significant level. We urge Congress to develop a program of federal insurance (or guarantee to fill thi…

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Monday, June 29, 2020

On Rethinking How To Support The Arts In Canada by Artsjournal

“We need to recognize that the business of the arts is not like an automotive assembly line that regularly turns out new homologated “products” for eager consumers. The play is not the…

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Our Literary Magazines Are Root-Bound by Artsjournal

Behind the scenes, the media faced a genuine crisis over and above its ordinary instability. Publications folded, mass layoffs ensued, and with months of pre-written content suddenly obsolet…

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