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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

#83 – Now Batting: Mike Bordick by Elizabeth Wheless

Good Morning Baltimore! There's no showtune more appropriate to get into the spirit for this week's episode, as Mike Bordick joins us in The Batter's Box! A Baltimore Orioles Hall of Famer a…

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#2.5 The Genre Fluid Dionne McClain-Freeney by Elizabeth Wheless

The multi-talented Dionne McClain-Freeney is a musical theatre septuple threat - pianist, composer, lyricist, choral and musical director, arranger, singer and teaching artist. Join Meghan &…

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#40 – Krysta Rodriguez by Elizabeth Wheless

"Timon turned out to be my Father." Krysta Rodriguez (In the Heights, The Addams Family, A Chorus Line, "Smash") is a true Disneyland fan--she grew up with the Park in her backyard, and dist…

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#44 – Vasthy Mompoint: Find Your Treehouse by Elizabeth Wheless

Vasthy Mompoint has frequented Broadway in shows such as The Prom, Spongebob, Mary Poppins, and more. Most recently, Vasthy played Tameka in the Ryan Murphy Netflix film version of The Prom.…

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#24 – How Has American Theatre Changed Over the Last Sixty Years? with Jane Greenwood by Elizabeth Wheless

What an honor to spend some time in conversation with legendary costume designer, Jane Greenwood! Jane and Hal spoke about how she approaches the same show twice, the ethos for design she im…

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Ep142 – Ethan Slater: Spongebob Squarepants, Fosse/Verdon, Broadway By The Year by Elizabeth Wheless

He may have made his mark playing a famous yellow sponge on stage, but this artist is passionate about exploring all colors of a creative career, and looks “forward to building back the mo…

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Ep132 – Erik Cabral, Founder of PodMAX (Part 1) by Elizabeth Wheless

Entrepreneur, Nerd, Marketeer, Real Estate Mogul, Podcaster, Eric Cabral is the Co-founder of PodMAX and a multi-hyphenate Serial Entrepreneur.

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Fight Club the Musical – Make me a Musical #10 by Elizabeth Wheless

Today we're turning the classic David Fincher critique of Capitalism "Fight Club" into a musical!

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Ep45 – LIVE: Mary Poppins (Gavin Lee, Vasthy Mompoint, Ashley Brown & Tony Mansker) by Elizabeth Wheless

Originally aired as a BPN Live event on May 2020. Watch the original video here:

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Ep46 – Christine Toy Johnson, Sillabub on 1987 US National Tour 3 by Elizabeth Wheless

"The cab driver insisted we were wrong about the title and the show was called - Those Darn Cats". This episode features Christine Toy Johnson who played the Sillabub in the 1987 US National…

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#64 – Carey Anderson, The Mindful Artist by Elizabeth Wheless

Kicking off Mental Health Awareness Month, we have Carey Anderson, an actress, known for MAMMA MIA & AVENUE Q, turned psychotherapist. Knowing firsthand the intense anxiety and self doub…

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Ep33 – Brands by Bravo: Danielle by Elizabeth Wheless

Brands by Bravo is one of my favorite Bravo Meme pages on Instagram and my viral TikTok sound “Waking up in the Morning” was highlighted on Brands by Bravo. I sat down with the creator o…

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Robert Hartwell joins Brendon and Jack on the season one finale episode! With five Broadway shows under his belt, this Broadway veteran has never forgotten the joy of performing on Broadway.…

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Episode 282: Bestie Battle gets Broadwaysted, Part 1! by Elizabeth Wheless

It's the game to top all games! It's the Broadwaysted Besties Battle Game!

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Monday, May 10, 2021

#518 – Chris Chats With (Reopening Roundtable – feat. Ixchel Cuellar, Sara Edwards, Cody Renard Richard) by Elizabeth Wheless

Host Christine Shepard leads a roundtable discussion of the return of Broadway with Ixchel Cuellar, Sara Edwards, Cody Renard Richard. They discussed what they want to the new Broadway to lo…

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10 Kander and Ebb II by Elizabeth Wheless

Part two of our conversation with John Kander and Fred Ebb, songwriters for such Broadway shows as WOMAN OF THE YEAR, 70, GIRLS, 70, THE RINK, THE HAPPY TIME, and ZORBA. They talk about thei…

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232 – Broadway vs. Hollywood: Pitching Your Show by Elizabeth Wheless

I'm talking about the biggest difference between Hollywood and Broadway: how they option your shows.

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#8 – Thanks, Mom! by Elizabeth Wheless

Mother’s Day! Grab your mom and some mommy juice and tune in!! This episode explores the history of Mother’s Day, Cultural Mother figures in the world, mom brain and the mental load! It…

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BIPOC Behind the Curtain: Costume Design & Wardrobe by Elizabeth Wheless

In the fifth episode in the “Conversations From Away” series, Aaron is joined by two special guests from the world of Costuming, as we discuss BIPOC Behind the Curtain. Azalea Fairley (C…

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#106 – Nicholas Edwards – LAST 5 YEARS, FROZEN by Elizabeth Wheless

You don't have to wait for anyone to tell you to do something"...and that is exactly what has happened in Nick's life over the past few months! When the quarantine shut down his upcoming opp…

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#261 PAUL GEMIGNANI, Music Director by Elizabeth Wheless

One of Broadway's busiest music directors, Tony Award winner Paul Gemignani, joins Rob and Kevin to look back on his career as a music director on such projects as Pacific Overtures, On the …

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10 – Man or a Muppet (feat. Cody Clark) by Elizabeth Wheless

QUESTIONS! ADVICE! STORIES! THEATRE! On this week's episode, we are joined by puppeteer, comedian, and awesome human Cody Clark and his puppet friend Gerald! We talk the movie Hook, DND, and…

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Saturday, May 8, 2021

#105 – Simon Gordon – HEATHERS UK by Elizabeth Wheless

Joining us from the West End on today's episode is Simon Gordon! We are so excited to be talking to him about his upcoming role in the UK tour of Heathers the Musical.

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Interview w/ Shag Specialist, Rachel Williams! by Elizabeth Wheless

Rachel Williams is a blonde specialist, hair LOVER, and a part of the Behind the Chair creative team. There is SO MUCH INFORMATION about hair, social media, how she won the Behind the Chair …

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Ep 19 – Taylor Iman Jones: “I Have Good Teeth Privilege” by Elizabeth Wheless

No one on this planet is more chill and charming than Broadway star, Taylor Iman Jones. It was a complete pleasure getting to talk to her about everything under the sun. Not just her amazing…

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Episode 203- It’s the best day ever with Phil Sloves! by Elizabeth Wheless

We sat down with Phil Sloves of Spongebob Squarepants on Broadway to chat about his journey from ensemble member to "Unconventional Leading Man"... and everything in between.

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We Love Ricky Rojas by Elizabeth Wheless

If Broadway had a Most Interesting Man in the World ... it might be Moulin Rouge's Ricky Rojas. Born in Chile, raised in Australia and the UK, currently living in France because why not. He'…

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Episode 23: Movies for Theatre People by Elizabeth Wheless

I am in no way claiming to be a film critic. These are just my opinions on these films and how they left me feeling upon viewing each of them. I hope you enjoy the episode!

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Episode 97: Priscila García-Jacquier (Re-release) by Elizabeth Wheless

Writer, producer, and director Priscila García-Jacquier shares her experiences with the dark side, finding her voice as a writer, using her own immigration story to speak out for others, fi…

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Friday, May 7, 2021

#25 – Casting team James Calleri, Erica Jensen and Paul Davis of Calleri Jensen Davis by Elizabeth Wheless

James Calleri, Erica Jensen and Paul Davis make up the casting team Calleri Jensen Davis. The winners of 15 Artios Awards, they have a vast repertoire casting for Broadway, Off-Broadway, maj…

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#22 – The Midwestern Movie, Pt. 2 with Brandon Routh by Elizabeth Wheless

The epic conclusion to our hang with the epic Brandon Routh, complete with Zombie Burger shoutouts, and movie choices that may or may not be Fargo (spoiler alert, no one chose Fargo).

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