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Monday, June 17, 2024

On the Ground: Chicago Neighborhoods at a Glance by American Theatre Editors

As we near TCG's 2024 national conference in Chicago, local critic and journalist Emily McClanathan offers an overview of the diverse offerings of Chicago's many neighborhoods.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 12:24PM

On the Ground: Meeting Chicago Theatre by American Theatre Editors

New to Chicago, theatre journalist Mike Davis offers his early learnings to visitors to the great theatre town.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 12:24PM

On the Ground: On Stage in Chicago by American Theatre Editors

As the TCG conference comes to town, artists with work onstage tell us about themselves, their shows, and their city.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 12:23PM
Friday, June 14, 2024

People to Watch: Whitney White and Kecia Lewis by American Theatre Editors

A busy director with a new play about Queen Margaret at Hudson Valley Shakes, and a Broadway veteran cooking in 'Hell's Kitchen.'

SOURCE: American Theatre at 12:21PM
Thursday, June 13, 2024

Brandon J. Dirden Caps the Wilson Cycle With a ‘Gem’ by American Theatre Editors

As either actor or director, often at N.J.'s Two River Theater, he's tackled all 10 plays in August Wilson's canon, but he's not resting on his laurels.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 12:38PM
Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Orlando Award, McKnight Residency, McNally Award, and More by American Theatre Editors

A roundup of prizes, fellowships, and other recognitions.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 11:10AM

Who It’s All For by American Theatre Editors

With our Spring issue, we've turned our focus away from the stage to the house to consider the audience.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 10:30AM
Tuesday, June 11, 2024

New Plays, Good Food, Great Plains: A Proven Recipe by American Theatre Editors

While other new-work development hubs have dried up, the Great Plains Theatre Commons continues its convivial creative tradition with local and national support.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 11:40AM

The Right (to) Protest by American Theatre Editors

The war in Gaza has put a fresh spotlight on the question of what theatres and artists should say or do in response.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 09:08AM
Friday, June 7, 2024

This Month in Theatre History by American Theatre Editors

June looks back on Frederick Douglass's criticisms of blackface, Uta Hagen's legacy, Eugene O’Neill’s nine-act 'Interlude,' Steppenwolf's 'Menagerie,' and a Lynne Nottage premiere.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:30PM

Leaders in a Time of Transformation by American Theatre Editors

Reflections on what's bringing joy, and a look at where we'll meet the next challenge.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 12:14PM

Elinor Fuchs, Peerless Guide to Theatre’s ‘Small Planet’ by American Theatre Editors

A lively and perceptive watcher and thinker, she helped generations of artists and critics view theatre as a kind of space and time travel.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 11:17AM
Thursday, June 6, 2024

TCG Launches Funding Program for Trans Women of Color by American Theatre Editors

The new initiative will give unrestricted funds to 5 trans women of color in the performing arts and theatre.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 01:30PM

They Will Survive: Theatres That Are Beating the Odds by American Theatre Editors

Attendance and funding may be down at many U.S. theatres, but the variety of creative responses to crisis and precarity is ever increasing.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 09:44AM
Wednesday, June 5, 2024

David Schmitz Joins People’s Light as Interim Managing Director by American Theatre Editors

He'll fill the role recently left by Erica Ezold while the Pennsylvania company seeks a successor.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 04:57PM

SPACE on Ryder Farm to Suspend Operations by American Theatre Editors

The barn doors at SPACE will close after more than a decade supporting creators and cultivators, while the board considers what comes next.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 02:31PM

Paula Vogel, Tina Landau, and the Room That Made ‘Mother Play’ by American Theatre Editors

A far-ranging conversation about their common approach to text as a springboard, why they're past theory, and how they introduced Jessica Lange to Viewpoints.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 11:58AM
Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Derek Charles Livingston Named Stages Artistic Director by American Theatre Editors

Livingston will head to Houston this August.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 01:31PM

How Cultural Solidarity Fund Got $1 Million Covid Relief to NYC Arts Workers by American Theatre Editors

A new report details the efforts of 20-plus artists, administrators, and organizations to join forces and give microgrants to colleagues impacted by the pandemic and its effects.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 09:50AM

Subscriptions Are Dead, Long Live Subscriptions! by American Theatre Editors

Theatres are taking a hard look at a well-worn patron model, and coming to different conclusions about its usefulness.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 09:00AM
Monday, June 3, 2024

Samm-Art Williams, Gentle Giant, Is Called Home by American Theatre Editors

Colleagues and friends of the actor-playwright recall his legacy as a dramatist, poet, producer, mentor, truth teller, and friend.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 05:17PM

Come As You Are by American Theatre Editors

Theatre is all about human behavior. Is it time to let audiences be fully human too?

SOURCE: American Theatre at 04:17PM

Taproot Theatre Campaigns to Save Its Season and Its Future by American Theatre Editors

The small Seattle theatre reports that it needs to raise 62.5 percent more in contributed income than in pre-pandemic times to sustain operations.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 01:38PM
Friday, May 31, 2024

The Subtext: Samuel D. Hunter Writes His Way Home by American Theatre Editors

This month Brian speaks with the busy playwright about dramatizing Idaho, promoting the film of 'The Whale,' and working on a new play at Steppenwolf.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:31PM

TCG Names 2024 Rising Leaders of Color by American Theatre Editors

This year's 6-person cohort is based in Chicago.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 11:54AM

In ‘The Kāmau Trilogy,’ No Man Is an Island by American Theatre Editors

Staging the complete ‘Kāmau Trilogy’ in repertory for the first time in 30 years, Kumu Kahua Theatre aims both to honor the losses of the past and break the cycle of intergenerational t…

SOURCE: American Theatre at 11:43AM

How the Wolf Survives by American Theatre Editors

When La Liga Teatro Elástico came to Chicago, they built a puppet parade to dramatize our ecological interdependence.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 10:04AM
Thursday, May 30, 2024

Joshua Allen: Coming Home Again by American Theatre Editors

As the Chicago playwright's newest work hits the Raven Theatre stage, Allen revisits the gestation and meaning of his South Side-set Grand Boulevard Trilogy.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:45PM
Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Katie Bradley Named Theater Mu Interim Artistic Director by American Theatre Editors

A longtime performer and teaching artist with the company, she will serve alongside managing director Anh Thu T. Pham while a successor for Lily Tung Crystal is sought.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:38PM
Tuesday, May 28, 2024

From Chicago: A Ghost Light Through the Dark by American Theatre Editors

A new movie centers Chicago theatre and theatremakers, plus news from the region and thoughts from artists Dolores Díaz and Alice da Cunha.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:30PM

For Winnie Holzman, ‘Choice’ Is Personal by American Theatre Editors

Her new play at McCarter Theatre explores the topic of abortion, minus polemics, plus humor and a touch of mysticism.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 02:26PM

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