Monday, September 27, 2021

Offscript: Previewing the Season With Maya Phillips & David John Chavez by American Theatre Editors

In this episode we talk to critics on both coasts (with JR holding down the Midwest) about criticism, in-person theatre, and Twitter vs. TikTok.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 02:59PM

Matthew Freeman Wins 2021 Kesselring Prize by Veronica Maldonado

The Kesselring Prize honors emerging playwrights with a financial award, artistic residency, and national recognition.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 02:06PM

Reggie D. White Wins Colman Domingo Award by Veronica Maldonado

The Vineyard Theatre award aims to support emerging Black male artists with institutional support, mentorship, and a cash grant.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 01:57PM

Gamm Theatre Launches Fellowship Program by Veronica Maldonado

The program, a collaborative effort among the Gamm and Rhode Island public universities, aims to mentor promising artists of color.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 01:36PM
Thursday, September 23, 2021

National Theater Project Awards Grants to 11 Works by Veronica Maldonado

This year's grants support the production and touring of emerging work from artists of diverse backgrounds.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 04:25PM

Theatres of Color: How Did They Fare in the Past 18 Months? by Amelia Merrill

The pandemic brought deep-seated disparities to light, but has the theatre field really reckoned with them?

SOURCE: American Theatre at 04:10PM

City Theatre Announces New Three-Way Leadership Model by Veronica Maldonado

Clare Drobot and Monteze Freeland will join artistic director Marc Masterson in a tripartite leadership model.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:32PM

TheatreSquared Names Joy Harjo 2021 Artist in Residence by Veronica Maldonado

The U.S. poet laureate joins the TheatreSquared team to create a new musical about the Native influence on American jazz.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 02:29PM
Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Joanie Schultz Named Cincinnati Playhouse Associate Artistic Director by Veronica Maldonado

Schultz will join the theatre in November with the aim of expanding its artistic offerings and scope as it reopens.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 11:53AM

There Is No Metaphor by American Theatre Editors

This moment has pushed us past even our most prescient preparations for crisis and challenge, but we can face it together.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 07:04AM

Come Back to the Theatre? First, We Need to Talk by American Theatre Editors

As theatre workers prepare for a return to in-person theatre, they have lingering questions about what kinds of spaces and conditions they're returning to.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 07:02AM

Second-Act Problems: What Comes Next Is Up to Us, and Also Not by American Theatre Editors

Poised between a troubled but familiar past and the uncertain promise of a transformed future, is it any wonder we're having trouble with the next act of our lives?

SOURCE: American Theatre at 07:00AM

Checking In With This Year’s Rising Leaders of Color by American Theatre Editors

The 8 individuals in this year's cohort don't just make theatre; over the past year and going forward, they are all about making change.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:58AM

The Critical Revolution Will Be Tweeted by American Theatre Editors

The pandemic led to innovative, alternative forms of theatre. Can theatre criticism keep up?

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:56AM

All the Screen’s a Stage: A Transmedia Manifesto by American Theatre Editors

As theatremakers celebrate the return to in-person, in-venue performances, it's imperative to keep open the doors offered by digital theatre and celebrate its place alongside the stage.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:54AM

Director/Deviser: Tina Satter by American Theatre Editors

The downtown artist didn't ever expect or hope to be on Broadway, but her docutheatre piece 'Is This A Room' has defied expectations all along.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:52AM

Playwright: Douglas Lyons by American Theatre Editors

Lyons is out to change the theatre canon, and serving 'Chicken & Biscuits' on Broadway is just the one step along the way.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:50AM

Choreographer: Ricardo Aponte by American Theatre Editors

When the pandemic cut short a crazy-busy schedule, Aponte used the time to fulfill a dream of giving back to his community.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:48AM

Production Manager: Miguel Flores by American Theatre Editors

With a focus on experimental opera, Miguel Flores's career has him looking forward toward a more human-centric way of working.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:46AM

Actor: Jomar Tagatac by Amelia Merrill

This is part of a season preview package. While the shift to working from home during the pandemic may have meant less time on the road for many, Jomar Tagatac can’t relate: He spent much …

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:44AM

Costume and Set Designer: Silvia de Marta by American Theatre Editors

When the pandemic hit her career on both sides of the Atlantic, she got the unique chance to help develop productions in gestation.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:44AM

Designer: Bridgette Dennett by American Theatre Editors

Teaching design remotely had some upsides, she learned, but she's eager to her hands back on her craft and its tools.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:42AM
Tuesday, September 21, 2021

May Adrales Wins Ammerman Directing Award by Veronica Maldonado

The award, given to distinguished female directors, this year honors a new-play champion.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 11:36AM

The Subtext: Mac Rogers’s ‘Unusual’ Journey Through Time and Relative Dimensions by American Theatre Editors

This month Brian talks with the playwright and audio dramatist about 'The Honeycomb Trilogy,' guardian angels, and 'Doctor Who.'

SOURCE: American Theatre at 09:28AM

We’re Back! Wait…Are We Back? What Is ‘Back’ Again? by American Theatre Editors

Theatre is happening and we are here to cover it, in spite of it all.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 06:09AM
Monday, September 20, 2021

Ed Herendeen at CATF: ‘Not a One-Person Operation’ by American Theatre Editors

The founder of Contemporary American Theater Festival looks back on 31 years of producing new plays in rep.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 04:14PM

4 Theatres Commission Paige Hernandez to Create Maya Angelou-Inspired Play by Veronica Maldonado

Hernandez's commission comes courtesy of four separate theatres, and will involve workshops with kids in each theatre's community.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 12:31PM
Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Robert Falls to Depart Goodman Theatre in 2022 by American Theatre Editors

Falls, who has led the company for 35 years, will plan the 2022-23 season before departing Chicago's oldest nonprofit theatre.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 03:20PM

CATF Founder Ed Herendeen to Retire by American Theatre Editors

In December he'll leave the influential new-play festival he founded and has run since 1991.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 10:45AM

3Views Reboots Its Critical Mission With 3 New Editors by American Theatre Editors

Brittani Samuel, Jose Solís, and Sarah Rose Leonard will lead the site, originally founded by Sarah Ruhl and Julia Jordan, aimed at diversifying the critical discourse.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 08:47AM
Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Ziegfeld Awards Honor Female Musical Theatre Composers by Veronica Maldonado

November Christine, Carmel Dean, and Madeline Myers share a prize aimed at assisting up-and-coming artists with a grant and mentorship.

SOURCE: American Theatre at 02:01PM

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