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Monday, September 16, 2019

At The Creative Arts Emmys, ‘Game of Thrones’ Cleans Up by Artsjournal2

The show earned 10 awards in its last season, after demolishing the record for nominations with 32. And: “HBO and Netflix are, once again, locked in a tough battle. HBO notched 25 Creative…

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Phyllis Newman, Tony Award-Winning Broadway Star, Has Died At 86 by Artsjournal2

Newman starting acting as a child and grew up to win a Tony in 1962, and to become the first woman to host The Tonight Show. After dealing with breast cancer, she also turned into a fierce f…

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Not Everything Glittered In The Netherlands’ So-Called Golden Age, Says Museum by Artsjournal2

The Amsterdam Museum said on Thursday that staff were banned from using the term to describe the 17th century because “the term is strongly associated with national pride because of prospe…

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High School Students Condense Marvel Movies Into One Seven-Minute Summary Dance by Artsjournal2

Yes, there are spoilers, but it’s beautiful (and think how much time you’ll save!). – The Verge

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A Paris Theatre, Closed For Two And A Half Years For A $35 Million Renovation, Is About To Reopen by Artsjournal2

This isn’t just any (massive) theatre renovation. “It was in the Châtelet where the artistic revolutions and innovations of Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes were first seen; here where Mahl…

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Hollywood Is Assisting In The Death Of Freedom Of Expression In Hong Kong by Artsjournal2

Soft diplomacy? Or government control and censorship? “Beijing has a very clear idea of how a film industry should operate—namely, as an essential part of the effort to bring public opin…

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The Problem With (Book) Pirates by Artsjournal2

Instead of the royalties authors might expect from book sales, “what comes trickling back are mostly email alerts about websites in brazen violation of copyright law, offering free downloa…

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The Artist Who Created The Gold Toilet Denies Having A Role In Stealing It by Artsjournal2

Maurizio Cattelan, whose gold toilet called America was ripped from its pipes in Blenheim Palace, flooding the palace and causing rather a lot of damage, says that he didn’t steal it, desp…

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Independent Moviehouses Are Having A Hell Of A Time Surviving by Artsjournal2

In Seattle, the Columbia City moviehouse Ark Lodge Cinemas has seen box office receipts drop by as much as 60 percent this year. “Its struggles illustrate the challenges of operating an in…

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Joyce DiDonato On Opera And Activism, And Saving Lives by Artsjournal2

DiDonato works with inmates at Sing Sing and tours with a project aiming to bring harmony and peace through music. And right now, she’s singing the title role in Agrippina, the scheming wi…

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The New Light Art Of California Lives In Wine Country by Artsjournal2

Of course it does. “With its time-sequence ticketing and Sensorio-branded hoodies for sale, Field of Light joins a coterie of art entertainments at wineries and related establishments seek…

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Ric Ocasek Of The Cars, Who Fused New Wave And Pop, Has Died At 75 by Artsjournal2

Ocasek wrote and was lead singer on nearly every song The Cars recorded, including hits like “Best Friend’s Girl” and “Shake It Up,” and after the group broke up, he had a second c…

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If You’re Trying To Break An Addiction, Are Books Prescribed? by Artsjournal2

Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations is repetitive, redundant, with reformulated ideas in every chapter – but sometime it works. (At least once you’re already also in rehab.) – LitHub

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Librarians Are Angry, And Ready To Do Battle With Publishers Over Ebooks by Artsjournal2

It’s a quiet war, but it’s fierce. Macmillan is planning to block libraries from buying more than one digital copy of new books for eight weeks after the book comes out, starting in Nove…

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Baltimore Symphony Pushes Season Opener Back By A Week Amid Labor Dispute, But Musicians Play A Free Concert Anyway by Artsjournal2

The season opener was pushed from September 14 to September 21, though the musicians of the BSO, not under the name of the BSO, played a free concert on opening night at a different venue. T…

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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Science Is Deeply Imaginative And Creative by Artsjournal2

Why is this such a secret? “Without the essential first step, without a creative reimagining of nature, a conceiving of hypotheses for what might be going on behind the perceived surface o…

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Gender Bias In Museums Goes All The Way Down To The Fossil Collections by Artsjournal2

Oh, you thought it was just painting collections, or the sculpture garden? Nope: “Gender bias in favor of males extends to fossil and museum collections of mammals.” – Hyperallergic

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Is There A Tech Backlash? by Artsjournal2

No, and it’s wild that we think there is one. “Technology has improved the world, and our lives, in plenty of ways. But it often seems we are willing to overlook significant potential do…

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What Is The Deal With Jeremy Renner, And By Extension, Hollywood? by Artsjournal2

Celebrity in the 21st century: The actor Jeremy Renner was nominated for Oscars two years in a row, with The Hurt Locker and The Town. Then Marvel came calling. Then he got his own app. Then…

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Los Angeles Opera Opens Without A Resolution About Placido Domingo by Artsjournal2

Here was the situation the day before Saturday’s opening night: “With Domingo staying away from Los Angeles while an internal investigation is underway, the company pushed ahead Friday o…

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Blenheim Palace’s Gold Toilet Is Stolen, Flooding The Palace by Artsjournal2

Though a man has been arrested “in connection with” the burglary, Maurizio Cattelan’s artwork hasn’t yet been recovered. “The golden lavatory, named America, drew large crowds when…

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The Hidden Box Of Dr. Seuss by Artsjournal2

Theodore Seuss Geisel died in 1991, but his widow was cleaning out a closet in 2013 when she came across a box of his unpublished, and some unfinished, manuscripts. Or, as the Times headline…

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A Gender Gap In Ballet Leadership Seems Too Weird – But It’s Real by Artsjournal2

Girls outnumber boys up to 20 to 1 in ballet classes, and so it seems like ballet would be one place – maybe the only place – where women would have the majority of leadership roles. Nop…

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Australia Has A Crisis In Its School Libraries by Artsjournal2

The crisis is this: As in the U.S., the number of teacher-librarians or librarians in schools has declined precipitously. Why? “Many principals opt to replace them with cheaper ‘library …

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Twenty Years Ago, Reality Shows ‘Broke TV’ And Paved The Way For Today by Artsjournal2

Used to be, the U.S. TV landscape had a few reality shows, nothing spectacular, nothing great. But 1999 changed things: “The drama, the spectacle and arguably the artifice of reality telev…

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MoviePass, Too Good To Be True, Has Finally Died by Artsjournal2

The promise – unlimited films for $10 a month – went far beyond its founders’ capital and far beyond what the market could support. But for a limited time in 2017, MoviePass was poised…

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Sculptor Wendy Taylor Wants Pro-Leave Brexiters To Stop Using Her Work As A Symbol by Artsjournal2

Taylor’s sundial sculpture Timepiece has been used – or, as she thinks of it, co-opted – by a pro-Brexit party called the Time Party, who are using it both on their website and in thei…

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Biographer Jean Edward Smith, Who Brought Grant And Eisenhower Out Of Obscurity, Has Died At 83 by Artsjournal2

Smith not only cleared up the reputation of President Ulysses Grant – showing that “Grant’s poor reputation as president had been fostered in part by biased graduate students at Columb…

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The Girl Who Published Her First Novel At 12, And Then Disappeared At 25 by Artsjournal2

Barbara Newhall Follett saw her first book – about a wild little girl who longs to be free from structures of brick and glass – published when she was 12. By the time she was 25, “Barb…

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Ireland Gets A New Museum Of Literature ‘In A Battle For The Soul Of Dublin’ by Artsjournal2

Well, that’s poetic, and sounds incredibly Irish. The director of the new Museum of Literature Ireland says, “We’re in competition with a lot of venues backed by private drinks compani…

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Anne Rivers Siddons, Author Of ‘Peachtree Road’ And Other Books Whose Subject Was The New South by Artsjournal2

Siddons was an advertising copywriter before her buddy Pat Conroy, author of Prince of Tides, urged her to write about Atlanta – which she did. But that wasn’t her only topic. “‘The …

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