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Monday, July 6, 2020

More Goodbye, Columbus, In Baltimore This Time by Artsjournal2

Protesters pulled down the status and dragged it to Inner Harbor, where they dumped it. “The Columbus statue was dragged down as people marched across the city Saturday demanding reallocat…

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Hamilton: Where Are Peggy (And All Of The Other Cast Members) Now? by Artsjournal2

So you caught the Hamilton addiction, but that’s only one streaming performance … where are the Schuyler sisters, where are the soldier boys, where are the generals now? – The New York…

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Some Of Hollywood Gets To Avoid The UK’s Quarantine Rules by Artsjournal2

Why? Money. Also, Tom Cruise had a chat with the minister. “We want the industry to bounce back and exempting small numbers of essential cast and crew from quarantine is part of our contin…

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A Van Gogh Drive-In by Artsjournal2

The “immersive” show had to be adjusted from a walk-in experience in Paris for Covid-19 safety in Toronto. – BBC

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Broadway Actor Nick Cordero, 41, Dies Of Complications From Coronavirus by Artsjournal2

The actor’s leg was amputated, and he was placed in a medically induced coma for weeks, in an effort to stop the virus. One review of Cordero’s performance in A Bronx Tale: “The terrif…

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The ‘Hamilton’ Watch Party Revealed Many A Secret Detail by Artsjournal2

There were LMM handwritten lyrics, a Daveed Diggs improv that added a lot to TJ’s character, and oh so much more. – Vulture

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Will Netflix Save UK Theatre? by Artsjournal2

That is, Netflix, Sam Mendes, Steven Spielberg, and a series of small grants. “The fund will provide short-term relief to hundreds of theater workers and freelancers across the U.K., and p…

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A Classic Science Fiction Trilogy With Ideas So Wild That Only Our Time Could Match Them by Artsjournal2

As Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series gets shot around the virus in five different countries (“Our main stages are in Europe, in countries that are super safe at the moment,” the executi…

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That Final, Romantic Cinderella Elbow Bump by Artsjournal2

Theatre continues, in some ways weird or alarming and in other ways perfectly creative, during the lockdowns, shutdowns, quarantines, and pandemic numbers spikes. – The New York Times

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The UK Announces A 1.5 Billion-Pound Bailout For The Arts by Artsjournal2

After months of waffling – and infuriating the arts sectors in the UK – the Tory government finally came through. One playwright: “If this package is as ambitious as it looks, then con…

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Saroj Khan, Choreographer Of Bollywood, 71 by Artsjournal2

Khan spent more than 60 years in the film industry. She “was a pioneer, one of the few women working behind the camera at a time when nearly all the technicians were men. She joined the in…

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When Artists Are No Longer Afraid To Speak Out by Artsjournal2

Atlanta-based actor Stephanie Peyton: “We’re all stuck with this whole COVID thing. And so we have nothing better to do than to be on our social media and see these new videos every day …

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Could British Main Streets Be Saved By Turning Shuttered Shops Into Housing? by Artsjournal2

Well, it’s an idea, anyway, and far – far – from the worst idea Boris Johnson has proposed. “The devil, though, is in the detail, a territory that Boris Johnson finds notoriously har…

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After The ‘Hamilton’ Movie, People Wonder Why We Can’t Stream A Lot More Broadway by Artsjournal2

Well, we can. Some of it. Sometimes, for different price points, from different streamers. Why not all? “Video recording a show is up to individual producers. And they have tended to pass …

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Don’t Underestimate The (Anti-Racist) Power Of Black Fiction by Artsjournal2

Reading Ibraham X. Kendi’s Stamped from the Beginning or How to Be an Anti-Racist, or maybe cuddling up to Asha Bandele and Patrisse Cullors’ When They Call You a Terrorist, may be great…

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

How To Save American Theatre: Bring It To TV by Artsjournal2

No, not like the National Theatre Live performances – more like the 1950s style playhouses. “What I’d like to see is both more modest and more ambitious: a TV series that brings togeth…

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Monday, June 29, 2020

Bands Whose Names Refer To Slavery Are Changing Their Names, And Sometimes More by Artsjournal2

The band names are a symbol – just a symbol, perhaps, but a strong one. However: “The question is not, “‘hould bands whose names have ties to slavery change them?’ The question is:…

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How We Started Thinking Of Pandemics As Waves by Artsjournal2

It started as math, transitioned to both epidemiology and morality, and now holds sway among the public as well. But the idea of a “wave” wasn’t inevitable. – Boston Review

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Reconsidering America’s Addiction To Police Dramas by Artsjournal2

TV execs hold a roundtable to discuss (tiny) ways some things might change, including centering stories written by and about African Americans. “You have to be very front and center about …

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Saying Goodbye To TV’s Fantasy Worlds by Artsjournal2

The world of Law & Order was so attractive, the righteousness of its heroes so, well, right. Then college happened, and a lot of getting pulled over. “Too often, cop-centered stories p…

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Reconsidering The Art And Life Of Valerie Solanas by Artsjournal2

Solanas is most famous for having shot Andy Warhol, of course, but she had an artistic life long before that moment. In the beginning, the writer and Warhol Factory superstar Ultra Violet wr…

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Defenders Of That (Iffy) Theodore Roosevelt Statue Descend On American Museum Of Natural History by Artsjournal2

The Federalist organized the 150-person protest at the statue. “Speakers supporting the statue used the protest to rail against a broad range of issues including abortion and religion. One…

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The Rolling Stones May Have Finally Hit On A Way To Stop The President From Using Their Song At His Rallies by Artsjournal2

They’ve been trying for years to bar Trump from using “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” as his walk-off music at rallies – and their efforts have always been in vain. Until now,…

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How Artists Survived The (First) Great Depression by Artsjournal2

Public funding was the way. However: “Back then there was even less agreement on a public role for creatives. The Writers’ Project assigned them a public role in producing travel guidebo…

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Can Copyright Catch Up To The Coronavirus Boom In Digital Culture? by Artsjournal2

From just about everything on TikTok to Broadway performers singing Sondheim on YouTube, there’s a lot of culture on the internet right now – and very few of the creators of that culture…

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The Broadway League Pledges To Perform A ‘Sweeping Audit’ – And Make Changes by Artsjournal2

People are right to be frustrated about the lack of diversity backstage, says the president of the Broadway League, which is ready to perform a “diversity audit” of many parts of Broadwa…

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One Of Britain’s Most Beloved Children’s Authors Emerged From 47 Days In Intensive Care For Covid-19 by Artsjournal2

“I’ve survived,” tweeted Michael Rosen. “The 74-year-old author, performer and broadcaster is one of Britain’s most beloved writers, the author of more than 140 books including We…

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The ‘Novel Of Ideas’ Is A Gimmick, But One That Sometimes Works by Artsjournal2

The form of “novel” is young, but its conventions are mostly clear – and the novel of ideas is different. “Whether executed as science fiction, bildungsroman, or more recently, the s…

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Kenneth Lewes, Whose Takedown Of Homophobia In Psychiatry Changed The Official Take And Many Lives, Has Died At 76 by Artsjournal2

“Lewes’s major work, The Psychoanalytic Theory of Male Homosexuality (1988), traced the evolution of the prevailing view that homosexuality was a curable illness and explored what he c…

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What Will Success Mean When Movie Theatres Reopen In The U.S.? by Artsjournal2

Well, maybe something is salvageable (though very possibly not, as numbers of infections continue to mount): “If audiences show faith in theaters’ revamped safety, social-distancing, and…

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Fringe Theatres And Pubs Are The Lifeblood Of British Theatre, And The Virus Is Killing It All by Artsjournal2

Without the small stages, emerging voices in British theatre don’t have much of a chance. One playwright: “Uncertainty is dreadfully demotivating. I intended to use the lockdown to write…

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