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Monday, February 18, 2019

Ryan Adams Is The Tip Of An Indie Male Iceberg Of Terrible Behavior ‘Visible From Space’ by Artsjournal2

And every indie music journalist knows it. “Publicists for male indie stars ask for guarantees that allegations and evidence of an artist’s bad behaviour aren’t referred to in inte…

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Netflix Really Wants An Oscar (Or Two) by Artsjournal2

To get an Oscar, or two, or more, you need a campaign, and a budget. Netflix is on it. “Now the costly Oscar push that Ms. Taback has orchestrated for Roma is starting to look historic…

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The Case Of The Ubiquitous Five-Floor Apartment Block, Or, Why American Cities All Look The Same by Artsjournal2

The style – “five over one – five stories of apartments over a ground-floor ‘podium’ of parking and/or retail” – is dependent on what’s called…

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An Entire Italian Town Fell Silent In Order To Preserve The Sounds Of Stradivarius by Artsjournal2

In Cremona, where the mayor doubles as the president of the Antonio Stradivarius Violin Museum Foundation, sound engineers were trying to record every note a Strad could make, and every tran…

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Booker Prizewinner Marlon James On Following Up His Literary Novel With An Epic African Fantasy Trilogy by Artsjournal2

James, who is originally Jamaican and who lives in Minnesota, says of his African fantasy epic, “I was reading a lot of the original myths and legends. That’s one of the reasons I wa…

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Nan Goldin Wants London’s National Portrait Gallery To Turn Down A One Million Pound Donation From The Sackler Family by Artsjournal2

The alternative? The artist yanks her “prestigious new exhibition of work.” Goldin said, “What is the museum for? Art is transcendent and that makes it very, very dirty if …

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Getting Fully Naked (And Getting It On) Onstage by Artsjournal2

The actors are OK with all of this: “The nudity has struck some theatergoers as so extreme and the sex so prolonged that the actors can hear members of the audience gasp when it begins…

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Why Is There Such A Misstep-Filled Scramble To Make The Oscars Shorter? by Artsjournal2

The producer: “There are so many things to balance. Some viewers want to see glamour. You have to pay attention to where there is humor and where there is music. When do we guess that …

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Japanese Jazz Journalist Kiyoshi Koyama Has Died At 82 by Artsjournal2

Koyama covered jazz in Japan throughout the 1960s and 1970s, was an avid interviewer of New York jazz musicians in their homes and wherever they played, and then he became a producer of jazz…

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The Tate Modern’s Angry Neighbors Entirely Missed The Point Of Cities by Artsjournal2

Everyone’s looking, in a city like London. Also, “it takes a special kind of confidence to blow millions on a flat with a swanky glass exterior – one that is positioned a stone…

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Robert Winter, Who Took Los Angeles Architecture And Its History Seriously, Has Died At 94 by Artsjournal2

Winter made the city’s architecture come alive for the people he taught (at Occidental) and those he took on quirky, packed bus tours of the city he adopted. “Winter’s gift to …

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Want To Read All Of The Oscar-Nominated Screenplays? by Artsjournal2

“Given the amount of time a modern human being spends watching film and television, a little familiarity with the form doesn’t seem like a bad thing.” So, here are all of the l…

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City Opera Sounds An Ominous Note As Board Chair Steps Down by Artsjournal2

The chairman of the board also happens to be New York City Opera’s biggest benefactor. And: “Its board is down to a mere three members. It has largely spent the more than $5 mill…

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The Scandalously Mismanaged Garden Bridge by Artsjournal2

The Garden Bridge, somewhat, one might say, like Brexit, has so far not appeared (and the bridge, at least, never will). “An itemised bill for its failure has just arrived: £53m in…

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Blackface Was Never Harmless by Artsjournal2

Yes, minstrel shows started in the 19th century – and were one of the U.S.’s first popular forms of entertainment. But they were never seen as harmless, at least not by African A…

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Sunday, February 17, 2019

It’s Great To Have A Diverse Cast, But What About The Writers? by Artsjournal2

The BBC has a new series about a Chinese family running a restaurant – but the writers aren’t from the community. Writers and actors from film, TV, and theatre have signed a let…

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The Lincoln Memorial Is Iconic, But It Might Have Been Very Different by Artsjournal2

So many things could have gone wrong. For instance: “As ideally situated as it seems today, many officials charged with building the Memorial did not want to locate it at West Potomac …

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Dave Smith, Disney’s Archivist And The Keeper Of The Company’s Secrets, Has Died by Artsjournal2

The man with expert knowledge on everything in the company’s past has died at 78. “In an industry that’s notorious for neglecting its past, Smith stood out as perhaps the most …

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Bollywood Gets Its First Major LGBTQ Film [VIDEO] by Artsjournal2

The film, with major Bollywood stars in it, centers on the love story between two women, but they’re under pressure to be in opposite-sex marriages. The film’s director, Shelly C…

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Italian Film Star Claudia Cardinale On A Life Working With Directors Like Fellini, Visconti, Leone, And Herzog by Artsjournal2

Cardinale’s voice was “too husky” and also too French (she grew up in Tunisia) for Italian cinema when she started. But then came 8 1/2. – Los Angeles Times

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Frank Stella Explains His Art Collection, Including Fakes Of His Work by Artsjournal2

He doesn’t have anything of his own on his living room walls (though he does own, and display, four fakes that were sent to him for authentication). “It’s nice to come home and…

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The Theremin Had A Life Before Sci-Fi Movies Took It Over by Artsjournal2

The original advertising campaigns for the theremin included it as a home music-making instrument. “This campaign primarily targeted middle and upper-class white women, a demographic f…

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Rethinking The Purpose Of British Arts Institutions by Artsjournal2

Take a look at Battersea Arts Centre, which “no longer focuses on creating the ‘future of theatre’—a laudable purpose, but not one of much interest to the many who doubt …

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Brooklyn Gets An Oslo-Worthy Home For Fiction, And For Writers by Artsjournal2

Oslo has Litteraturhuset – a place for readers and writers to “to meet, write, debate, read, and discuss writing, ideas, and politics over food and drinks, all with the mission o…

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Propwatch: The celery in Berberian Sound Studio by Artsjournal2

Some props have long lives, and others, well: “The celery and carrot, the cabbage and water melons, all make a distinct if self-immolating impact.” – David Jays

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Finding a World by Artsjournal2

“Welcome to a primordial world that’s fiercer than anything religious texts ordain.” – Deborah Jowitt

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What The Academy Should Drop From The Live Broadcast: The Shorts by Artsjournal2

The NYT‘s Carpetbagger: “These categories are an island unto themselves, whereas a nominee from any other race — be it an animated feature or a foreign-language film — can co…

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Oops: The Live Oscars Broadcast Will Include Cinematography After All by Artsjournal2

For the second time, the Academy reversed itself about something it planned to cut from this year’s Oscars broadcast. “The announcement came after an outcry by some of Hollywood&…

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What Was Up With The Crude Racial And Sexual Stereotype Jokes That Filled This Carnegie Hall Performance? by Artsjournal2

Everyone was in on the joke, or at least everyone on stage was. But the audience wasn’t sure what to do or how to react. “The concept, whatever its good intentions, tempts compar…

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Behind The Scenes Of ‘The Great British Baking Show,’ They Really Are Friends by Artsjournal2

Imagine all of the contestants on Top Chef being buddies, or baking cakes for each other’s weddings. (Alert: This story spoils the season that had Selasi and Val on it.) – The …

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Let’s Just Split The Elgin Marbles Between Britain And Greece by Artsjournal2

Half and half. Equal. “Of course, there would be disputes about who gets what. But those aren’t disputes that can’t be resolved. The marbles don’t consist of one major piece and …

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