Saturday, September 26, 2020

Power Plays: Shows About U.S. Politics by Broadwayandme

The first face-to-face debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is scheduled for this Tuesday, Sept. 29, and the uncertainty over the outcome of the election five weeks from now has me in a…

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Saturday, September 5, 2020

A Special Labor Day Salute to All of Broadway's Truly Essential Performers by Broadwayandme

Traditions are important even—maybe especially—in troubled times. And so although theaters remain dark and I’ve been posting here infrequently, I’ve decided to go ahead with my annua…

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Seeing "Macbeth" Again, Again, And Again by Broadwayandme

Macbeth is a great gateway drug for Shakespeare newbies. It’s got a straight-ahead plot, some of the Bard’s most memorable lines, plus witches. Us Shakespeare oldies like it too. It’s …

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"Seared" is Cooking on Almost All Burners by Broadwayandme

Sometimes you want a gourmet meal filled with rare or surprising ingredients. But sometimes you just want a big yummy bowl of macaroni and cheese. Seared, the latest play by Theresa Rebeck, …

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The Irish Rep's "Pumpgirl" Drives Too Hard by Broadwayandme

The monologue play is an odd hybrid. Unlike traditional monologues in which one actor talks directly to the audience, it usually features three or more performers. But unlike traditional pla…

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"Tina, The Tina Turner Musical" May Not Run Deep, But Its Sensational Star Soars High by Broadwayandme

In the old days, when tickets were cheaper, people went to musicals for the thrill of hearing new songs. Today, when seeing a Broadway show can cost more than a car note, they go for the sec…

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The Humble Appeal of "One November Yankee" and "Harry Townsend's Last Stand" by Broadwayandme

Yes, I know it’s not a Saturday when I usually post but the holidays and other end-of-the-year obligations have turned my schedule topsy-turvy. So I’ve decided to invoke my old practice …

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Turning on the Ghost Light by Broadwayandme

It’s been a while since I last turned on the ghost light that theaters use when they’re temporarily empty but I’m doing it now. That's mainly because I’ve been running around seeing …

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Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas... by Broadwayandme

..and a Happy Chanukah, a tardy Good Winter Solstice, a strong Happy Festivus, a slightly premature Joyous Kwanza and the all-around sincere hope that however you celebrate it, your holiday …

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The Most Meaningful Shows of 2019 For Me by Broadwayandme

For those of us who write about culture, the holiday season includes making Top 10 lists. But this year, I’ve decided against trying to anoint the best shows I’ve seen or even tallying u…

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Happy New Year by Broadwayandme

Happy New Year!  Happy New Decade!!  Here’s hoping that they’re both filled with more happiness (including lots of good theater) than not.  Cheers!!!

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Why "Sing Street" is Slightly Off-Key For Me by Broadwayandme

Sing Street, the new musical that opened last week at New York Theatre Workshop and which is the final big show of the fall season to open, arrived with high expectations. But that can hurt …

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"Judgment Day": More Style Than Substance by Broadwayandme

Bigger isn’t always better. The British director Richard Jones won deserved kudos in 2017 for staging The Hairy Ape in the vast drill hall at the Park Avenue Armory. That production lite…

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An Invitation to Join Me (and Some Great Playwrights) at This Year's BroadwayCon by Broadwayandme

No review post this week (although if you have a chance you should try to catch Talene Monahon’s How to Load a Musket, a really thought-provoking play about historical reenactors and the f…

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Some Must See Shows for the Spring Season by Broadwayandme

The best preview for the spring 2020 theater season I’ve seen was the one that my friend and fellow theater junkie Howard Sherman posted on his Facebook page a couple of weeks ago: I c…

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The Madness of a Post-Modern "Medea" by Broadwayandme

Just like Shakespeare, the great Greek playwrights staged their plays with all-male actors. But unlike the Bard, Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides centered many of their plays around great …

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Question: What Makes a Modern Musical? Replies From: "Bob & Ted & Carol & Alice," "Romeo & Bernadette" & &quo by Broadwayandme

Wither the musical? Not the jukebox musical or the ones that strap themselves to popular movies like a shipwreck victim clinging to a lifeboat or even those with rock scores whose songs self…

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"A Soldier's Story" Flies Its Flag at Half-Mast by Broadwayandme

One of my best friends worked for the Negro Ensemble Company back in its heyday and so I got to see the original productions of such shows as Zooman and the Sign, The River Niger and the NEC…

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The Clever Mysteries of “The Headlands” by Broadwayandme

Christopher Chen’s intriguing memory play The Headlands works on so many levels that it’s hard for me to keep track of all of them. It starts out as a crime procedural centered around …

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Joyfully Celebrating 13 Years of B&Me by Broadwayandme

© maksum iliasin | Time flies. And this year it’s whizzing by so quickly that I almost forgot to take some time out to celebrate the 13th anniversary of Broadway & Me…

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The Coronavirus Forces All of New York Theater to Turn on the Ghost Light by Broadwayandme

I had planned to post a review this week but it was a pan of a play that I really didn’t like and that seems somehow wrong at this time when concerns about the spread of the COVID-19 virus…

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Dragging Out the Ghost Light by Broadwayandme

Spring doesn’t officially arrive this year until week after next but the spring theater season is already here, with new shows opening almost every day. And I’m already running behind as…

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Where There's A Will... by Broadwayandme

It's been a month since I last posted here. With theaters everywhere closed, there's been too little to say. But today is Shakespeare's birthday and I'm taking comfort from the fact that he…

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Theater Life in these Uncertain Times by Broadwayandme

We’re all longing for moments of clarity, sanity and even a little levity during these days of social distancing and self-isolating.  But while there may be no live performances on Broadw…

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Theater Books for Summer Reading 2020 by Broadwayandme

Happy Fourth of July! This is obviously a more unusual summer than most. COVID-19 continues its rampage across the country and most theaters remain closed. People are marching in the streets…

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Finally, Some Good Theater News, Compliments of the Outer Critics Circle by Broadwayandme

Good news, particularly good news about theater, has been hard to find over the last two months since concerns about the coronavirus locked most of us indoors and closed theaters around the …

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A Hopefully Helpful List of Two-Handers by Broadwayandme

My pals at BroadwayRadio invited me to join them for this past Sunday’s “This Week on Broadway“ podcast. We talked about some of our all-time favorite plays (you can hear us by clicki…

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

“Eddie and Dave” Has Little to Say—or Sing by Broadwayandme

One of the questions I often ask myself after seeing a new show is: why are the show makers telling me this story?  I haven’t been able to figure out the answer to that question …

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"The Convent" in Uninspiring by Broadwayandme

The Convent, the new play by Jessica Dickey, is like a mashup of Bess Wohl’s Small Mouth Sounds about a disparate group of people trying to find themselves on a spiritual retreat, and Cary…

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Pondering Some Alternatives Facts About This Year's "LaBute New Theater Festival" by Broadwayandme

Transgression—social, sexual and otherwise—has been the bread and butter of Neil LaBute’s career. It might be the downfall of it too. Last year, allegations about some unidentified mis…

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Why It's Radical to Let Girls (Of Color) Just Be Girls in "Good Grief" and "Usual Girls" by Broadwayandme

Something radical is happening on New York stages this season. It’s mainly taking place off-Broadway and it’s largely being driven by women of color who have written that most traditiona…

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