Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Respecting 'Allegiance': Unsuccessful Shows Close; Other Kinds of Failure Enjoy Long Runs | Village Voice by Michael Feingold

The new Broadway musical Allegiance has posted its closing notice and will be vacating the Longacre Theatre on February 14. This makes me sad — not because I had a particularly good time a…

SOURCE: Village Voice at 06:13AM
Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Peccadillo Theater Company: A WILDER CHRISTMAS by Danny King

Last week, the Peccadillo Theater Company announced an extension for its current double-bill program, "A Wilder Christmas," which consists of two one-acts written by Thornton Wilder.

SOURCE: Village Voice at 02:47PM
Monday, May 25, 2015

ORAL TRADITIONS by James Hannaham

Debbie Does Dallas; Def Poetry Jam

SOURCE: Village Voice at 05:58PM

MIND OUT OF TIME by Charles McNulty

The General From America by Richard Nelson; Blue/Orange by Joe Penhall

SOURCE: Village Voice at 05:58PM

Doug Hughes's Labor of Love and Reprisal, Royal Family By Alexis Soloski

The director wrangles one of the biggest, most stellar casts of the season

SOURCE: Village Voice at 05:58PM

SEASONS ON THE BRINK by Alexis Soloski

Ken Nintzel's Lapse

SOURCE: Village Voice at 05:58PM


It's Writing for the Stage, but Is It Playwriting? by Michael Feingold
Our Lady of 121st Street; Vincent in Brixton

SOURCE: Village Voice at 05:58PM

Heartbreak Houses

Two female playwrights mop up with pine-scented romance by Alisa Solomon
Brooke Berman's Smashing; Women's Project Theatre's Touch

SOURCE: Village Voice at 05:58PM

Unwarranted Intrusion

A celebrity drops in on a budding playwright, but is that something to write plays about? by Michael Feingold
The Triple Happiness

SOURCE: Village Voice at 05:58PM

Babes in Oldness

At 84, Mickey Rooney's hardy, but not much like Andy Hardy by Michael Feingold
Let's Put On a Show!

SOURCE: Village Voice at 05:58PM


The Booths once knocked 'em dead. Not anymore, though by Alexis Soloski
The Booth Variations

SOURCE: Village Voice at 05:58PM

Ass You Like It by Angela Ashman

A night onstage with Spring Awakening's most cheeky fans

SOURCE: Village Voice at 05:58PM

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