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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Why It’s Time To Reopen Movie Theaters by Artsjournal1

“Despite being indoors (a red flag), the sort of behavior engaged in at the movies is, relatively speaking, benign. Patrons who can and should wear a mask for the duration of their visit f…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

For First Time, Boston Symphony Will Have Female CEO by Artsjournal1

“In picking [Gail Samuel], the orchestra looked west, to one of the most successful American orchestras of recent years” — the Los Angeles Philharmonic, where she is COO — “for its…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

U.S. Newspapers Are Starting To Accept The ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ by Artsjournal1

Back in 2014, when the EU passed a law allowing people to petition Google to de-index old news stories about them (e.g., criminal convictions or embarrassing incident from youth that became …

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

The Woman Who Saved Samba, Back When It Was Outlawed by Artsjournal1

“A century ago, samba becoming synonymous with Brazil’s cultural identity would have seemed impossible. In the early 20th century, Rio’s ruling elite were ashamed and afraid of the rhy…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

12th-Century Moorish Bathhouse Uncovered In Seville Beer Hall by Artsjournal1

There had always been rumors, and a few hints in surviving records, that there had been a hammam where the Cervercería Giralda now stands, but most people (including the owners) shrugged th…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM

(Un)Daunted: Crystal Pite On Choreographing For The Paris Opera Ballet by Artsjournal1

“You feel the weight of the famous Palais Garnier opera house itself, and the history and legacy of the legendary dancers who have performed there. And then there’s the pressure of expec…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:24PM
Friday, February 19, 2021

ABT Alum Takes Reins At Uruguay’s National Ballet by Artsjournal1

In 2012, a different ABT alum, Julio Bocca, was named director of the Ballet Nacional del Sodre in Montevideo with the remit to raise the company’s level. One of the first things he did wa…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 08:06PM

New Concert Hall For London Was A Doomed Project by Artsjournal1

Martin Kettle: “Justifying the cost, the priority, the location and the uses to which the hall would be put were all delicate tasks in any case. It was hard not to see it as an elite proje…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 08:06PM

Arts Groups Get Snagged In Facebook’s Australia News Ban by Artsjournal1

As the Australian government pushed the social media giant, along with Google, to pay news outlets there for use of their material for links, the search engine made deals, while Facebook dec…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 08:06PM

Dolly Parton To Tennessee: Please Don’t Put A Statue Of Me In The State Capitol by Artsjournal1

“I am honored and humbled by their intention but I have asked the leaders of the state legislature to remove the bill from any and all consideration. Given all that is going on in the worl…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 08:06PM

City Of London Abandons Plan For New Concert Hall by Artsjournal1

“An ambitious £288m concert hall that was supposed to be ‘the Tate Modern of classical music’ has been scrapped by the City of London Corporation, which said the impact of the COVID-1…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 08:06PM

Could This Series Be The ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ For The 14th Amendment? by Artsjournal1

“The new Netflix series Amend: The Fight for America, produced by Will Smith and Larry Wilmore, seeks to [teach] not through song, but extended, sleek, bingeable verve. … Amend, which fo…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 08:06PM

What’s At Stake For Chicago With The Sale Of Second City (To A New Yorker) by Artsjournal1

Chris Jones: “The issue now is the future of an institution that is not just a major tourist draw to Chicago but one of the very few avenues for diverse, Chicago-based comedic talent to mo…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 08:06PM

Thousands Are Angry About New Bronze Doors For 800-Year-Old Cathedral by Artsjournal1

“Plans to mark the 800th anniversary of Burgos’s magnificent Gothic cathedral with three enormous new bronze doors have ushered in an unholy row, with UNESCO advising against the project…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 08:06PM

How To Spot A Forged Dead Sea Scroll Fragment by Artsjournal1

“In 2009, the Green family, owners of the Hobby Lobby chain of arts-and- crafts stores, began acquiring a series of weathered fragments advertised as Dead Sea Scrolls, including this one, …

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 08:06PM

Why Do We Have Such Trouble Getting Monuments Of Women Right? by Artsjournal1

Consider, for instance, the new, widely derided “For Mary Wollstonecraft” monument in London. “Why couldn’t a statue of Wollstonecraft, the individual woman, be seen as universally i…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 08:06PM

When Thornton Wilder Came Up With An Act Four Of ‘Our Town’ by Artsjournal1

“Following his enlistment in the military in World War II, only ten days before he would age out of eligibility for active service, Wilder reported for training in Miami, Florida, on June …

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 08:06PM

Pigs Have Learned To Play Video Games by Artsjournal1

In a research lab at Penn State, “four pigs — Hamlet, Omelette, Ebony and Ivory — were trained to use an arcade-style joystick [with their snouts] to steer an on-screen cursor into wal…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 08:06PM
Thursday, February 18, 2021

This Summer’s Glyndebourne Opera Festival Will Happen (Almost) As Normal by Artsjournal1

Says managing director Sarah Hopwood, “We are determined to present a festival this summer in whatever form is possible. We consider this essential to protect the livelihoods of our staff …

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 10:24AM

Did The Louvre Just Ruin Its Cy Twombly Mural? by Artsjournal1

“After a renovation of a storied gallery at the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Cy Twombly Foundation has claimed that a monumental ceiling painting by the late artist has been permanently alt…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 10:24AM

Marfa, Texas Is Getting An(other) Arts Center by Artsjournal1

“For the last year, Michael Phelan — a contemporary artist who has lived in Marfa full time since 2014 — has been quietly planning another destination within miles of both [of Donald J…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 10:24AM

UK’s National Theatre Ends Tours To Europe by Artsjournal1

Yes, it’s because of Brexit: a statement from a company spokesperson said that “the potential additional costs for visas and current uncertainty around social security contributions mean…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 10:24AM

‘Like The Metro At Rush Hour’: Vatican Museums Reopen To The Public, And It’s A Mess by Artsjournal1

“Museumgoers took to social media to complain about the institution’s failure to implement effective social-distancing measures in some of its most popular spaces last weekend, in partic…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 08:12AM

The Five Flavors of Strategy by Artsjournal1

As the chaos and confusion of the global pandemic shows distant glimpses of something less chaotic, the question of “strategy” is emerging once again. Now that arts organizations are mak…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 04:54AM
Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Indianapolis Museum/Newfields CEO Resigns After Week Of Outcry by Artsjournal1

“We are sorry. We have made mistakes. We have let you down. We are ashamed of Newfields’ leadership and of ourselves,” the board said in a statement announcing the departure of Charles…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 09:12PM

How The Bay Area’s Hip-Hop Dance Crews Have Kept On Through COVID by Artsjournal1

“When the first COVID-19 lockdown rippled across the Bay Area last March, the dance community reeled. … But as the pandemic unfolded, the crews adapted: leveraging technology to rehearse…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 07:06PM

Getting A Grip On Australia(s) Through Graphic Novels by Artsjournal1

“Comic creators have been wrestling with contemporary Australia and its identities in a series of publication coming out this year. What they show is a nation divided by racism and on a co…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 07:06PM

Opera Singers Help Long-Term COVID Patients Get Their Breath Back by Artsjournal1

“Called E.N.O. Breathe and developed by the English National Opera in collaboration with a London hospital, the six-week program offers patients customized vocal lessons: clinically proven…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 01:42PM

Second City Has A Buyer by Artsjournal1

Last summer, after the pandemic led to the layoff of two-thirds of the company’s staff and accusations by alumni of color of serious race issues, co-owner and executive producer Andrew Ale…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 01:42PM

What Better Use For An Empty IKEA Store Than As An Arts Center? by Artsjournal1

That’s what could happen in the English city of Coventry: the Swedish furniture chain closed its store there last year, Coventry is the UK’s City of Culture for 2021, and the big interio…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 01:42PM

Why Disney Really Fired Gina Carano From ‘The Mandalorian’ by Artsjournal1

It wasn’t just because she likened being a conservative in America today to being a Jew in 1930s Germany on Instagram. “Carano had become a lightning rod among Star Wars fans and a heada…

SOURCE: ArtsJournal at 01:42PM

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