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Friday, July 3, 2020

Dance Magazine’s Editor In Chief Judged A Major Competition, And Here’s What She Wants Contestants To Know by Artsjournal1

Jennifer Stahl, who juried this year’s Boston semi-finals of Youth America Grand Prix: “Putting exact numbers to qualities like ‘musicality’ and ‘épaulement’ is just as tricky a…

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Hugh Downs, Anchorman Whose Career Spanned TV History, Dead At 99 by Artsjournal1

“In a broadcast career that spanned more than a half-century” — he began in radio in 1939 and was on television within a decade, ultimately hosting or co-hosting The Tonight Show oppos…

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Here Are The Ten Artists Sharing What Would Have Been The Turner Prize by Artsjournal1

“Tate, the British museum network that facilitates it, reconstituted the prize in light of the coronavirus pandemic. In lieu of the main £25,000 ($32,200) award, 10 artists and collective…

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Two Silk Strings: Mehrinigor Abdurashidova at the Sharq Taronalari Festival 2019 by Artsjournal1

I regret that I can only offer you my camcorder’s sound complete with audience noise. But there is enough spirit and inspiring artistry to make up for that, I think. – Michal Shapiro

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Four months of jazz adaptation, resilience, response to epidemic by Artsjournal1

From early March on, there have been increasing demonstrations of the jazz community taking care of itself and its own. – Howard Mandel

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

I Was A Foot Soldier In The Dance Boom Of 1970s New York by Artsjournal1

Elizabeth Kendall remembers: “SoHo was dance spilling out into life. It was a grimy laboratory of the future. … In SoHo you could get a turnip soup with an asymmetrical bread chunk at an…

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Conscripted To Be Private Bandleader For Central Africa’s Notorious Dictator-Emperor by Artsjournal1

Back in the late 1960s, Charlie Perrière was a struggling young musician in Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic, and about to leave for Congo when he was personally summoned by …

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Why Theatres In England Are Opening Up When They Can’t Present Plays by Artsjournal1

They’re showing movies in their auditoriums (social distancing observed, of course), opening their cafes and bars, presenting art exhibits — anything that can offer a place to (safely) g…

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Geoffrey Rush: Trial By Media (A Drama In Ten Parts) by Artsjournal1

“This story is about reckless journalism. About one desperate Murdoch newspaper that sacrificed tried and true practice to grab a scoop. About the damage inflicted on two people, their fam…

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A Theater-Within-A-Theater, Modeled On Shakespeare’s Globe, Will Divide Socially Distanced Patrons With Partitions by Artsjournal1

The Wilma in Philadelphia plans to construct and install what it’s calling The Wilma Globe. “It would be built within the current Wilma Theater and would place audience members, individu…

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Appeals Court Upholds Actor Geoffrey Rush’s Win Of Largest Defamation Award In Australian History by Artsjournal1

“Three Federal Court judges ruled that articles published by Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph newspaper in 2017 conveyed the imputation that Rush was a pervert and that the trial judge had c…

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That Statue Of Teddy Roosevelt That’s Coming Down In New York? This Russian Collector Will Buy It by Artsjournal1

Andrei Filatov, a rail transport and investment magnate (who is also chairman of the Chess Federation of Russia), has offered to purchase the long-controversial statue in front of the Americ…

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A TV Critic Considers The Most Compelling Villain On Our Screens This Summer: Karen by Artsjournal1

Hank Stuever: “As soon as one Karen flames out across the Internet, another apparently more unhinged Karen rises in her place. … Amid a culturally fractious and largely failed attempt to…

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Violinist Ida Haendel Dead At 96 by Artsjournal1

“[She] enthralled audiences around the world with a combination of classical rigour and romantic warmth – the mix of ‘ice and fire … simply mind-blowing’ that one reviewer found in…

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What Ballet Companies Are Losing As They Cancel This Year’s ‘Nutcracker’s Is More Than Just Money by Artsjournal1

Sarah Kaufman: “Artistically, The Nutcracker is a big playing field where dancers can achieve breakthroughs, because over the unusually long run of performances, they are typically cast in…

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Has This Dealer Really Found A Long-Lost Frida Kahlo Painting? Probably Not by Artsjournal1

“Scholars in the work of surrealist Frida Kahlo have searched for more than six decades for The Wounded Table, a 1940 oil painting illuminating her pain over the breakup of her marriage to…

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France Offers Tax Credit For New Subscriptions To Newspapers And Newsmagazines by Artsjournal1

“Deputies voted to allow a one-off deduction of up to €50 (£45) to households subscribing for the first time, and for at least 12 months, to a newspaper, magazine or online news service…

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“Live” But Not Too Lively: Auction Torpor (not Fever) at Sotheby’s Evening Sales by Artsjournal1

Sotheby’s “LIVE GLOBAL AUCTION EVENT” was, per yesterday’s post-sale press release, “an unprecedented live-streamed event, with banks of telephone-bidding colleagues beamed in from…

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Why This Medical School Is Using Artworks To Teach Diagnostics by Artsjournal1

Stephen Russell at the University of Alabama at Birmingham developed the course “Prescribing Art: How Observation Enhances Medicine” to teach students to slow down and observe without wo…

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The Search For A Gender-Neutral Singular Pronoun Has Gone On For Centuries by Artsjournal1

Yes, they has been used in the singular since the late Middle Ages, but people complained about it, and looked for a different solution, back then and ever since. The effort to come up with …

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Addressing Dancers’ Biggest Worries About Coming Back From Coronavirus by Artsjournal1

Natalia Boesch: “Living-room ballet has always been a big part of my life, whether I was working out choreographic ideas or just giving myself barre. But, as I write this, living-room ball…

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The World’s Most Famous Illegal Theatre Company Was Ready For The COVID Lockdown by Artsjournal1

Belarus Free Theatre — outlawed by its homeland’s dictatorship, forced to rehearse and perform in secret, and with its artistic directors living in asylum abroad — has years of experie…

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The presence of the absence by Artsjournal1

I don’t know how I’ve managed to survive the simultaneous losses of my beloved spouse and the art form to which I have devoted more than a decade and a half of my life. But I’m still h…

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After 23 Years, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s Artistic Director Says Farewell by Artsjournal1

“[Terrence] Orr’s vision included growth for the entire organization. Ticket sales, PBT School enrollment and the organization’s physical footprint in the Strip District all increased …

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At Last, A Major Opera House Has Returned To Full-Scale Production by Artsjournal1

In Barcelona, they performed for plants. But at Madrid’s Teatro Real, it’s a real staging for a real (though smaller) audience. “The opening scenes of merriment have taken on a sombre …

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Surveying The Damage To Philadelphia’s Arts From Huge City Funding Cuts by Artsjournal1

The budget passed by the City Council cuts municipal support for the arts citywide by 40% to $5.84 million, and even that amount is $1 million more than the mayor proposed as he attempted to…

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Consolation: Philadelphia Arts Orgs Get $4 Million In COVID Relief by Artsjournal1

It’s a bit of welcome news after major cuts from the city government: “467 Philadelphia-area arts and culture groups plus more than a thousand individual artists are receiving a total of…

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Four Black Documentarians Talk About Film And The Struggle For Racial Justice by Artsjournal1

“Ava DuVernay, Stanley Nelson, Sabaah Folayan and Damon Davis have all made movies that help explain our nation’s current efforts to face hundreds of years of inequity. Here’s what the…

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Georg Ratzinger, Famed Choirmaster And Pope Benedict’s Elder Brother, Dead At 96 by Artsjournal1

“Ordained on the same day as his brother, Ratzinger proved to be a talented musician and went on oversee the recording of numerous masterpieces and concert tours around the world by the Re…

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The Met Breuer: What It Achieved And Why It Mattered by Artsjournal1

“For decades, the Met’s programming has been associated with a kind of elegant classicism. The Breuer, it seemed, would allow the museum to strike a new balance between grandeur and some…

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Rudolfo Anaya, Founding Father Of Chicano Literature, Dead At 82 by Artsjournal1

“Literary critics say [that Bless Me, Ultima,] Anaya’s World War II-era novel about a young Mexican-American boy’s relationship with an older curandera, or healer, influenced a generat…

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