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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Why Disney Really Fired Gina Carano From ‘The Mandalorian’ by Artsjournal1

It wasn’t just because she likened being a conservative in America today to being a Jew in 1930s Germany on Instagram. “Carano had become a lightning rod among Star Wars fans and a heada…

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Hollywood’s Hottest Young Director Is A Chinese Woman Who Makes Westerns by Artsjournal1

Chloé Zhao came to L.A. from Beijing to finish high school and go to college, got a poli-sci degree from Mount Holyoke, went to NYU film school, and ended up making three feature films at t…

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Paul Ganson, Who Saved Detroit’s Orchestra Hall, Dead At 79 by Artsjournal1

The Detroit Symphony’s assistant principal bassoonist from 1969-2004, he had been with the orchestra one year when he launched the Save Orchestra Hall campaign, which rescued from the wrec…

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French Mayor Ordered Museums Reopened, COVID Be Damned. French Court Orders Them Closed Again by Artsjournal1

An administrative court in Montpellier ruled that Louis Aliot, mayor of Perpignan (and Marine Le Pen’s number-two in the far-right party National Rally, and also her ex-partner), could not…

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Actress Fired From ‘The Color Purple’ After Anti-Gay Posts Loses Lawsuit by Artsjournal1

A British employment tribunal unanimously rejected Seyi Omooba’s claims of breach of contract and religious discrimination, finding that “there is no breach of contract because the claim…

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San Francisco Opera Is Returning To Live Performance With A Drive-In Show by Artsjournal1

The company’s first staged presentation, set for April and May, will be a 90-minute English-language adaptation of Rossini’s Barber of Seville on an outdoor stage (repurposing what would…

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Reimagine Yourself by Artsjournal1

The failure to lift our eyes and see that our core work can and should be connecting people with art is the principal source of the problems we have experienced over the last 20-30 years. …

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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Johnny Pacheco, Giant Of Latin Jazz And Salsa, Dead At 85 by Artsjournal1

“Pacheco, a Juilliard-trained multi-instrumentalist who’d found success recording with his band, Pacheco y Su Charanga, sparked a musical revolution when, in 1964, he met Jerry Masucci a…

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Keeping Up Live Performance As The World Goes Virtual by Artsjournal1

“We have a total commitment to live performance. That’s what we do. We’re not a film company,” says the director of the Annenberg Center in Philadelphia. What’s more, “we really …

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Santa Fe Opera Hires New Boss With New Title by Artsjournal1

With the previous artistic director, Alexander Neef (who was shared with the Canadian Opera Co.), having left for the Paris Opera, Santa Fe decided to combine his position with that of direc…

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‘Drenching Richness’: Alex Ross Revisits The Films Of Andrei Tarkovsky by Artsjournal1

Ross fell under the director’s spell upon seeing Andrei Rublev in college. “The long pandemic months seemed a good time to burrow back into Tarkovsky’s world. Life was moving at a neo-…

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Black Dancers And Dance Companies Worry They Won’t Be Able To Survive Pandemic by Artsjournal1

Broadway dancer NaTonia Monét says that, even when theaters finally start up again, “you have your few Black shows that come along, but other than that, you’re fighting for the one or t…

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‘A Thunderclap”, Says Publisher: Unknown Work By Proust Coming This Spring by Artsjournal1

“The texts in The Seventy-Five Pages [Les Soixante-quinze feuillets] were written in 1908, around the time Proust began working on In Search of Lost Time, which was published between 1913 …

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Jorge Morel, Classical Guitarist And Composer, Dead At 89 by Artsjournal1

“[He] added a vast repertoire to his instrument and performed to packed concerts around the world. … In between classical concerts, Mr. Morel paid his bills by performing nightly at the …

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COVID Has Shown Us That Theatre Is Too Dependent On Its Buildings by Artsjournal1

Lyn Gardner: “At their best, [theatre buildings] are creative powerhouses, community hubs, a place of inspiration, succour and sanctuary. But often they come with self-perpetuating, top-do…

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1,000-Year-Old Murals Identified In German Cathedral by Artsjournal1

“A series of frescoes showing the life and death of John the Baptist in the cathedral of the Bavarian city of Augsburg have been recently dated to the first decade of the 11th century, ran…

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Italy’s Art Museums Emerge From Lockdown, And They Have Lessons For The Rest Of Us by Artsjournal1

“‘We are now where you will be in a few days,’ wrote novelist Francesca Melandri in a piece for the Guardian newspaper in late March 2020. Her moving ‘letter from your future’ coin…

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Here’s What A British Musician Now Has To Go Through To Work In Europe by Artsjournal1

While the UK was in the EU, a British musician could pretty much just accept a gig and go. Now she has to apply to each member country for a separate short-term work permit, with all the emb…

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Liz Lerman Talks Movement & Discord by Artsjournal1

The choreographer, performer, writer, educator, and speaker shares her creative process and the connection between movement and discord. – Aaron Dworkin

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Friday, February 12, 2021

Now That ‘The Great Gatsby’ Is In The Public Domain, Will It Be Understood Better? by Artsjournal1

The novel has been misinterpreted for a long time: just after it was published, Fitzgerald complained to Edmund Wilson that “of all the reviews, even the most enthusiastic, not one had the…

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Choreographer Annie-B Parson Says The Pandemic Has Made Us All Dancers by Artsjournal1

“I realized right away with COVID that people were becoming dancers, in that their spatial awareness was growing. We were literally afraid of each other’s presences. We were backing away…

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Empty Movie Theaters Are Being Rented Out To Video Gamers by Artsjournal1

The cinema chain Malco has been doing this in six Southern states since November, and the South Korean chain CGV started it in January. With prices for a small group of players running aroun…

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Did The BBC Censor This Play About Buckingham Palace? by Artsjournal1

“Peter Barnes had 14 soliloquies on BBC Radio 3 [in the late ’80s] under the umbrella titles Barnes’ People and More Barnes’ People. They attracted remarkable actors, including Laure…

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Whatever Became Of Shelley Duvall? This. by Artsjournal1

A sting of Robert Altman films in the 1970s made her into a major movie star with a Best Actress win at Cannes. Then came Kubrick’s The Shining, a physically and emotionally grueling film …

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Orchestras Must Overthrow The Tyranny Of Subscription Programming, Says NY Times by Artsjournal1

Anthony Tommasini: “[The format] locks them into standard-issue, week-after-week programs loaded with the classics and sprinkled, at best, with unusual or new choices. … Why can’t orch…

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They’ve Found The Emperor Hadrian’s Breakfast Room, And It Was Quite Something by Artsjournal1

“Researchers discovered the breakfast area within the ruins [of Hadrian’s Villa east of Rome], and it reveals how the emperor and his wife began each day with an impressive display of po…

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Netflix And Dave Chappelle Make Peace, And His Show Is Back by Artsjournal1

“I asked you to stop watching the show and thank God almighty for you, you did,” he told an audience in Austin. “You made that show worthless because without your eyes, it’s nothing.…

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L.A. MoCA Is Restructuring, Will Hire New Executive Director by Artsjournal1

“Museum of Contemporary Art Director Klaus Biesenbach will take on a new role as artistic director … [and] will focus on programming, collections and exhibitions, international and digit…

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Southern Hemisphere’s Largest Arts Festival Watches And Waits As COVID Restrictions Come And Go by Artsjournal1

“Adelaide Fringe festival is scrambling to determine how the sudden closure of South Australia’s borders to Melbourne residents may affect dozens of its shows. The festival, the second l…

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Jazz Pianist Chick Corea, 79 by Artsjournal1

“Since the 1960s, Mr. Corea had been a prolific and dynamic force in music, building on his early training in classical music, Latin jazz and traditional jazz to build an original style th…

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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Robert L. Herbert. Who Changed The Way We Look At Impressionism, Dead At 91 by Artsjournal1

“When Professor Herbert began delving into Impressionism, the field was threatened by a kind of anemic gentility, arid formalism and French literary theory. His method, by contrast, was to…

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